Aquasource and Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding

Aquasource and Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding

Dr. Petar Naydenov on the proper nutrition of a woman before and during pregnancy and in the period around and after childbirth, which is extremely important for her health and the proper development of the baby.

Important: Consult your doctor before taking anything during pregnancy and breastfeeding!

It is especially important to consume seaweed during pregnancy, both in relation to preserving the health of the expectant mother, and to create the best possible conditions for building the body of the child to be born. In this regard, several periods can be distinguished, during each of which it is best to take certain products.

AquaSource Before Pregnancy

Before becoming pregnant for several months, the female organism needs to cleanse, strengthen and prepare for the expected increased demands on it. This is done with the Easy Start Program, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), Colostrum, Muun Rise with Wild Yam and Super Antioxidant. They support metabolism, balance a woman’s endocrine system and reduce the danger of mutations and other damage to the eggs.

A similar combination is recommended to the expectant father, but instead of Muun Rise with wild yam, Coenzyme Q10 with chromium is added to enhance fertilizing abilities.

AquaSource during pregnancy

Pregnancy itself is divided into 3 periods of 3 months – the first is associated with organogenesis, the second is characterized by the rapid growth of the fetus, and in the third the baby is being formed and the woman is preparing for birth.

Nutritional Supplements Suitable for the First Trimester of Pregnancy

In the first trimester, a combination of Green Energy and essential fatty acids (EFAs) is recommended. In order to provide everything necessary for the developing child’s organism, Super Antioxidant is added to protect against the harmful effects of free radicals and reduce the risk of congenital malformations.

Nutritional Supplements Suitable for the Second Trimester of Pregnancy

During the second trimester, conditions are created for the manifestation of the latent enzyme deficiency in the mother and for the onset of cell starvation in both her and the fetus as a result of its faster growth. It is recommended to add Digestive Enzymes to the diet and increase the amounts of Green Energy and Essential Fatty Acids by 2-3 times.

Super Antioxidant is no longer so important for the child, since his organs and systems are already formed and there is no danger of damage. This does not mean, however, that it is unnecessary for the mother – pregnancy is stress for the female organism, in which more free radicals are formed. So it is preferable that she continues to take it, especially if she is prone to varicose veins.

Nutritional Supplements Suitable for the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The most important thing about the third trimester of pregnancy is that the mother and child are already preparing for childbirth. Fetal growth is intense, so it is good for the pregnant woman to continue taking high doses of Green Energy and EMC.

Digestive enzymes help the absorption of food, and Coenzyme Q10 with chromium strengthens and tones the muscles, increases the strength of the expectant mother and energizes the uterus for a better labor.

AquaSource Prophylaxis

The use of seaweed during pregnancy is also extremely important in relation to prophylaxis, to avoid certain typical disabilities. Pregnant women who use microalgae are less at risk of varicose veins, skin aging, negative effect on hair beauty, tooth decay, nail problems, mood problems, etc.

It can certainly be argued that by consuming microalgae pregnant women can preserve their health, youth and beauty and even after several births remain young and attractive.

Colostrum during pregnancy can help to ease its course and is especially important for the proper development of the placenta and in cases where the baby is not developing enough. It could protect against miscarriages in the later months, as it has a regenerating and strengthening effect on all maternal and fetal tissues.

AquaSource in danger of abortion

If there is a risk of early-term abortions, it is a good idea to increase the dose of Super Antioxidant to 2×2 capsules and to take larger amounts of EMC, Colostrum and Green Energy, and to discuss with a doctor whether the use of Muun Rise with wild yam would be appropriate.

AquaSource Birth and Breastfeeding

During labour, it is very helpful to take 1 scoop of Cellular Energy every 10-15 minutes under the tongue to energize the uterus and improve labour.

If a cesarean section is done, large doses of colostrum are taken 1-2 weeks before and after.

After childbirth, especially when the mother is breastfeeding, Green Energy, EMC and Colostrum(ColActive or ColActive 3) are taken, and in obesity Leighton-Up, as weight loss with this food does not lead to cell starvation.

SoQ10 with chromium gives strength and is very useful against overwork and for losing weight.

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The article is an excerpt from the book “Green Rays of Light” by Dr. Peter Naydenov.

About the author: dr. Petar Naydenov is a pediatrician, holistic doctor and classical homeopath who has been using AquaSource’s health foods in his practice for more than 13 years.

Important: Consult your doctor before taking anything during pregnancy and breastfeeding!

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