Registration of personal number in AquaSource

Forms and exact instructions for registration as an AquaSource distributor


Registering a personal (distributor) number with AquaSource allows you to shop AquaSource products at a 30% discount. Registration does not obligate you to resell the products to third parties, you can simply buy them for you and your family. This is how you declare your subscription for health! 

The business opportunity is available to anyone who wishes to have an additional income each month, with the option to completely exit standard work mode.

The AquaSource system is set up so that there is always someone to ask and get help when you have questions about how to use the products and what product is right for you!

What advantages does registration as an AquaSource distributor give you?

  • Мрежа в АкваСорс – Ако се регистрирате като дистрибутор в нашата мрежа, ние можем да ви помогнем със създаването на ваш онлайн магазин, в който да предлагате и продавате продуктите на АкваСорс!
  • Безсрочна регистрация – позволява ви да купувате продукти с отстъпка за себе си или своето семейство. Не сте задължени реално да дистрибутирате продуктите на АкваСорс; За да бъде регистрацията безсрочна и да се спазят най-новите изисквания по ГДПР е нужно да закупите поне един продукт в годината, за да имат АкваСорс причина да държат акаунта ви при тях активен. (примерно най-евтиния вид хималайска сол)
  • Безсрочна 25-30% отстъпка от цените на всички АкваСорс продукти;
  • Месечни промоции за дистрибутори – имате достъп до изгодни месечни промоции, запазени само за регистрираните;
  • Начален Пакет – При регистрацията си като дистрибутор получавате начален пакет с полезни материали за продуктите и фирмата;
  • Директна Покупка от АкваСорс – пазарувате директно от офис на АкваСорс (в България или в чужбина), когато и колкото пожелаете;
  • Без ангажиментинямате ангажименти да купувате редовно или да разпространявате продуктите;
  • Развитие на свой бизнес – (само ако желаете) АкваСорс предлагат възможност за развитие на свой бизнес с изградена Мулти Левел Маркетинг система. Имате възможност за допълнителни доходи и изграждане на собствен бизнес.
  • Ново! Получавате безплатен myAquaSource уебсайт
  • Ново! По избор: Програма Лесно начало само за 98 лв. по време на регистрацията, вместо 183.00 лв.
  • Ново! Безплатна доставка на договора и началния пакет, както и продуктите които закупите при регистрация
  • Без необходимост от подписване на физически договор, всичко става онлайн.

If you have any questions you can contact us via:
E-mail: office [at]
Phone: 0988 850 787

How do I register?

Registration is quick and easy. It is done by filling in an online registration form and paying a one-off fee of EUR 49, which is paid with the discount on the first few products.

Registration via online form

Registration is quick and can pay you back many times over!

    By completing this form, you are indicating your willingness to register with AquaSource to shop at up to 30% off. We will contact you to give you more information about the registration process:
    The form will redirect you to the website where you can complete your registration:

    Telephone (to contact you)*:

    Name and surname*:

    E-mail address (you will receive additional information about registration)*:

    * The details on this form will only be used to send you further information about registration and to help you with the process. You consent to the storage and processing of your data by this website in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


    If you are outside Bulgaria…

    You can register your AquaSource ID number online if you live in any of the following countries:

    Austria, Channel Islands, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland or the United Kingdom.

    Online registration at AquaSource “

    That’s it!

    With your registration, you will receive an initial distributor pack with useful materials about the products, the business and the company, as well as one copy of the Distributor Agreement with your personal distributor number filled in by the company.

    If you have sent the documents by courier or post: on the next working day after receipt of the documents and your bank transfer at the office of AquaSource, you will receive by courier (without any extra charge) the initial package, your copy of the contract and the ordered products.

    Note: Once you receive your personal number at AquaSource, you will be able to order by phone, email or through the company’s online store (without the need to fill in and send documents), and you will be able to pay by cash on delivery, by card, Epay or in advance by bank transfer. Of course, you will always be able to shop on site at the AquaSource office in Sofia.

    If you have any questions you can contact us via:
    E-mail: office [at]
    Phone: 0988 850 787

    Option 2: Registration form with sending of paper contract

    As of 01.06.2022 it is not possible to register by paper contract. Everything is done online, use the form above

    Registration does not oblige you to resell the products to third parties, you can simply buy them for you and your family.

