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AquaSource Algae Group Plc. was founded in 1994 by two of the UK’s leading homeopaths, David Howell and Robert Davidson. The founders of the company were impressed by the magnificent effect of the blue-green microalgae AFA from Upper Klamath Lake on the health of their patients. This prompted them to conduct a lot of in-depth research into the properties of AFA seaweed and consult many experts in the field of healthy eating.

For more than 15 years, AquaSource has been dedicated to maintaining a healthier lifestyle through natural means – natural supplements and all-natural cosmetics.

AquaSource is a public limited company – an international holding company for direct sales through a network of independent distributors.

AquaSource products are encapsulated and packaged by G&G Vitamins, one of the UK’s most prestigious supplement companies. “G&G Vitamins is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and thus guarantees the high quality of its products.

AquaSource Bulgaria

The company AquaSource is present on the Bulgarian market through AquaSource Ltd. with address Sofia 1404, ul. “Kostenski vodopad” 47, in. А.

AquaSource products have all the necessary certificates and sanitary permits for distribution in Bulgaria.

AquaSource worldwide

AquaSource products are approved for distribution in the European Union (EU), Russia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Cyprus and Australia.

AquaSource currently has offices in the UK, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Russia. The company’s ambitious goal is to open offices across Europe.


Part of AquaSource’s vision is to distribute the company’s products through independent distributors in the strongest method of distribution – personal recommendation from satisfied customers. Distribution through network marketing is also the reason why AquaSors products cannot be found in pharmacies and stores, but can only be purchased through the company’s independent distributors.

AquaSource provides training and support to its distributors and has a website through which you can grow your business any time of the day, anywhere in the world. Its stability can be confirmed by thousands of satisfied collaborators and customers. AquaSource is a company that will not let you down and will regularly fulfill all obligations to you.

If you want to improve your health and become part of the AquaSource team – join now!

A company for optimal health and well-being

AquaSource Organic Algae, Superfood* from nature

What is organic blue-green algae?

A key ingredient in many of our products is some of the finest organic blue-green algae in the world. What makes this miracle of nature so important? For hundreds of years, scientists have known seaweed as a food source and a supplement to food. They have studied different forms of algae from almost every part of the world.

Where do they gather?

One very nutritious species of algae is known as “blue-green algae” (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae or AFA). The highest quality organic blue-green algae is harvested from Upper Klamath Lake located in the Cascade Mountains, Southern Oregon, USA. Fed by more than seventeen pure mountain streams and geothermal springs, this ancient lake boasts a ten-metre mineral layer and possesses the most mineral-rich alkaline waters on earth.

This is where AquaSource harvests its organic algae; the place where Nature’s most complete and balanced food grows. The algae found here have many remarkable properties – nothing can compare to their nutritional profile. They are one of the richest sources of a variety of nutrients per gram of their weight.

*AquaSource organic algae as Superfood

Our organic seaweed is now recognized as a Superfood. This means that they are an extremely nutrient-rich, efficient food source that provides significant amounts of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. In addition to being an extremely efficient source of nutrition, Superfoods can also support the body’s natural recovery process and prolong a more productive lifestyle.

Key nutrients and benefits include:

  • Vitamin B12 – helps increase energy and reduce feelings of fatigue; supports digestive health; supports the nervous system and normal cognitive function.
  • Vitamin B5 – supports metabolism; helps maintain healthy skin; supports the nervous system to help reduce stress.
  • Vitamin C – helps reduce feelings of tiredness and also contributes to better cognitive function; essential for the immune system; also necessary for the formation of collagen, a major structural protein in connective tissue.
  • Vitamin E – contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
  • Iron – important for haemoglobin formation; also necessary for good muscle function; contributes to normal cognitive function.

Dedicated to well-being and healthy living since 1994.

For more than a quarter of a century, AquaSource has been dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle through natural means. AquaSource promotes the maintenance of better health through the use of naturally sourced ingredients and the production of a wide range of high quality nutritional and beauty products available to everyone. Part of our vision is to distribute AquaSource products through independent distributors in the most impactful distribution method – word-of-mouth advertising.

Nutritional supplements are just one of the ways we can ensure our daily intake of important nutrients and thus preserve and maintain good health. They are a practical answer to the question of how to get the nutrients needed for good health and fitness for ourselves and our families on a daily basis. We are grateful to the many health experts and people who recommend our products. We are also grateful to our thousands of customers who have been continuously buying our products for many years. Thank you!

The different drying process

AquaSource’s patented BioActive Dehydration® process dehydrates algae to a powdery form without compromising nutrients, color, aroma or taste. In standard drying techniques, the main cause of damage is exposure to high temperature.

With BioActive Dehydration®, the temperature never exceeds 40.5˚C (105˚F) and exceeds the normal human body temperature of 37˚C (99˚F) in less than two minutes.

The graph depicts the exact and average product temperature over 4 minutes for the most common algae drying processes. Results may vary with treatment procedures.

In support of LightSource Charity

LightSource is a charity dedicated to promoting education by providing a comfortable and relaxing learning environment in schools. This is achieved through decoration, use of fresh colours, positive affirmations, pictures, inspirational thoughts and educational information in the school building. Improving the learning environment enhances the realization of children’s creative potential and awareness up to the age of 18.

AquaSource donates 10% of its after-tax profits to LightSource Charity. Charity registration number 1168515 in England and Wales.

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