Our history


We are Gergana and Kiril Ivanovi, parents of two wonderful boys. We have been using and recommending Aquasource products since 2014.

Our story with Aquasource started by chance, around the birth of our first son, worried about colic. Then we heard about the products for the first time. We met a father of three who gave us information and helped us support our child’s health.

Later, it started kindergarten, we went through big challenges. He was often absent from kindergarten and this brought a lot of worries to the whole family. In an effort to help our child, we began to search for information. We tried everything to no avail. Then we realized that Aquasource products are natural, clean and wholesome food that the body needs . Just a few months after following the advice of our friend who already had a lot of experience with his three children, we saw a light at the end of the tunnel. The child began to feel very well and became one of the most regular children in the group.

It has been 6 years since then, our son plays sports daily, is now a student and continues to be one of the most regular in his class.

Having already gained experience and knowledge, we were much more prepared with our little son. He went calmly to nursery, then to kindergarten and is always one of the most regular children.

Of course, after the children come us parents. At some point we realized that even if children are healthy, they also need healthy parents. To take care of them.

Have you ever felt out of shape while taking care of your children ? The answer is probably Yes. Well… then you know it’s not nice at all. So we adults also started using the products.

All these events brought invaluable experience to our lives. First of all , health and peace of mind . And from there, an introduction to the world, a world view, lots of experiences and fun! Perhaps the best thing of all is that even if someone’s health at home is shaken, we are calm, we act rationally, and it all goes away in a few days .

In addition to supporting the body in health challenges, the foods we use also provide the necessary nutrients for children to reach their full potential, both mentally and physically !

This is very important to us.

Therefore, we decided to recommend Aquasource products to all our friends, as well as to create this site! So that more people can tap into the possibility of being healthy and energetic in a completely natural and natural way, giving your body the nutrients it needs to tackle challenges on its own!

For us, Aquasource is not just a product – it is a source of positive energy and an opportunity for additional family income. We believe that anyone who shares our passion can get involved and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Contact us when you have questions or doubts, we will be happy to help!

0889655584 – Geri Ivanova

0883324991 – Kiril Ivanov