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Prices of AquaSource products

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Product and packagingPrice
AquaSource Lake Klamath Algae AFA – 300 mg, 120 capsules124.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Klamath Lake AFA Seaweed – 300 mg, 60 capsules62.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource AFA seaweed from Klamath Lake – powder, 50 g135.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Liquid algae AFA with blueberries – 60 ml71.50 лB.Buy Now
Aquasource Green Energy – 120 capsules74.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Organic Vitamin D with Calcium – 60 capsules49.95 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource ColActive Colestra – 120 capsules96.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource ColActive 3 – 120 capsules98.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Easy Start Program – 4 pack169.50 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Wellness Package – 2 products167.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Liquid Gold Complex – 50 ml88.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Essential Fatty Acid Complex (EFA) – 50 ml44.15 lv.Buy Now
AquaSource Fruit energy with macoy berry and acai berry – 120 capsules85.70 lv.Buy Now
AquaSource Super Antioxidant with Pycnogenol – 60 capsules82.50 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Coenzyme Q10 complex with chromium picolinate and AFA – 30 capsules78.85 BGNBuy Now
AquaSource Cellular Energy – powder, 25 g39.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Solar Energy Powder, 25 g31.50 lv.Buy Now
AquaSource Marine Energy – 120 capsules85.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Maca Energy – liquid, 150 ml65.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Digestive enzymes with algae AFA – 60 capsules59.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Shake Lighten-Up – powder, 200 g70.50 lv.Buy Now
AquaSource Super Energy Food with Activated Barley and Colostrum – 300 g82.00 лB.
AquaSource AloeFresh – 70 capsules50.30 lv.Buy Now
AquaSource Flexibility – 60 capsules78.60 lv.Buy Now
AquaSource Liver Kleens with Ionic Minerals – 60 capsules93.50 lv.Buy Now
AquaSource Probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus with AFA algae – 50 capsules42.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Probiotic Bifidus Complex with AFA algae – 50 capsules49.50 lv.Buy Now
Himalayan crystal salt – fine, 200 g, salt cellarBGN 7.00
Himalayan crystal salt – fine, 400 g, packet – salt cellar fillerBGN 9.50.
Himalayan crystal salt – rock salt, 400 g, for preparation of “Sole”BGN 9.50.
Himalayan crystal salt – coarse, 400 g, pack – grinder fillerBGN 9.50.
Himalayan crystal salt – coarse for bath, 1,6 kg50.00 lv.
AquaSource Osteo-Forte with calcium and vitamin K2 – 60 capsules93.85 lv.Buy Now
AquaSource Moone Rise50.36 lv.Buy Now
AquaSource Moone Balance – 60 capsules69.00 лB.Buy Now
AquaSource Collagen Plus with ionic minerals and hyaluronic acid – 60 capsules81.00 лB.Buy Now
Skin care with ionic minerals and coenzyme Q10 – 60 capsules81.00 лB.
Hair and nail care – 60 capsules68.00 лB.
Package Health and Beauty – 4 products287.00 лB.
AquaSource Turmeric Complex – 60 capsules80.45 lv.Buy Now

Prices of personal hygiene products Soladei-eko

Product and packagingPrice
Ionic toothbrush Soladey-eco – Blue49.00 лB.Buy Now
Ionic toothbrush Soladey-eco – Green49.00 лB.Buy Now
Ionic toothbrush Soladey-eco – Yellow49.00 лB.Buy Now
Ionic toothbrush Soladey-eco – Red49.00 лB.Buy Now
Ionic toothbrush Soladey-eco – Purple49.00 лB.Buy Now
Ionic toothbrush Soladey-eco – Black49.00 лB.Buy Now
Ionic toothbrush Soladey-eco – 4 pcs. interchangeable heads – Soft49.00 лB.Buy Now
Ionic toothbrush Soladey-eco – 4 pcs. replaceable heads – Medium hardness49.00 лB.Buy Now

Prices of natural cosmetics Natural Being by AquaSource

Product and packagingPrice
Natural Being Cleansing Lotion with Manuka for oily to normal skin – 100 ml40.00 lv.
Natural Being Cleansing Lotion with Manuka for normal to dry skin – 100 ml40.00 lv.
Natural Being Toning gel with manuka for all skin types – 100 ml40.00 lv.
Natural Being Eye Cream with Manuka Honey for all skin types – 10 ml45.00 lv.
Natural Being Day Cream with Manuka Honey for oily to normal skin – 50 ml40.00 lv.
Natural Being Day Cream with Manuka Honey for Normal to Dry Skin – 50 ml40.00 lv.
Natural Being Night cream with Manuka honey for normal to dry skin – 50 ml45.00 lv.
Natural Being Manuka hand and body cream for all skin types – 100 ml40.00 lv.

AquaSource Products

A list and brief descriptions of all AquaSource products can be found in the following article.

Natural products for health and energy

It is common knowledge that we are what we eat. What we ingest determines our feelings, our appearance and how much energy we have.

We all know that in an ideal world we would get the important nutrients we need through a healthy and balanced diet. But we are equally familiar with the fact that in today’s world this happens very rarely due to stress, environmental pollution, the drawbacks of processed food, the need for convenience and a number of other factors.

AquaSource makes it easy for us to get the nutrients we need.

We just need to start with the Easy Start Program – a 30-day plan to help our body slowly cleanse itself of toxins and pollution.

After the Getting Started Easy programme, it’s a good idea to choose one of our Wellness Packages that best suits your needs. They are complete to simply and easily satisfy our needs.

To further improve your results with the Easy Start and Wellness Programmes, we offer free ‘Lifestyle Guidelines’ produced by leading UK nutritionist, Ms Bianca Madison. Included are tips on: nutrition; which foods to emphasize, reduce or even avoid; exercise; how to breathe; stress reduction techniques.

For more complex or specific needs, we have a full range of products to meet every need.

AquaSource products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), with our core values being to use as many natural products as we can find; to blend them with other ingredients when we find the potential for synergy; to improve the potency or efficacy of the product. We choose organic ingredients whenever possible.

Our passion as a company is our products that define us. For almost 20 years now, we have been producing, in our opinion, the best nutritional supplements that the market has to offer. We believe that the fact that many of our customers have accepted our products for many years speaks for their quality and efficiency.

Try our products for yourself and find out exactly what we mean in our mantra – Energy, Action and Freedom.

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