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All Aquasource products offered in our store are genuine, delivered directly to you from the Aquasource office, we do not stock the products, they are shipped directly from the official office.

Food nowadays does not supply us with the necessary substances for normal functioning of the body.

As a result, we feel tired, lose activity and our health is not what we would like it to be. Sometimes it leads to more serious deterioration of health.

The reason for the inability of the body to return to its normal state of health is often related to the deficiency of key nutrients (chronic cell starvation) and the accumulation of cellular poisons (chronic cellular intoxication) due to environmental pollution and the consumption of food poor in essential ingredients. And the starved cells, having accumulated waste products and toxins, cannot function properly, do not fully recover, age and die prematurely.

Natural AquaSource Products

Natural Aquasource products, classified as superfoods and dietary supplements, in most cases prove to be an important factor in detoxification at the cellular level and proper cellular nutrition. In this respect, AquaSource’s products are unique, high quality and valuable. They give our organism what it needs to function fully.

Aquasource products can be applied throughout a person’s life. They find application in a healthy lifestyle, contribute to a better state of health and are a great helper to the body in the fight against the constant external negative interference from the surrounding world.

Diseases in humans

There are many diseases, both physical and mental, which accompany a person’s life and lead to his death. Most of them usually start in the second half of a person’s life and are related to lifestyle and diet. Much lower is the percentage of congenital diseases and those that have onset in the first half of life.

This means that we can influence the onset and development of a disease largely by living and eating in a certain way. However, for this purpose, we need to think in time about the important things in life on which our health depends. The onset of illness should not remind us that care and prevention of our health is paramount in our lives.

The most important thing is to realize in time that our greatest wealth is our health, it is our most valuable asset.

Aquasource superfoods can help the human body be healthier or overcome a disease. An advantage of the products is the lack of side effects, which are almost always present from drugs – a product of the pharmaceutical industry.

A characteristic of Aquasource superfoods is that they help both the human body and the human spirit in many ways. By boosting a person’s immune defenses, they also contribute to the healing of their psyche. It is no coincidence that blue-green algae, essential fatty acids, colostrum and other products of the company have a positive effect on depression.

More and more doctors as well as people with other professions are beginning to grasp the philosophy of the harmless way to keep ourselves healthy, strong and high spirited, not polluting our bodies with products of industrial chemistry and the pharmaceutical industry, but using nature as an inexhaustible source of energy, beauty and health.

Aquasource Products

Let’s remember – a person’s health depends on a few simple things such as regular and proper nutrition, lack of stress as much as possible in performing professional duties, regular sleep and good human relationships.

In terms of proper nutrition and stress reduction, Aquasource products have a definite beneficial effect.

Here are the cases in which AquaSource products can be used for nutritional prophylaxis:

AquaSource products for babies and children

The TOP products recommended for the little ones and cute people can be found by clicking on the caption itself. The unique combination of products includes the use of green energy + colostrum + fatty acids to help the immune system fight off viruses. For older dads and dudettes, schoolchildren and students, algae + colostrum + fatty acids are recommended.

AquaSource products for women

Women’s health is specific, important and we must keep it in the norm. The reason is simple – every healthy, happy and satisfied woman is heaven for a man! Women can not only rely on products to boost the immune system, but also for specific situations, such as strengthening nails, skin, hair through Collagen, support for bones, joints and muscles through Flexibility, Osteo Forte, Turmeric, and can rely on specially developed products such as Moone Rise and Moone Balance for perhaps the most important part of their lives.

AquaSource Products for Men

Men are indeed the stronger sex if we go down to physics, but sometimes that’s not exactly the case. It’s nice to use seaweed to support your brain. Maca energy will give them the strength for more power – sexual and physical, and they can rely on Coenzyme Q 10, Cellular Energy and other specific products for a particular part of their functional body at any time.

AquaSource products for athletes

Detailed information on which products will serve to improve your success in sport can be found by clicking on the title. People don’t pay attention to products like colostrum, leighton-pop, flexibles, turmeric, and actually achieving goals with them is easier.

