Dedicated to well-being and healthy living since 1994.

AquaSource (AquaSource) was founded in 1994 by two of the UK’s leading homeopaths, David Howell and Robert Davidson, and has always remained true to its founding principles.

AquaSource is a nutritional supplement company that is based on a simple philosophy. We believe that the most direct route to excellent health is to make sure our bodies get all the essential nutrients they need from natural sources.

AquaSource has been bringing high quality products to the market for almost 20 years. We use only the finest natural ingredients available, no matter what the cost. Because we don’t spend money on advertising, expensive public relations or flashy packaging.

AquaSource is committed to promoting health through natural ingredients and offering a wide range of high quality nutritional products available to everyone. As part of our vision, our products are sold by independent distributors through the most powerful method of distribution: word-of-mouth advertising.

AquaSource products are natural, healthy and very beneficial. They can be used freely by any person without medical consultation. Some of them can save your life or at least improve it significantly. Once you realize this, you will get the opportunity to take care of your health much better. We are very glad that you have come across this site because you will learn about the benefits of kelp, colostrum, EMK and the other products we describe here.

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The Opportunity: We offer the opportunity to build your business network and make as much money as you need. What is required of you is diligence, a willingness to learn and perseverance. This business is particularly suited to people who love helping others and are interested in a healthy lifestyle.


AquaSource products are encapsulated and packaged by G&G Vitamins, one of the UK’s most prestigious supplement companies. “G&G Vitamins is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and thus guarantees the high quality of its products.

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AquaSource products have many uses and are suitable for people of all ages.

Aquasource for children

Health for babies and children with AquaSource productsHealth for babies and children with AquaSource products. The products act extremely beneficially in children. They allow them to build a good immune system and support their body. The various products allow the child’s organism to cleanse itself of the damage caused by the possible use of antibiotics, to regain the flora of its gastrointestinal tract, to build the conditions necessary for a good immune system and to be stronger and healthier. Learn more.

AquaSource Products

AquaSource ProductsThe company offers an exceptional variety of nutritional supplements that would support your good health. Products can be purchased from independent distributors. You yourself can register as an independent distributor and shop at up to 30% discount. A full list of products available can be found here.

Prices of AquaSource products

AquaSource offers an excellent balance between price and product quality. All products are of very high quality, made from organic ingredients that are also extremely pure.

Try the products yourself and find out exactly what we mean in our mantra – Energy, Action and Freedom.

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Immunity with Aquasource

Immunity and strengthening of the immune system with AquaSource productsThe company’s products allow you to improve the immunity and immune protection of your body. They don’t give you immunity, they allow your body to cleanse itself of harmful substances and build up its immunity to disease. Usually, if you use AquaSource products, a cold or flu would go away much easier than if you don’t.

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Green energy for children

Green energyGreen Energy is known to give mental and energetic support to all who receive it. This also applies to children. It also favors the development of strong immunity in the child’s organism. Contrary to belief, Green Energy does not overexcite children.

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Dietary supplements for diabetics

Diabetes and superfoods of AquaSourceThere are numerous dietary supplements that can be used by diabetics. If you wish to get the most natural and purest nutritional supplements, you can check out the recommendations of Dr. Peter Naydenov.

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Aquasource weight loss products

Healthy weight loss with AquaSourceAquaSource also offers products in its product range that would be an extremely good addition to your sports or weight loss regime. They will give you the essential substances your body needs, through which you can achieve better results.

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Sport, fitness and superfoods of AquaSource

AquaSource’s superfoods could help you when you’re exercising. They assist nutritional support to your body to achieve good results. Nowadays, one can never be sure of the quality of the food they eat. That’s why dietary supplements are a good addition to healthy eating and sports.

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Superfoods from aquasource

What is superfood and which superfoods does AquaSource offer?Learn more about what superfoods are and which superfoods AquaSource offers. For a food to be a superfood, it must meet several conditions. Learn more.

Aquasource and Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding

Pregnancy CalculatorNutritional supplements are a good addition to expectant or current mothers. They are an exceptional pure source of important nutrients. Learn more.

Puberty with Aquasource

Puberty and AquaSource productsDr. Petar Naydenov on the importance of proper nutrition during puberty. Find out what is important during puberty and how nutrition can ease this phase of your child’s life. Learn more.

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