Coronavirus – the new type 2019-nCoV and the flu: can we protect ourselves?

The coronavirus pandemic begins in December 2019. An epidemic caused by a new type of coronavirus, 19-nCoV, begins in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The disease progresses like influenza with respiratory infection, cough, fever, malaise and varying degrees of lung involvement. Complications are mainly severe pneumonia, with a relatively high mortality rate of between 2 and 4%. This is because there are not enough hospitals ready to provide intensive care to the severe cases.

Coronavirus can make both humans and animals sick. They can also be transmitted from animals to humans. The outbreak in Wuhan began around a market where animals were being sold, but there is a belief that this new type of virus may have been dropped by a military laboratory. It is not impossible that an experimental animal could escape and become a source of infection, or not be destroyed in a safe enough manner. If another animal eats the leftovers, it can become infected and transmit the disease to other animals and humans.


Simultaneously with 19-nCoV, the annual influenza epidemic starts in many countries of the northern hemisphere, including in our country, and many people fall ill with common respiratory tract infections. Therefore, it is good to know the symptoms and ways to prevent and treat.

Both seasonal influenza A and B viruses and 2019-nCoV cause respiratory diseases.

Typical flu symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, headache, runny or stuffy nose, fatigue, and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. Flu symptoms often appear suddenly and recovery takes up to two weeks. But in about 1% of patients, influenza causes complications requiring hospital treatment, including pneumonia.

The full picture of symptoms and severity of the new disease caused by 2019-nCoV is still being studied. In a recent study of about 100 people with the virus, published January 30 in The Lancet, the most common symptoms were fever, cough and shortness of breath. Only about 5% of patients in this study reported sore throat and runny nose, and only 1-2% reported diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Because other respiratory diseases present with similar symptoms, it can be difficult to distinguish between different causative agents based on symptoms alone.

About 0.05% of people who get sick die from influenza, but because so many people get sick, there are 291,000 to 646,000 deaths a year worldwide. The mortality rate for 2019-nCoV is not yet clear, but it appears to be higher than that for influenza. So far, it is about 2% of those cases that are confirmed as a diagnosis. It should be borne in mind that this percentage is of more severe cases that have sought medical attention, and if the milder cases are taken into account, the mortality rate is definitely lower.

Transmission of viruses occurs in a similar way – airborne and household (objects, touching with unwashed hands on the mouth, eyes and nose). In the case of influenza virus, 1.3 people are infected with the virus and 2.2 people with 19-nCoV. These numbers vary depending on such factors as the frequency of contact and the efforts taken to reduce the spread of the virus.

On average, about 8% of the population gets the flu each season. So far, there are isolated cases of 2019-nCoV in Europe, but it is unclear how the situation will develop. The immediate health risk from this virus is currently low or moderate.

According to experts, the Wuhan coronavirus was most likely laboratory engineered. Virological laboratories in various countries claim that this virus is human engineered and that the fingerprint of genetic modification vectors is certainly present in its genes. In other words, remnants of genetic engineering tools to insert new genes are present in viral samples.

One of the first labs to discover this was a top research institute in India called the Kusuma School of Biological Sciences. Their analysis of the RNA sequence showed that a part of the AIDS virus was inserted into this coronavirus. This specific AIDS segment allows it to invade the mucous membranes of the human body better than other coronaviruses. The presence of any aspect of the AIDS virus in a coronavirus has never occurred before.

According to a renowned virologist in Beijing, this coronavirus is certainly the result of human intervention through genetic engineering. The same scientist points out that no bats are sold or found in the Wuhan animal market at this time of year. 45% of the people who were infected first did not visit this market. This clearly shows that speculation about the virus spreading through the Wuhan livestock market is completely false.

At first, it was assumed that this virus was carried by a bat that accidentally escaped from a laboratory located 20 miles from the market in Wuhan. But increasingly, it is seriously claimed that the virus is not found in a bat on the market. It is probably an accidentally dropped virus that is a biological weapon. Another question is why lethal biological weapons are still being produced…The very idea of creating them is against morality.

Just because this virus is being grown in a lab doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take it seriously. On the contrary, it is extremely important to adequately prepare for the meeting with him. And while most doctors have no direct experience in treating coronavirus, here are some measures that seem like a reasonable and safe approach given the serious danger of a potential epidemic.

It is recommended to take iodine preparations, silver water, algae, colostrum, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vit. A, E and C, as well as licorice roots as a tea or tincture to protect the lungs. Personally, I accept and recommend several products of AquaSource to my relatives, especially since they are easy to use and can be ordered from today to tomorrow.

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Green Energy (AquaSource Green Energy) – strengthens the immune system and gives energy to all cells of the body

Colactive-3 (AquaSource Colactive-3) – ready immunity in the form of antibodies against 20 types of microbes, plus growth factors and faster recovery of virus-damaged tissues.

EFA (AquaSource Fatty Acid Complex) – cold-pressed fats from about 20 plants rich in essential fatty acids that help strengthen mucous membranes and barriers in the body

LiverCleanse (AquaSource LiverCleanse) – contains selenium, N-acetyl L-cysteine, glutathione and other very useful ingredients that strengthen not only the liver, but also immunity in general.

Super Fruit Energy with vitamin C – this vitamin is an antioxidant and we need it to fight infections

Organic Vit. D – another vitamin very important for the immune system, especially during the cold months

Superantioxidant – to protect cells from damage

Coenzyme Q10 – gives energy to every cell of the body, especially important for the heart and liver

We’ve talked a lot about these products over the past twenty years and they have long been a favorite of thousands of people who prefer to maintain their health naturally with natural products.

I would like to draw your attention to another product of AquaSource – OsteoForte. It contains red algae and vitamin D – two ingredients that are very suitable for strengthening antiviral immunity. It also has added boron, which helps to properly distribute calcium throughout the body and reduce joint inflammation and arthritis pain.

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Of course, this is not about self-medication, and if infection occurs, medical attention should be sought immediately.

Add more vitamin C at a dose that tolerates you (i.e. increase until diarrhea starts and decrease slightly so that you have no diarrhea). The most suitable is the liposomal form of vitamin C, because it is much better absorbed and contains lecithin, which is very useful for the digestive system and the brain, and also helps to normalize cholesterol.

Article by Dr. Peter Naydenov – homeopath

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