AquaSource weight loss products

We will not waste your time and directly share a great weight management program:Sample weight loss program:

Month 1: Easy Start Program with EMC, Collagen 3 and/or AloeFresh – This will cleanse and detoxify your GI tract

Month 2: Liver Klens, EMC and Leighton-up! – For liver cleansing and even better digestion

Month 3: Leighton-up!, seaweed AFA and Colostrum – This will activate the metabolism in the body.

AquaSource Oral Hygiene Products

The ionic toothbrush Soladay-eco improves the way you brush your teeth as well as supports the resistance of the gums. With it you will achieve greater efficiency in the quality brushing of your teeth and you will be satisfied with the result.

These are NOT medicinal products! They can serve as nutritional prophylaxis in the above cases, but should not be taken as a cure! If you have a health problem, you should always discuss the upcoming consumption of a product with your doctor to make sure you are making the right decision!

List of all AquaSource products

AquaSource Fruit Energy

AquaSource Fruit Energy Powder is right for you. This product combines over 15 different types of mostly organic small fruits. In order to preserve the maximum nutritional value of the fruit, very careful consideration has been given as to when it needs to be picked and freeze-dried.

An excellent product for active athletes and people who lead a hectic lifestyle. Extremely suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Essential Fatty Acid Complex

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) of AquaSource are a liquid containing cold extract of flaxseed, sunflower and sesame seeds, hazelnut and apricot kernels, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, safflower, borage, garlic, lettuce, carrot, orange, lemon, olive, black and cranberry, currant, rosehip and some other plants, with added seaweed oil and lecithin.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Liquid Gold Complex

AquaSource Liquid Gold Complex also called Essential Fatty Acids of Honeysuckle and Sea Buckthorn. Liquid Gold Complex provides essential plant-derived fatty acids that provide a broad spectrum of Omega-3-6-7-9 fatty acids to help maintain a healthy heart, joints, hormonal balance, etc. Added DHA-rich oils from a microalgae source help support brain function.
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Complements the Essential Fatty Acid Complex product and is an ideal combination with AquaSource Algae, AquaSource Green Energy and AquaSource Marine Energy.

AquaSource Marine Energy

AquaSource Marine Energy combines powerful natural foods from the sea that provide a special selection of nutrients important for good health and general well-being. It is a mixture of three different types of seaweed: brown, red and green, combined with AquaSource algae (blue-green algae). Some of these seaweeds are considered Superfoods.

Learn more about the product.

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AquaSource combines organic vitamin D with calcium

AquaSource combines organic vitamin D with calcium. Together they help maintain muscle function and healthy bones, teeth and immunity. Calcium contributes to energy levels, neurotransmission and normal function of digestive enzymes.
Unlike synthetic sources, our AquaSource Organic Vitamin D is guaranteed to be better absorbed by the body.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Turmeric Complex

AquaSource Turmeric Complex is designed for both athletes and people with a physically active lifestyle, whose muscles and joints need faster recovery from exertion.

Curcumin (Curcuma Longa), the active ingredient in turmeric, is combined with bromelain, ginger root extract and black pepper extract to increase antioxidant properties, but also to optimise the absorption of key nutrients, and so support painful and damaged joints.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Algae API

AquaSource Algae AquaSource algae is an extremely pure and rich source of essential nutrients containing over 60% protein. They are rich in the valuable antioxidant betacarotene as well as vitamin B12. They are an excellent source of iron and other essential minerals.

AquaSource algae is from NATURE, not an artificial source, and is fully digestible and highly absorbable. A great food source for vegetarians too.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource ColActive3 Colostrum

AquaSource ColActive3 Colostrum is our “next generation” colostrum product for those who want extra support for digestive health through the combination of Acidophilus and Lactoferrin with our AquaSource Colostrum.

AquaSource ColActive3 offers excellent nutritional support to people who lead an active lifestyle, including athletes.

It is a useful addition to any diet as it is designed to support the lower digestive tract as well as the immune system.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource ColActive ColAstra

AquaSource ColActive Colostrum offers excellent nutritional support for people with active lifestyles, including athletes and sportsmen. But it can also be a useful adjunct to an omnivorous diet.

