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“Homeworking” or working from home is suitable for anyone who is willing to use their time or wants to generate additional income to their monthly budget in their free time.

Homeworking is usually work you do from home when you have time. You decide the amount of work to be done and get paid accordingly in a lump sum.

Why is Homeworking with AquaSource a better option?

As I mentioned above, standard homeworking offers a set lump sum payment for a set amount of work.

That is, you work – you get paid, you don’t work – you don’t get paid.

AquaSource offers us something new and different. With AquaSource, you develop your own business that you can build and that will bring you passive income for years. At some point you may even stop working or growing your business, but it will still continue to generate passive income that you will receive every month.

What is passive income?

Passive income is income that is generated each month. You’ve done a certain amount of work once to create an asset that in turn generates that income every month.

This is the case, for example, of rental income from an apartment. You bought an apartment once, rented it out, and then you collect rent every month.

Why do I need passive income?

Every person is good to consider an additional source of income. Relying only on the monthly salary is not a good option, and it is usually always not enough and we need more money.

In your budget it is good to exist income from different branches, for example:

  • Business;
  • Rent;
  • Business with Network Marketing;
  • Trade Exchanges;
  • and many others.

There are many different options on how one can generate extra income.

It is always good to have backup options, and at some point when we have enough assets that bring us passive income it is possible to reach financial independence.

What is financial independence and how to achieve it?

A person achieves financial independence when their income from assets (things that bring in income) covers their fixed costs, e.g. food, clothing, household bills, etc.

Can salaried work give you financial independence? Usually the answer is NO. As a rule, a wage-earner receives money only while going to work – for example if he is a driver, a doctor, a teacher, even a bank director. And what happens if you stop working? You won’t get a salary, i.e. you won’t have an income! The principle is: you work – you earn, you don’t work – you don’t earn.

In this situation, your life and the life of your family depend on your job, and every day you trade your time for money that you use to cover your expenses:

Around 90% of people exchange their time for money

There’s nothing wrong with that, but only while you’re working. If for some reason you stop working, you stop earning income, and your expenses remain.

Unlike salaried workers, financially independent people don’t work for money – they build assets that work for them. Here’s what their plan looks like:

Financial independence is only achieved if we build assets

Of course, many of these people start with wage labor, save every penny, and turn their money into assets – modest ones at first, and then increasingly large ones. Once they have created their asset, they can work less or stop working, and the asset continues to work for them and bring them income.

Usually, those who get rich on their own, and have not inherited their wealth, get rich through their own business. But setting up your own business is not a simple job because over 95% of new businesses fail in the first 2-3 years.

What kind of business does AquaSource offer us?

AquaSource works on the principle of network marketing. All you need to do is just use the products and when you are happy with them share them with your friends. It’s so simple and can be done from home.

This way you can manage your time and decide for yourself how much time to invest in your business.

The advantages of doing business with AquaSource

  • Everyone can take advantage of the business opportunity offered by AquaSource
  • Better health – use useful natural products at a great discount
  • No large initial investment and financial risk – the registration fee is 70 leva one-time, for which you get a ready-made system for developing your business
  • Unlimited income – you earn a percentage of the turnover of your entire network, with no income cap
  • Vocational training – you learn a lot of useful things and you can actually help many people to earn extra income and/or improve their health
  • No fixed working hours – you decide when and how much time you will spend developing your business
  • Work in your spare time – no need to leave your current job
  • No boss – you choose who you want to work with
  • International business – you get the right to do business throughout the European Union, Russia, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Cyprus and Australia
  • Lots of new contacts and friendships – a chance to work with people from all over the world

What do I need to do to earn extra income from AquaSource?

Here are the basic steps to your successful business with AquaSource:

1. Do not change

Most people do network marketing, i.e. they recommend things to their friends that they are happy with, but they don’t get paid for it. Keep recommending things you like. For example, books, movies, restaurants, children’s doctors, hairdressers, etc. If you don’t like something – don’t recommend it, if you like it – recommend it… with one “small” difference – you will profit from it!

2. Use products for your own health

Try AquaSource products and if you like them – join our organization! That way you’ll be eligible for a big discount and access to monthly promotions, and by using the products regularly you’ll feel healthier and look better.

3. Recommend AquaSource to people around you

Build a team of 5-6 people with our help. If you don’t know how, we will teach you and help you! This may not happen immediately, but in a week, a month or even a year – it depends on how soon you need the extra income. Just tell your friends about the products and the opportunity for additional income from AquaSource. Many people join to use the discount products because they like the opportunity to improve their immunity, have more energy, feel and look better, rejuvenate or feel better.

4. Build a network of people who do the same

Help your people include more people. When someone in your group includes new people, they all become part of your team. So your network will grow and you will earn even more. It doesn’t matter if you personally included these people, or one of your people did. Just share this information with your friends. If they like it, they will share it with other people.

Once your network grows and you have a good number of people using AquaSource products, you can start earning amounts like 500 – 600 BGN every month. That’s another 7,000 leva a year – maybe more. If that is enough for you, rest and enjoy life.

If you want more income, keep building your business and your network! The rest is up to you. When you get more people involved, your income grows. For example, once 30 people add one friend, your network is now 60 people. And then 120, 240, 500, 1,000…

That’s it! If you like the idea and want to try it, start today!

Homeworking is not what it was 20 years ago!

It’s a fact, times are changing, so are the opportunities! With the availability of the Internet, we can take advantage of many new tools to build our business with AquaSource from home.

Thus, by using this“homework” or“home business” you can build for yourself an asset that will bring you passive income for a long time.

The best part is that AquaSource in the process allows us to become better people, help others be healthier and also if they are willing be financially independent!

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