What to do in summer?

It’s no secret that sport is one of the keys to a beautiful, healthy and well-maintained body.

What are the ways to exercise?

The most common and popular option that people use and know is fitness. Despite its endless benefits, for many people it is a boring sport especially in the summer.

Summer is that favourite time, which is suitable for walks, holidays and sports outside, in the sun in nature.

Today we’re going to introduce you to a few ways to exercise outdoors in a fun and body-developing way, connecting with nature.



Swimming is one of those sports that has been our companion since the dawn of our development. In Ancient Greece, it was a compulsory skill of the educated man along with his other knowledge in various fields of science and art.

The reasons to choose swimming are not few. One of them is the possibility to prolong your life through regular practice.

Studies have shown that swimmers have up to 50% lower mortality compared to people who run, walk or those who do not engage in any aerobic cardio exercise.

Other reasons to choose this sport include suppressing asthma symptoms, normalizing body weight, improving body flexibility, smoothing and clearing the skin due to contact with water.

Places to practice in the summer are numerous – outdoor and indoor pools, while on your seaside holiday with loved ones, etc.



Jogging has become more and more preferred by people because of the wide range of possible places to practice. You might see people running at the beach, in the park, in the neighborhood schoolyard, around the block, and a number of other destinations. Just 20 minutes of jogging is enough to tone up at the beginning of the day.

When we mention jogging the question often arises what is the difference between it and running. In running the pace is much faster, it is more intense. With jogging, we have more moderate movements and the opportunity for longer exercise time.

You can set the practice time according to your free time and favourite sport. If you are an early riser, you can start your day fresh with a morning jog, and for a better effect, try exercising before breakfast. If you don’t like morning workouts, you can easily do an evening jog after work to relieve the fatigue and stress after the work day.

Choosing this sport you will strengthen your muscles you will improve the work of your cardiovascular system, increase your endurance and last but not least burn calories.



Every child dreams of a bicycle, and it is no accident that no one forgets to ride a bike. The bicycle is one of the most preferred modes of transportation in many countries.

While introducing you to different sports including cycling, it is good to emphasize that they are just an aid in keeping us fit and healthy. To achieve good results, it should be combined with a balanced diet and intake of nutritional supplements.

When it comes to health, studies show that if you make cycling part of your daily routine, either as a means of getting around or as a means of having fun with loved ones, your cardiovascular performance will increase by 3 to 7%. This will lower the risk of diseases in this area, increase your endurance during workouts and in your daily life, lead to increased calorie burning and last but not least, cycling will not work locally on a specific part of the body, but involve it holistically.

Cycling for those who choose it can always be diversified with mountain riding, spinning in the gym – a high-intensity workout including aerobic and anaerobic exercises or a walk with the family in a nearby park.

Nordic walking

Many of us love walking and long walks. Today we’ll introduce you to a great way to diversify this favorite activity by moving your glutes, abs, triceps and hamstrings.

Nordic walking

The history of Nordic walking is interesting. It was created in the 1930s in Finland to be practiced during the summer months by cross-country skiers. What makes it special and different from ordinary walks is the intensity of the movement and the poles that serve as an aid to balance and concentration.

The shoes you choose don’t have to be mountaineering shoes, consider the place you will be practicing.

By practicing this sport you burn 46 calories more in 30 minutes than regular walking. You improve the blood supply to the heart, reduce daily stress, improve body posture, raise your mood and give yourself pleasure if you practice it in a picturesque place.

Grab your cues!



If you are a lover of extreme sports and love the sea, surfing would certainly be an attractive option for you to get your adrenaline and health. Surfing with its varieties offers a number of experiences – windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard or in English “to paddle straight on the board”)

One of the advantages of SUP is that you don’t need any special equipment besides a swimsuit and a back pack. Dry training is also optional, and for those who have a pet, you can include them in your activity. By practicing SUP you actively load your shoulder muscles and legs, in an hour of training you burn 500 – 700 calories.


The next possibility is related to kites, but not any kites, but ones that allow us to move on water or the more familiar Kitesurf. One of the relatively new sports in this area, but extremely popular and in demand, as well as easy to learn for those who have experience on a board – snowboarding, windboarding, surfing.

Kite surfing

A tip for those of you who decide to choose this summer sport. Combine it with physical activity off the board such as running, swimming, weight training, because the load and good results require preparation.


An opportunity to overcome your fear of heights and develop agility and body control.


You can choose between rock climbing in nature in more extreme conditions, but if you don’t feel safe enough you can also practice in the gym on an artificial wall with pre-prepared routes.

Choosing this sport will strengthen your core muscle groups because you are actively using your upper body – arms and lower body – legs to help you. The movements that are required also engage the abdominal muscles because of the effort you make when moving to the next step.

The adrenaline rush you feel after achieving a goal, reaching a peak, boosts our mood.

Climbing also develops our mental health as it develops strategic thinking in us.

Last but not least a great opportunity for intense cardio that is fun.

These were a few ideas for sports in nature to diversify your daily routine and improve your health during the summer months.

Let us know in the comments, what sport do you practice and how often? Do you enjoy it and are you satisfied with the results.

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