AquaSource ColActive Colostrum supports the immune system and provides important nutritional support, including fatty acids and all five classes of immunoglobulins.

AquaSource colostrum is produced in the southwestern United States using state-of-the-art facilities designed by dairy engineers and created with the sole purpose of producing the highest quality colostrum. The collected and processed colostrum was subjected to flash-pasteurization at 72°C for 15 seconds and then dried by indirect heat at low temperature. It is this process that helps preserve the highest possible nutritional value.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Green Energy

AquaSource Green Energy is one of our best selling products. This is due to the synergistic combination of AquaSource algae, organic alfalfa and Hawaiian spirulina. This nutrient-dense food helps boost energy levels and improve cognitive function.

AquaSource Green Energy is a unique combination of three naturally sourced ingredients to help promote cellular health and optimal energy levels.

AquaSource algae from Upper Klamath Lake – some of the purest and most mineral-rich algae on the planet. Never expose to high temperature. Our proprietary BioActive Dehydration® drying process ensures that their nutritional values are preserved to the maximum extent.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Super Antioxidant

AquaSource Super Antioxidant – AquaSource has combined this patented antioxidant extract along with a unique blend of herbs and carotenoids that work in synergy. Many feel that the power of this product lies in the anti-aging benefits.

What makes our Super Antioxidant such a good Superfood is the unique combination of ingredients.

Cereal sprouts – contain a remarkable amount of diverse antioxidants.
AquaSource algae – on a weight basis, provide a wide range of nutrients including antioxidants, beta carotene and chlorophyll.
Pycnogenol® – a patented extract from the bark of maritime pine. It has powerful antioxidant properties that support good circulation and help with a physically busy lifestyle.
Seaweed Dunaliella Salina – seaweed, much appreciated for its high content of beta carotene – another powerful antioxidant.
Cranberry extract – may help maintain good microcapillary circulation in the body. Especially beneficial for eye health.
Green tea – green tea powder extract is a known source of certain antioxidants.
Natural vitamin E – helps protect cells from oxidative stress and is a powerful biological antioxidant.
Vitamin B12 – contributes to reducing the feeling of fatigue and maintaining the immune system.
Iron – contributes to red blood cell health and supports cognitive function.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource CoQ10 complex with chromium & AquaSource algae.

Also known as a coenzyme, CoQ10 is a powerful, versatile antioxidant. Plays an important role in the conversion of food and oxygen into metabolic energy at the cellular level.

It is easily digested and helps release energy from the cells in the body; it helps in better metabolism.

AquaSource uses only naturally produced CoQ10.

Some forms of CoQ10 can be synthesized by a chemical process. But the production of ourCoQ10 involves a natural process using living organisms. This process is known as “biological fermentation and extraction”. CoQ10Complex with chromium picolinate and AquaSource algae contains only the natural form of CoQ10.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Solar Energy Instant Food

Superfood* AquaSource algae in an easily digestible form.

If you have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, then AquaSource Solar Energy Instant Food may be for you!

Our superfood* Aquasource algae is combined with another type of blue-green algae, Hawaiian spirulina, along with vitamin C, organic alfalfa, beets, asparagus, carrots and spinach. This formula thus provides balanced and easily absorbed nutrients.

This product has been specially developed for absorption under the tongue – an extremely efficient method of absorption.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Cellular Energy Instant Food CoQ10

CoQ10 and superfood* AquaSource algae in an easily digestible form

If you have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, then AquaSource Cellular Energy Instant Food CoQ10 may be your solution! CoQ10 is combined with our Aquasource algae in powder form, which is absorbed under the tongue. This can be a very efficient means of providing nutrients.

Vitamin C is also included, as well as beets, asparagus, carrots, spinach and orange, which additionally provide carotenoids and bioflavonoids – all of which are powerful antioxidants.

Sugar is deliberately avoided. We have included a pleasantly complementary natural orange flavour.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Digestive Enzymes

Essential support for better absorption of food and nutrients

This unique combination of digestive enzymes produced from plant sources (amylase, protease, lipase, lactase and papain) helps to break down food and nutrients efficiently. For even more support and maximum effectiveness, it is enriched with AquaSource Superfood* algae.

