защо детето да спортува?

Why should a child play sports?

Why should a child play sports? Today I decided to share a bit more on the topic of Sport and Children. As a wife, mother of two boys and a working woman, I know how hectic our daily lives are and how many commitments and tasks we have. Sometimes it feels like we have no time for anything, much less sport. Sport has proved to be a great strength for our family, first I started, then my husband joined in and then the kids joined in.

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Women’s health is a complex and delicate balance dependent on multiple factors, including the hormonal system. One of the factors that can affect this balance are xenoestrogens – chemicals that can mimic estrogen in the human body. These external estrogens can create a variety of problems for women’s health. Xenoestrogens Sources of Xenoestrogens: Xenoestrogens are

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ревматоиден артрит

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the joints and can also manifest as systemic inflammation in different parts of the body. They become painful and edema appears on the sites affected by inflammation. This can lead to impaired movement and function. The relationship between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Intestinal Permeability: Intestinal permeability refers

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симптоми на инсулинова разистентност

Insulin resistance 15 symptoms

15 symptoms of insulin resistance and how to deal with them? Insulin resistance is a widespread disease affecting a large number of people worldwide and can lead to serious health problems . This condition is characterized by reduced sensitivity of cells to insulin , a key hormone responsible for controlling blood glucose levels. Glucose is

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