Dosage of AquaSource products

Dosage of AquaSource products – Dr. Petar Naydenov

Since AquaSource superfoods are registered as
food supplements
, the packaging says “Do not use them as substitutes for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose“. These are the requirements of the law and the importer is obliged to affix these inscriptions in order to be able to market them. Furthermore, it is not allowed to claim that dietary supplements cure diseases. Therefore, in order to comply with this limitation, it is appropriate to say here that these products do not cure diseases – they simply provide our organism with those missing things that help it cope with a number of problems on its own.

Despite what it says on the packaging, in terms of health effects, doses can be increased many times over if necessary according to the goals we want to achieve. For example, sometimes I personally take 10-15 capsules of AFA, 2-3 capsules of Coenzyme Q10 with chromium, 4-6 capsules of Flexibilty, 4-6 capsules of Sea Energy, plus Liquid Gold, Fruit Energy and Maca Energy, and when I have a cold I take 5-10 capsules of Colactiv-3 and 20-30 capsules of Green Energy.

I have been using AquaSource products since 1996 and have not noticed any side effects from taking larger doses, other than some abdominal discomfort. It occurs when the capsules dissolve and their contents, which are very dry, come into contact with the mucous membrane. Then I just drink more water and everything calms down.

I say this to reassure mothers who are afraid of harming their children if they give them larger doses in order to heal faster from acute infections.

And as far as the elderly are concerned, there is hardly a person who is not perfectly influenced by megadoses of superfoods. In some cases, such as cancer patients or severe depression, it is downright mandatory to take very large doses. But that’s another topic.

So, how much and what kind of AquaSource products should we take to keep our immune system in good condition and not have to poison ourselves with antibiotics?

The main products are Green Energy, Colact-3, Bifidus (for dysbacteriosis or frequent intake of antibiotics and other drugs), Essential Fatty Acids (for children and women) or Liquid Gold (for men and people with cardiovascular problems).

Newborns and babies

Newborns who are new to superfoods are given only ¼ capsule or 1 drop at first and the amount is increased by ¼ capsule or 1 drop each day until the desired dose is reached. The intake of superfoods can begin early in life. Of course, the capsules are opened and their contents are mixed with water, breast milk or milk. They are given before meals.


If the mother has been taking superfoods regularly during pregnancy and continues to take them while breastfeeding, her baby has no reason to take either seaweed or Collactin-3. Moreover, if there is a predisposition to type 1 diabetes in the clan, it is not recommended to give cow colostrum to naturally fed, healthy babies. There is evidence that certain proteins from cow’s milk can trigger the production of auto-antibodies that destroy the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, leading to type 1 diabetes. I emphasize, this applies only to healthy babies who are fed only breast milk.

Babies fed mixed or formula milk only get antigens from cow’s milk anyway. In addition, they get sick more often than the naturally fed, especially if there is a daddy or poop that brings infections home. That’s why they should take 1 capsule daily of Colact-3 – so they will grow better and protect themselves from infections. When they have acute viral infections or if they have any chronic infections, they can take up to 2-3 times a day 1-2 capsules and even more.

Algae and probiotics

It is a good idea for each baby to take 1 capsule of Bifidus and 1 capsule of AFA prophylactically, starting from birth. Introduce Bifidus first (start with ¼ and increase gradually) and then the AFA algae. When sick, the baby may also receive 2-3 capsules of AFA daily depending on whether he is weaker or fuller.

After the fourth month it is better to replace AFA with Green Energy (Green Energy is not suitable for the youngest babies as it contains alfalfa and can irritate the intestines). Green energy has a more diverse composition and acts very well on the immune system.

Essential fatty acids

There are two ways to provide EMC for infants – through breast milk and with direct supplementation. I recommend direct supplementation. Regardless of how the baby is fed, it is a good idea to give him an extra 2 to 5 drops of EMC (start with one drop and increase by one each day).Since it is about fat, if the dose is exceeded, a laxative effect occurs. Then it is simply reduced.
When sick, EMC doses do not need to be increased, unlike Colactiv-3 and algae. In case of a disorder, the dose is reduced or temporarily stopped.

Young children of preschool age


1-2 capsules per day prophylactically and 2-3 capsules per day therapeutically. If the mother sees that the colostrum works well, she can safely increase these doses. In addition, Colactive-3 is very useful for topical application – in the nose, eyes and nasopharynx, as well as for wounds and burns, directly on the skin and mucous membranes or dissolved in a 1-2% solution of Himalayan salt with water. This accelerates healing and recovery.

If the child is allergic to cow’s milk protein, a kind of desensitization with mini-doses of Colact-3 can be tried. The idea is that these doses will gradually deplete the antibodies without leading to a more serious manifestation of the allergy. On the other hand, it will help the intestines to heal and normalize their permeability. This will reduce the likelihood of milk proteins getting into the blood when fed. If this method succeeds, we gradually increase the doses of Colactiv-3 and try to give 1-2 capsules at least 2-3 times a day to permanently stabilize the condition and prevent infections.