Enzymes are necessary for digestion as they play an important role in the breakdown and absorption of food and nutrients. Without enough enzymes, eating will stress the body and exhaust it. They help to prevent stomach bloating and indigestion, and are involved in combating the effects of processed and canned foods.

Learn more about the product.


Our unique strain of Acidophilus supports the good functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the balance of intestinal flora necessary to maintain good digestion and a more complete absorption of nutrients from food. The AquaSource algae superfood* has been added to provide a wide range of nutrients including antioxidants, beta carotene and chlorophyll.

Learn more about the product.

Bifidus Complex

Three strains of Bifidus probiotic combined with AquaSource Superfood* algae

Our Bifidus Complex helps maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract by combining three beneficial strains of Bifidus probiotics (Breve, Infantis, Longum) with AquaSource Superfood* algae.

Bifidus Complex is often combined with our AquaSource Acidophilus and AquaSource Digestive Enzymes to help maximize digestion.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Lighten-Up

Food Protein Powder

Our Nutritional Protein Powder Light-Up! contains only natural ingredients to provide efficient, balanced nutrition to help maintain health and energy during virtually any weight management program.
Contains AquaSource Superfood* algae and is a source of many nutrients that is hard to beat!

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Liver Klens

Gently, effectively and safely supports vital liver function

The liver performs over 500 different functions in the body. It is the gateway to many different chemical and metabolic functions in the body. Purifies waste products and gets nutrient-rich blood. Modern lifestyle can disrupt its proper functioning. Help protect your liver with this unique formula.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Flexibility

Unique nutritional support for optimally healthy joints.

AquaSource Flexibility contains a unique combination of these naturally derived ingredients, supplemented with five other natural, carefully selected components, brought together in a True-filled capsule. A natural synergy that maximizes joint health.

High-quality ingredients that provide natural synergy for maximum joint support and maintenance.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource AloeFresh

Specially designed to cleanse the lower digestive tract

AquaSource AloeFresh specially formulated to support the internal cleansing processes of the colon and digestive system. It does not harm beneficial bacteria and helps maintain the natural microflora.

AquaSource AloeFresh supports efficient digestion, rapid removal of waste products and cleansing of the intestines. Can be used by anyone on a daily basis or only when needed.

AquaSource AloeFresh contains only natural ingredients.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Moone Rise

Hydrating cream with wild yam.

AquaSource Moone Rise Cosmetic Cream is a unique combination of eleven herbal extracts. It represents cosmetics suitable for women of any age.

AquaSource Moon Rise combines the famous wild yam extract with other herbs chosen for their compatibility. Additionally, aloe vera and jojoba are added to the product – another natural sedative used since the Aztecs.

AquaSource developed this cream with natural ingredients suitable for women of any age.

AquaSource Moone Rise is a cream with a fine consistency that is easily absorbed and makes the skin soft and delicately scented with Bulgarian rose oil.

Many women often combine AquaSource Moone Rise moisturizer with our AquaSource Moone Balance nutritional supplement for maximum effect during life’s changes.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Moone Balance

The unique combination of herbs and nutrients in AquaSource Moon Balance is blended to maximize the maintenance of good general health and vitality during menopause. Digestive enzymes are added for maximum absorption of ingredients. The effects of the product are enhanced with our Superfood* AquaSource Algae.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Collagen Plus

For beautiful skin, shiny hair and healthy nails at any age

Collagen is the main structural component of the lower layer of the skin. As a result of certain chemical and metabolic changes with age, collagen decreases, the skin relaxes and the visible signs of aging appear.
AquaSource Collagen Plus combines high-quality collagen and hyaluronic acid, which work together to hydrate from the inside out. Added AquaSource algae provides additional nutrients.

Collagen is a fibrillar protein found in skin, bone, tendons and connective tissue. It can be called the “glue” that binds everything together. As a result of certain chemical and metabolic changes, collagen decreases with age, causing the skin to become more lax and less elastic.

Learn more about the product.

AquaSource Maca Energy

AquaSource’s Maca Energy is suitable for people who wish to increase their libido (sex drive), vitality, stamina and strength.

