Health for babies and children with AquaSource products

Health for babies and children with AquaSource by Dr. Naydenov.

AquaSource for Kids

How to build strong immunity of babies and children. Dr. Petar Naydenov on proper nutrition, which is extremely important for the health of young children.

The school year has started and most children have started nursery, kindergarten or school.

Do you want them to be healthy and not absent from activities due to illness?
You’ve probably heard or are familiar with the regimen: 2 weeks of kindergarten or school, then 1-2 weeks with angina or flu at home.

Health for babies and children, but how? The answer is strong immunity!

To be healthy, children (and adults) need a strong immune system. For most people, good immunity is not a given and needs to be built up, and it takes at least a few months. If you want to face autumn and viruses prepared, start strengthening your immune system now.

There are several natural superfoods from AquaSource that do a great job of boosting immunity in children over 1 year old, and that we have been using for many years at home:

ColActive 3 – provides ready antibodies against 20 types of microbes, strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to infections, and in children helps for better growth.

Green energy or liquid algae AFA – Seaweed is probably the best food for the immune system, as it makes it easier to produce antibodies against microbes and to obtain the beneficial substances (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.) needed daily.

Essential Fatty Acid Complex (EFA) – Fatty acids are very useful for boosting immunity because they make healthy and resistant mucous membranes, which are our most important defence against germs. Fatty acids also help with inflammation and allergies.
If your child has used antibiotics before, it is a good idea to take probiotics for at least 1 month first. Bifidus и Acidophilus – these are beneficial bacteria that normally inhabit the digestive system and are very important for immunity and for the quality absorption of the nutrients in food.

The best combination

Recommended complementary food supplements

With regular use (at least a few months), the listed products are enough to maintain a high level of immunity and the body itself to cope with viruses. It is also good that the products have no harmful side effects and can be safely taken together with conventional and/or homeopathic treatment.

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The following is a useful article by Dr. Peter Naydenov, which is an excerpt from his book “The Green Rays of Light”.

Features of the children’s organism

In children, there are prerequisites for the development of cellular starvation due to their characteristic accelerated metabolism, increased need for nutrients associated with accelerated growth and the smaller volume of their digestive system. In infants, this is compounded by an underdeveloped enzyme system and instability of the beneficial bacterial flora in the gut.

In short, the child’s digestive system is underdeveloped, and the demands on it are greater, since during this period whole other systems are being built – skeletal, muscular, etc. It is therefore extremely important that the food for children is of high quality. In this respect, nothing can be compared with microalgae.

Another very important fact is the immaturity of the immune system, which also works in conditions of increased complexity, as it is just becoming familiar with different antigens and develops immunity against microbes. Here again we are faced with the problem of the increased demands on food and the high load on the body, both energetically and enzymatically.

In childhood, blood circulation is particularly intense, and iron and vitamin B12 stores are low. This is why it is easier to get malnutrition, especially in the first 1-2 years of life, until the child starts eating everything.

The nervous system is also still immature. Intense metabolism also leads to faster depletion of neuropeptides and enzymes.

Often the birth of a human being is accompanied by the so-called “birth trauma“. This is a serious problem associated with hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) of the brain and damage to small blood vessels in the brain with microhemorrhages (microscopic hemorrhages).

All pediatricians know how fragile health is in the first few years of life and how quickly severe and life-threatening conditions develop even in perfectly healthy children. In a matter of hours, children fall into a water-electrolyte imbalance and the alkaline-acid balance is disturbed.

Even more delicate is the case for the sicker ones. Any illness during early childhood upsets the psycho-nervous-endocrine-immune (PNEE) system and predisposes to further deterioration of health, i.e., a vicious circle results. When a child is ill, much of the enzyme activity is directed towards restoring health, and less strength is left for digestion. Therefore, frequent illnesses interfere with growth.

Another big problem for childhood is the use of medications, especially antibiotics, and the associated dysbacteriosis. In turn, it predisposes to microlesions (disruption of the integrity of mucous membranes in the digestive, respiratory and genitourinary systems), leading to easier infection and allergy. Thus, the foundations for future illnesses and decreased vitality are laid early in life, reducing intelligence, adaptability, creativity, and opportunities for advancement in life.

The importance of proper nutrition

All of this can largely be avoided through proper nutrition. Microalgae, this gift from God, enables us to provide what our children need in an easy and time-saving way. They are useful for everyone, but children especially need them.

Our modern times are such that the use of nutritional supplements is imperative. Preferably, they should be of natural rather than synthetic origin (like synthetic vitamins and minerals, for example).

During illness, the internal antioxidant system is overloaded and therefore external help is needed. This also reduces the body’s stores of coenzyme Q10. The high temperature (which children raise very easily, by the way) accelerates the pulse (by 10 beats for every 1 degree) and metabolism (the temperature optimum for the enzymes to work is 38.5 degrees C).