    If you fill out the form above, we’ll call you to help you register, or if you have any questions about the process. The form will also automatically send you the steps needed to register to your e-mail address.

    Step 1: Documents – download and print

    Please download and print the following documents:

    Registration Form – Distribution Agreement (2 copies)

    Declaration of registration as a legal entity – if you are registering as a legal entity, the declaration is required for payment of future commissions.

    If you are unable to open the PDF documents listed, please download and install the free Adobe Reader on your computer here:

    IMPORTANT: If you are unable to print the documents, please send me your mailing address to the office email [at] to receive them as paper forms.

    Step 2: Fill in the registration form

    Complete the following sections on the Distribution Agreement form (2 copies) legibly in pen:

    DISTRIBUTOR’S DATA: Fill in all fields with your ID card details. Enter your e-mail address to quickly receive information about monthly promotions from AquaSource on the Internet.

    CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS: Fill in only if you live at an address other than the one on your ID card.

    SPONSOR DATA: Fill in the following data (already filled in the form provided):

    • Name and Surname: Kiril Ivanov
    • Distribution number: 50059619

    LEGAL PERSON DATA: Complete only if you wish to register as a company – in this case do not complete the DISTRIBUTOR DATA section. Please attach to the contract a copy of the certificate from the Registry Agency with the handwritten text “True copy”, signature and stamp of the company.

    SIGNATURES: Sign in the “Distributor Signature” box (bottom left) and fill in the current date.

    Step 3: Complete the Distributor Request Form

    1. Please fill in the “Distributor Name” field with the name you have entered in the Distributor Agreement.

    2. Only if you will send the registration documents by courier or post, fill in the following fields:

    • Recipient name: the name of the person who will receive the parcel after registration;
    • Exact address: the address where you wish to receive the parcel after registration;
    • Payment method: tick “Bank transfer”;
    • In case of bank transfer: information about the transfer to be sent (optional);
    • Method of receipt: tick “Courier”.

    3. It is necessary to mark the one-time registration fee by filling in for “Initial distribution package” (the last item of the table on the first page) 1 piece – 99 BGN.

    4. If you wish to order products together with the registration, you can already use the prices with the discount of 25-30% in the column “Price in BGN per distib.”. Mark the number of the desired products in the NUMBER column, calculate their price and write the total amount in the TOTAL column.

    Note: If you wish to order one or more promotions, it is necessary to note in the NUMBER column only for the first product of each promotion the desired number of promotions and to add “pr.” (for example, “1 pr.” for 1 promotion, “2 pr.” for 2 promotions, etc.), and in the column TOTAL YEN to write the total amount for the number of promotions you wish to order.

    5. Add up the registration fee and the selected products from the first page of the application and write their total in the “Total (Nutritional Supplements)” field.

    6. Add up the selected products from the second page of the order form and write their total amount in the “Total value (Cosmetics + Personal Care + Personal Products)” field.

    7. To get the total amount due, please add the amounts from the two “Total” fields + the shipping cost.

    Step 4: Submission of documents and payment

    Once you have completed the registration form and product request form, you need to submit the completed forms and amount due to the AquaSource office.

    Option 1: On-site registration at the AquaSource office in Sofia

    You can submit the registration form on the spot at the AquaSource office – so you won’t pay a courier delivery fee, you can pay the registration fee on the spot (in cash or by card, no bank transfer required) and you will receive your starter pack and the products you ordered immediately.

    The address of the office is. Sofia, g.k. “Gotse Delchev”, ul. “Kostenski vodopad” № 47, entrance. A, et. 1.
    The entrance is located on the corner with ul. “Broom Meadow”, to the left of the children’s store “Bokal”.

    Option 2: Registration by courier or post

    1. Send by courier (it is faster and safer) or by registered mail the completed Distribution Agreement (2 copies) and the order form (1 copy) to the office of AquaSource. The address is:

    for AquaSource Ltd.
    Str. “Kostenski vodopad” 47, in. A, et. 1
    g.k. Gotse Delchev
    1404 Sofia

    2. Transfer by bank transfer to one of the accounts of AquaSource EOOD the total amount, i.e. the registration fee + the price of the products (if you will order) + the cost of delivery to your address (if you send the documents by courier or by post).

    Note: If you are able, please use one of the banks listed above for payment – the transfer takes place immediately!

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