AquaSource’s newest product Maca Energy is a synergistic blend of several beneficial ingredients – maca superfood, damiana, ginseng, gotu kola, manuka honey and borage honey. By combining the beneficial properties of these ingredients, Maca Energy has pronounced adaptogenic properties, balancing and stabilizing the nervous, endocrine (hormonal) and cardiovascular systems, immunity and musculature.

Learn more about the product.

Natural AquaSource products for health and energy

It is common knowledge that we are what we eat. What we ingest determines our feelings, our appearance and how much energy we have.

We all know that in an ideal world we would get the important nutrients we need through a healthy and balanced diet. But we are equally familiar with the fact that in today’s world this happens very rarely due to stress, environmental pollution, the drawbacks of processed food, the need for convenience and a number of other factors.

AquaSource makes it easy for us to get the nutrients we need.

We just need to start with the Easy Start Program – a 30-day plan to help our body slowly cleanse itself of toxins and pollution.

After the Getting Started Easy programme, it’s a good idea to choose one of our Wellness Packages that best suits your needs. They are complete to simply and easily satisfy our needs.

To further improve your results with the Easy Start and Wellness Programmes, we offer free ‘Lifestyle Guidelines’ produced by leading UK nutritionist, Ms Bianca Madison. Included are tips on: nutrition; which foods to emphasize, reduce or even avoid; exercise; how to breathe; stress reduction techniques.

For more complex or specific needs, we have a full range of products to meet every need.

AquaSource products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), with our core values being to use as many natural products as we can find; to blend them with other ingredients when we find potential synergy; to improve the potency or efficacy of the product. We choose organic ingredients whenever possible.

Our passion as a company is our products that define us. For almost 20 years now, we have been producing, in our opinion, the best nutritional supplements that the market has to offer. We believe that the fact that many of our customers have accepted our products for many years speaks for their quality and efficiency.

Try our products for yourself and find out exactly what we mean in our mantra – Energy, Action and Freedom.

Information about AquaSource products

In this store you will find superfoods and algae-based supplements that aim to detoxify your body, boost your immune defenses, boost your energy, and help you be healthier! These are products for prevention and a more fruitful life. Better to start them later in life than never!

There are already children in history who have been taking seaweed since birth, as well as a case of people over 80 who are just starting to use it and sharing how surprised they are by its benefits. It’s never too late to give it a try and share your opinion 🙂

From this store you can order any AquaSource product from anywhere in Bulgaria – village or town, including Blagoevgrad, Burgas, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Vidin, Vratsa, Gabrovo, Dobrich, Kardzhali, Kyustendil, Lovech, Montana, Pazardzhik, Pleven, Pernik, Plovdiv, Razgrad, Ruse, Silistra, Sliven, Smolyan, Sofia, Stara Zagora, Targovishte, Haskovo, Shumen, Yambol.

Как мога да поръчам продукти на АкваСорс?

You can place an order directly through the website by selecting the product or products, then adding them to your basket and completing the order by filling in the delivery details. The other option is to place the order by phone 0988 850 787 .

Мога ли да пазарувам с 30% отстъпка?

Yes, of course. For more information, please contact me at 0988 850 787 or visit the AquaSource registration to find out how you can take advantage of the great discount.

Какви Аквасорс продукти се предлагат?

Superfoods and supplements with algae. Blue-green algae AFA is a superfood that participates as an ingredient in some of AquaSource’s products. These are vegan, non-GMO and all-natural products to prevent the body and increase the degree of immune protection.

Какво се препоръчва за повишаване на имунитета?

You can use a combination of AquaSource Green Energy Products, colostrum and essential fatty acids as an optimal combination to boost immunity. This is a combination that is known as “Winter without antibiotics”, as it is recommended for intake by children who are susceptible to frequent illnesses.

Колко струват продуктите?

There are two types of pricing – for end customers and for AquaSource registrants. Registrants can purchase the products at a 30% discount, and so far thousands of people in Bulgaria have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Колко време отнема доставката?

In 99% of cases, delivery is completed within 1 working day. Simply put – today you place an order and tomorrow you will receive the desired products.

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