Where is the role of algae and other superfoods?

All microalgae are an exceptional source of proteins (several times more complete than meat, fish and soy), chlorophyll, enzymes and physiologically active substances with an overall healing effect and stimulating development. Iron and vit. B12 in AFAs have a powerful hematopoietic effect. AFA contains all the vital micronutrients that the child’s body cannot obtain from anywhere else so completely and easily. Spirulina, on the other hand, is very rich in gamma-linolenic acid (which is why it is called the “mother’s milk of the planet”). Since there are not enough GLCs in humanized milks, it is especially important for babies (even naturally fed ones) to take Green energy .

From our own experience we can recommend AFA seaweed and spirulina for all healthy children from the end of their first month of life, and the supplements can be combined with them to impact various ailments under the supervision of a specialist.

The Colostrum is a real elixir for babies and children. It is the first natural food of mammals and is of great importance in preserving the life and health of newborns. It is indispensable for premature and low-for-age children, those who are not gaining well, artificial feeding and most digestive problems, including intestinal infections. It is especially good for children with reduced defenses, who get sick more often, and for children with chronic diseases – asthma, autoimmune, neurological, etc.

Child health care

Caring for the health of the child should begin even before his birth. In addition to the pronounced positive effect for the mother, taking microalgae during pregnancy strengthens the developing child’s organism. Do not forget essential fatty acids which are actively involved in building tissue, but unfortunately are extremely deficient.

For the newborn child, the regulation of intestinal flora is of great importance, which is achieved by taking probiotics:

In case of insufficient gain of the baby should be immediately included Colostrum (growth factors), and after the third month gradually and Green energy which supplies invaluable ingredients, increases appetite and stimulates growth. This should be done carefully as it contains alfalfa, which has a coarser texture and is not as easily digested as microalgae. Until the third month of the child is best to give only colostrum , AFA and spirulina.

In chronic disorders proceeding with diarrhea, as well as in poor tolerance to breast milk, a very good effect is given by the addition of colostrum и enzymes with algae . Enzymes are mixed with milk or puree before consumption (their temperature should not exceed 40 C). They significantly improve the absorption of all foods.

EMC are included after the second month, starting with 1 drop per day to check tolerance, and gradually up to 2-3 times 5-10 drops. They are stopped temporarily only in case of upset. For infants, pregnant and lactating women, it is recommended that 6% of daily caloric intake be supplied by unsaturated fatty acids.

The combination of Colostrum, Super Antioxidant and EMC is very good for asthma and allergies. In recent years , the tendency to replace antihistamines with antioxidants, especially pycnogenol and ginkgo biloba, has become increasingly popular in the world . Their stabilizing influence on the cell membrane, including mast cells, has been demonstrated. This corrects the tendency to release histamine too easily and this reduces allergic reactions.

EMC also stabilize cell membranes, microtubular apparatus and mucous membranes, positively affect endocrine glands, etc.

The addition of Cellular energy is especially important in acute and chronic debilitating illnesses and heart problems. Coenzyme Q10 with chromium is very suitable for overweight children and in general for disturbances in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. In such cases it is also appropriate to apply Leighton-Up . Doses vary widely as these are natural foods with excellent tolerance.

Common in children are mild forms of neurosis, neurasthenia, fears, anxiety and problems with learning material. Although the reasons may be different, the addition of AFA , Green energy , Colestra и EMC gives an excellent effect. The same products combined with Super Antioxidant , can also be applied to epilepsy, cerebral palsy and neuro-mental retardation – sometimes the results are truly astounding.


It is impossible to list all the cases in which superfoods help children. Let’s not forget that we are not talking about medicines, but about super nutritious foods, which most parents due to ignorance completely unjustifiably deprive their children of.

The conclusion from everything said so far is: the regular consumption of microalgae , colostrum , EMC , probiotics ( Acidophilus и Bifidus ), enzymes and other additives are generally desirable, and in a large number of cases absolutely necessary for the health of children. The invested funds are returned many times over.

Our experience has shown that children’s sickness patterns change visibly once they have taken regular seaweed , Colostrum и Essential Fatty Acids for 3-6 months – diseases are diluted, pass more easily and quickly and the organism responds much better to treatment.

About the author: dr. Petar Naydenov is a pediatrician, holistic doctor and classical homeopath who has been using AquaSource health foods in his practice for more than 17 years.

Important: Consult your pediatrician before giving anything to your child!

You can download Dr. Petar Naydenov’s book – Health Without Drugs here.

Подходящи ли са продуктите на АкваСорс за бебета и деца?

The majority of AquaSource products are suitable for babies and children from birth! For further information you can call us to tell you more.

Кога да започнем да даваме коластра на децата?

If your baby is on artificial or mixed feeding, it can and is advisable to give him Colactive3 from the first days of life. To this add bifidus. Thus, the baby’s digestive system will be strengthened and protected, and his immunity will be increased.

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