How and why to become an AquaSource distributor

30% off at AquaSource, no strings attached!

Why should I register with AquaSource?

  • Use the products with up to 30% discount for your family without commitments
  • Work comfortably from the comfort of your own home
  • You can work as much time per day as you can spare
  • A great option for extra income
  • Add a certain amount to your budget each month
  • Long-term business model
  • Business and income are inherited from your children
  • A great option for extra work
  • You work as much as you decide

What do you get by joining AquaSource?

  • No commitments – you have nocommitments to buy or distribute products on a regular basis;
  • Perpetual registration – allows you to buy discounted products for yourself or your family. You are under no obligation to actually distribute AquaSource’s products; In order for registration to be perpetual and to comply with the latest requirements under the GDRP, you must purchase at least one product per year for AquaSource to have a reason to keep your account with them active.
  • Unlimited 25-30% discount on all AquaSource products;
  • Monthly promotions for resellers – you have access to lucrative monthly promotions, reserved only for those registered. For example you buy 3 products and get 1 free;
  • Starter Pack – When you register as a distributor, you receive a starter pack with useful materials about the products and the company;
  • Direct Purchase from AquaSource – buy directly from AquaSource (in Bulgaria or abroad) whenever and however you want;
  • Develop your own business – (only if you wish) AquaSource offer the opportunity to develop your own business with a Multi Level Marketing System. You have the opportunity for additional income and building your own business.
  • AquaSource offers you to activate your online store in their system. You will receive more information after registration.
  • Network at AquaSource – If you sign up as a distributor in our network, we will help you to get started with using the products, and if you want to grow your AquaSource business!
  • When you register, you also receive a packet of information about AquaSource and the products.
  • New! Get a free myAquaSource website
  • New! Optional.
  • Without signing a physical contract, everything is done online.
  • New! Free delivery of the contract and starter package, as well as the products you purchase when you register

Registration is quick and easy. It happens by filling in an online registration form and paying a fee of 99 BGN, which is paid with the discount for the first few products.

Along with the registration you can directly order discounted products.

If you would like to register your personal number with AquaSource, please fill in the registration form or contact us.

How do I become an Aquasource distributor?

Online registration

    By submitting this form you are expressing your request to register as AquaSource Distributer, in order to use up to 30% discount for future product purchases. We will contact you, in order to provide you with more details about the registration process:
    The form will send you towards the site, in which you can complete your Distributor registration:

    Your phone number including country code*:

    Your name and family name*:

    E-mail address (you will receive additional details there concerning the registration)*:


    * The details provided in this form will be used, only for us to send you additional details for the registration process and help you with it. You agree that we will save and manage your details as per our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

    If you have any questions you can contact us via:
    E-mail: office [at]
    Phone: 0988 850 787

    Registration Form

    Registration doesn’t obligate you to run a business (although it’s a great option), you can just buy them for you and your family.

    Many people who wish to use AquaSource products choose to join our network by registering a personal distribution number with AquaSource.

    Most people sign up to take advantage of discounts and promotions on the products they pick up for themselves and their family, with no commitment to product distribution or regular shopping.

    IMPORTANT: If you still wish to pick up products without registering, you can also order as a customer from our store – it’s easy and only takes a few minutes!

    AquaSource products are distributed by independent distributors through network marketing and are not available in stores or pharmacies.

    If you are outside Bulgaria…

    You can register your AquaSource ID number online if you live in any of the following countries:

    Austria, Channel Islands, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland or the United Kingdom

    Online registration at AquaSource “

    Why should I register as an AquaSource Distributor?

    Because it is profitable…

    Have you ever wondered why people sign up to get a distributor number at AquaSource or as I say get a HEALTH SUBSCRIPTION.

    What’s in it for them?

    Many people think that if they get a consumer subscription to Aquasource, it turns them into Distributors who have to work and offer Aquasource products to all their friends and acquaintances.

    Our team wants to help everyone who wants to maintain their health have the opportunity to make the most of the benefits that subscription provides. No commitments, no pressure and no constant worries.

    Imagine that stores like Kaufland, Billa, Lidl, DM, etc., give you the opportunity to shop their products with a 30% discount every time you visit their store? And most importantly, you are not tied to the number of purchases, but whenever you are their customer you can shop at a discount. A lot of people would love it,because they save a lot of money and really feel special. In none of the stores listed will you get such a big discount.

    Here’s what a person can do for themselves if they decide to take out a health subscription with Aquasource.

    30% off at AquaSource, no strings attached!

    Many of the people who want to use AquaSource products choose to join my team by registering a personal distribution number with AquaSource.

    Most people sign up to take advantage of discounts and promotions on the products they pick up for themselves and their family, with no commitment to product distribution or regular shopping.

    What do you get by joining AquaSource?

    What discount do I get by registering with AquaSource?

    30% discount on all AquaSource superfoods and supplements, 25% discount on natural cosmetics and personal care products;

    Does AquaSource offer monthly promotions?

    Yes, aquasource offer all registered distributors monthly promotional offers like 3 + 1 free product!

    Will I receive additional information about AquaSource?

    A dedicated newsletter just for Aquasors members, as well as a useful information pack about Aquasors products and the company;

    What does Natural provide me as an Aquasource distributor?

    Free consultation and information on the issues that interest you.

    Does AquaSource pay additional commissions, discounts?

    Yes, just for those who are interested – we will provide free training on how you can get the products you shop for free.

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