In some children, rashes and other complaints worsen after taking Collactiv-3. Then this product is contraindicated and should not be given for at least a few months, after which it can be tried again carefully.

Algae and probiotics

Young children are given prophylactically 1-2 times a day 1-2 capsules of algae, and therapeutically 3 times a day 1-2 capsules for each year of age, up to a maximum of 3 capsules of 5. Larger doses are not dangerous if given within a few days, but are hardly necessary. For a 20 kg child, the effect of 5 capsules is as much as 15-20 capsules for an adult. That is why children respond very quickly!
If the child cannot swallow capsules, they are dissolved in juice or tea with sugar. Some kids don’t want to accept them because they are green, because they taste bad, etc. In this case, the mother should insist, set a personal example and in general find a way for the child to receive the dose of algae regularly, because they are very important!

Children of school age


Helps growth and reaching the genetic potential. Doses are 2 1-2 capsules daily (on an empty stomach!), and can be increased if needed. Larger doses (up to 10 capsules or more per day) are recommended for children who are training for fitness or other sports to increase strength and endurance. The doses are also increased when sick with flu, colds, etc.

Algae and probiotics

Here the rule is as much – as much, but not less than half the adult dose. The main mistake that mothers make is stopping superfoods – especially in the summer when children are no longer sick. I would like to emphasize that in this period of life there are increased needs to get everything necessary for complete cellular nutrition and development of the body and therefore there is no better thing for the growing organism than superfoods!

On the other hand, children are more and more starting to eat junk food and the need for detoxification is increasing. Radiation also has a cumulative effect (builds up) and so it is important to take seaweed regularly. In this regard, Sea Energy is especially recommended, which in addition to detoxifying, brings a variety of minerals and organic iodine, which is important for the development of the child’s organism in general and the thyroid gland in particular.

AFA seaweeds are very important for the intellectual and neuropsychological development of children and should be given in sufficient doses especially to students who are busier with classes, courses, exams, etc.

Indicative prophylactic doses: one or two capsules of AFA, Green or Sea Energy 2-3 times daily. Therapeutic 5-10 capsules of Green Energy.

Probiotics are given when needed, for example after antibiotics and other drugs, after more severe diarrhoea, intestinal infections, etc. At least once a year it is good to do a course of 20 days with 2 capsules a day of Acidophilus and Bifidus on an empty stomach.

Infectious mononucleosis

It is also called kissing disease and is characteristic of this age. It is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and is generally benign. It is very important to give sick children superfoods in large doses (2-3 times a day 5-10 capsules of Green Energy and 3-4 capsules of Collact-3), Fruit Energy (3 by 2 capsules), megadoses of vitamin C for 1-2 weeks and enough vitamin D. Sometimes an antibiotic is prescribed, but my experience is that we can manage without it. It is good to look for a good homeopath.


Years ago, when I didn’t use AquaSource superfoods yet, I was sick quite often, especially in winter time. Probably my profession contributed to this because I was in contact with sick children on a daily basis. Runny nose, cough, purulent angina, antibiotic – this was commonplace for me at that time.

I have been using AquaSource superfoods since 1996 and have not had antibiotics since. When I get a fever (almost always in the evening), I drink 1-2 cups of hot water with lemon, take 10 capsules of Green Energy and lots of vit.C, take a hot bath, then go to bed and fall asleep. In the morning again 10 Green Energy, 3-4 capsules of Collactiv-3, Liquid Gold, Fruit Energy and Coenzyme Q10 – and I’m usually back to work, though not 100%. My sickness rarely lasted more than 1 day in bed (I can only remember one time when I was in another city and got brutally cold on the way and didn’t have enough products in me).

Another example is my father who worked all his life in a uranium mine and was dispensed for silicosis. He is 79 years old as I write this. He’s been taking superfoods since he was 64 and hasn’t taken antibiotics once since. For her age she is in wonderful physical and intellectual shape and leads a very active and independent life. This is probably the only such case (a relatively healthy miner without antibiotics at such an age) in the whole Balkan Peninsula.

Thanks to AquaSource, all of us in our family have stabilized our health and are saving a lot of money on medicines and dengues. That is why I recommend all people to use these products regularly. The doses are 3 1-2 capsules of Green Energy prophylactically and 3-4 10-15 capsules therapeutically; 1-2 2 capsules of Collactiv-3 on an empty stomach prophylactically and 2-4 capsules on an empty stomach therapeutically (also topically as needed). EMC for women – 2 20 drops, for men Liquid Gold – 2 20 drops.

In addition, it is also good to take Fruit Energy (an excellent antioxidant), Coenzyme Q10 (strengthens the heart and immunity, improves insulin sensitivity) and Maca Energy (a powerful universal adaptogen). Indicative prophylactic doses are on the package, and curative are double and triple if you want a quick effect.

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