Cell starvation. What is it? How to satisfy it?

Cell starvation

Cell starvation – over the last decade, the topic of healthy eating and the right food choices has become a leading one. Nutritionists, body builders, bloggers, vloggers – talk, write and share their views on healthy eating, on which foods to choose to help our bodies stay younger, beautiful and healthy for longer.

In the shops you can see whole stands of produce that is called organic, but whose origin we have no certain information about and whose price is prohibitive for many family budgets. On the packaging of most cosmetics, the inscriptions invite with their loud titles- “enriched with vitamins and mirals”, “with omega 3 and 6”, etc.

Health will always be central to our lives, which makes it a good marketing ploy for a number of manufacturers who sell their products with just the title on the label, but the ingredients on the back say otherwise when it comes to quality.

Quite logically, a question arises before us.

Is it enough to buy BIO foods or vitamins from the pharmacy to guarantee your health?

The answer you will reach without our help is rather negative.

The topic we are going to develop before you is often overlooked when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, and in our opinion it is the basis of every step towards a change in this direction.

Cell starvation. What is it?

Cell starvation or cell starvation affects our entire body. This is a chronic deficiency of amino acids, macro- and microelements, vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids, quality water.

If physical hunger can be quickly satisfied, cellular hunger is not quite the same. For the normal functioning of our cells we need food every day- rich in active substances that can be successfully absorbed by the body, oxygen, without which life is unthinkable and a good hormonal background.

Deficiency of no matter which trace element leads to the appearance of its antagonist – a heavy metal. The presence of heavy metals is the cause of a fall in immunity. Consequently, viruses successfully attack us along with parasites and fungi.

Food is a source of substances without which life would not be possible – proteins, also known as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water.

The food we eat is digested by the body and we get the energy we need to live. One part of it our body draws to maintain a certain temperature in our body, and the rest serves for the functioning of organs, recovery and growth of cells.

One of the biggest helpers in this seemingly simple process are enzymes, which break down ingested foods into simple chemical elements and use the blood to transport them to the cells to rebuild their stores.

As technology develops and new and innovative ways of producing food quickly and cheaply are discovered, the quality of the produce does not always improve and food is one of the products whose quality suffers at the expense of cheap production. Consequently, the cells become hungrier.

When a child is born, a favorite pastime of the relatives is to see which external feature the little baby has inherited from its parents, but along with the beautiful features is inherited the nutritional deficiency that is encoded in the cells of its offspring – cell starvation.

This deficiency, in order to be filled, gave rise to a whole branch of the food industry which is often regarded by people without knowledge as chemistry, namely“food additives“.

Nutritional supplements, whose terminological meaning we mentioned in our previous article – To debunk the myths about weight loss, the food and plants we eat in our daily lives contain a very small percentage of the beneficial elements we need, but the percentage of the beneficial elements we need is contained in the ordinary products we can buy from the store. The second part, supplementation, is precisely because they supplement our main meals during the day, but do not replace them.

Although from the beginning we have presented you with a seemingly unsympathetic view of the development of our cells, science has managed to find a solution to restore the balance we seek in our bodies.

We as your helpers will offer you several options for dealing with the above problem that we have verified over the years through our personal experience and we think they can be of help to you:

Green Energy from AquaSource
Cell starvation

Green energy is a superfood whose purpose is to support immunity and cellular health. It is a great source of energy thanks to its ingredients – AquaSource algae, organic alfalfa and Hawaiian spirulina.

Hawaiian spirulina is a unicellular blue-green algae rich in protein, vitamins and other vital nutrients. This type of spirulina is naturally processed and grows for about a year in Hawaii’s perfect climate. It has passed purity tests to ensure quality and nutritional value.

Organic alfalfa or also called alfalfa is a food source that is familiar to many of us. Known for its long roots, which extract minerals, amino acids and nutrients from the soil. The substances it contains are not only concentrated, but are also in an easily digestible form.

AFAs (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae) are microalgae, some of the purest and richest in minerals. They are mined from the Klamath Highlands in the state of Southern Oregon. The way they are processed allows them to retain their properties as much as possible. They are a great helper for mental activity and reducing fatigue and exhaustion, which are the main consequences of our hectic everyday life.

AquaSource Collastra Collect

Colostrum is a nutrient fluid, a superfood, which is secreted from the mammary glands of female mammals immediately after birth, even before the appearance of milk. It is the complex combination of nutrients whose ingredients cannot be procured in sufficient quantity from other foods. Suitable for people who play active sports, colostrum strengthens the immune system, helps children grow, strengthens bones, improves tone and mood.

For the ladies, and not only, a pleasant news, this dietary supplement slows down the aging process and extends life expectancy. All advantages that are not to be missed.

Super Fruit Energy C (Vitamin C)
Cell starvation

It has been a scarce commodity in recent months, sought after as a Covid- 19 prevention, but the benefits of Super Fruit Energy C are far from limited to that.

Fruit energy is a great antioxidant suitable for flu seasons, which have become more frequent in recent years, which restores and strengthens immunity. If you are a person with an active life or sport is your profession, this product can be your first helper with its rich reserves of iron, magnesium and minerals.

Our surroundings, where polluted air, passive and active smoking, alcohol for relaxation and eating acidic foods are a daily occurrence, are harmful to us, but most of all to our cells, which suffer from oxidative stress. As a consequence, symptoms such as fatigue, drowsiness, impaired memory, muscle fatigue, bad breath and other symptoms from specific organs are produced. This is where Super Fruit Energy comes in again to fight oxidative stress.

Liquid gold complex

Gold has definitely always been and will long be one of the most expensive precious metals.

Today we are going to tell you about an equally precious gold that provides us with the Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids. The beneficial properties of this type of fatty acids are talked about everywhere by a number of specialists.

Omega-3 fatty acids raise good cholesterol levels and lower triglycerides, improving memory and concentration.

It’s no secret that healthy sleep is one of our body’s best healers, which can also be improved with liquid gold intake.

A beautiful and firm body, glowing skin are a dream for everyone and this product is a great helper to speed up the process of reaching these goals.

The product we recommend contains a special composition.

Honeysuckle oil, which provides stearidonic acid, which is much more easily converted than Omega-3 fats.

Sea buckthorn oil, which supplies Omega-7 fatty acids that help maintain healthy skin, the fine surfaces of the respiratory and digestive systems.

Liquid gold is also suitable for all family members from the youngest to the oldest, no matter if they are carnivores, vegetarians or vegans. Its production does not endanger dolphins and its composition is 100% vegetable.

Another useful tip from us related to the amount of daily intake of Omega 3. Check your subcutaneous fat percentage and take that many grams of Omega 3. For example, if you have 20% subcutaneous fat, your daily intake of Omega 3 would be 20 grams.

AFA AquaSorce

The last super helper, but not the least, that we will introduce to you is the AFA Seaweed. A useful and balanced food that is harvested in an environmentally friendly area of Upper Klamath Lake in the Cascade Mountains in the US state of Oregon, and quality is undoubtedly important, especially when we talk about the benefits of the product.

AFA seaweeds are rich in useful and necessary substances such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, amino acids, fatty acids and neuropeptides.

In the hectic daily life they reduce fatigue and exhaustion, they have a beneficial effect on our nervous system, and you know that there lies the key to most of our diseases, improves our mental activity.

This is just a small part of the quality products that can improve your life.

Remember that body care does not start from the outside, but from the inside. If you want to achieve visible results you need to take care of yourself on an emotional, physical and cellular level. Let us first feed our smallest component – the cell, and it will thank us with health, beauty and longevity, which we will pass on to our descendants.

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