Sport, fitness and superfoods of AquaSource

AquaSource products that give athletes more muscle strength, endurance, speed, will to win, technique and coordination, as well as protect them from injury and wear and tear.

We all know that sport is health. Sport is one of the most effective preventive and healing techniques that anyone can use to improve their health. Most experts advise to spend at least 30 minutes a day on active exercise, which can be either a simple walk or intensive sports activity.

AquaSource superfoods are extremely useful for athletes, as they provide complete cellular nutrition for the body and help it recover faster and better after exertion.

Some examples: leading British athletes have improved their performance after consuming seaweed. The Bulgarian national rhythmic gymnastics team reports excellent results after their use. Fans of superfoods are also the athletes of the national sports aerobics team of Bulgaria. The Australian Olympic team, which has won many medals, also uses colostrum.

Exercise is about energy and being fit. We know that most energy comes from solar foods, primarily seaweed. Besides, they are the richest in those ingredients that are missing in our usual menu. This explains their excellent effect on people who need to perform at higher speeds, including athletes.

What do AquaSource products help athletes with?

AquaSource’s superfoods affect athletes’ abilities in several key ways.

Muscle strength

Muscle strength depends on complete cellular nutrition. That’s why it’s important for athletes to take Green Energy, Colostrum and Fatty Acid Complex, and in larger doses.

Digestive enzymes improve food absorption and store the body’s enzymatic energy.

CoQ10 is needed for energy production and chromium strengthens muscles. It is therefore important to take 1-2 capsules of Coenzyme Q10 with chromium daily. Before competitions, the dose is increased 2-3 times and Cellular Energy (CoQ10 with instant action) is added.

Endurance and speed

Endurance and speed depend mainly on the enzyme availability in the body, the state of the cardiovascular system, musculature, blood and blood circulation. They need to be cleansed and strengthened – this is best done with the Easy Start Program in combination with Fatty Acid Complex and Colostrum.

When racing, speed and endurance are boosted by Cellular Energy and Super Antioxidant. The latter protects the cells and neutralizes free radicals, which helps in faster recovery.

Also very suitable is the product Super Energy Food, which has a low glycemic index and provides a slow and gradual release of energy without large fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Will to win, technique and coordination

The will to win, technique and coordination depend largely on the state of the nervous system and the feeling of strength and energy. Taking AFA Seaweed, Colostrum, Fatty Acid Complex, Coenzyme Q10 with chromium and Super Antioxidant improves tone, self-confidence and resilience, thereby improving the prospects of victory.

Achieving and maintaining ideal weight

In some sports, weight is very important. Therefore, usually in order to maintain the ideal weight, athletes undergo diets, which can exhaust the body and negatively affect overall health.

That is why it is very important to eat nutritious food, even when one is on a diet. In this case, Light-Up, Super Energy Food, Green Energy, Colostrum and Fatty Acid Complex are indispensable. These products provide all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, and almost no calories!

Wear protection

Athletes are subject to more injuries and faster wear and tear, especially to joints. That’s why they should regularly take Flexibility, Green Energy, Colostrum, Fatty Acid Complex and Super Antioxidant.

Sports girls and women

Women and girls who play sports need a nutritious diet to balance their endocrine system.

Instead of fad diets leading to disruption of the monthly cycle and psycho-emotional instability, it is better for them to use Leighton-Up, Green Energy, Colostrum and Fatty Acid Complex to prevent cellular starvation and lose weight healthily.

Summary of suitable products

Exercise healthy with the following superfoods and supplements from AquaSource:

Easy Start program for cleansing toxins and regulating digestion.

Digestive enzymes for better absorption of foods and storage of enzymatic energy of the body.

Algae AFA and Green Energy for complete cellular nutrition and energy charging.

ColActive or ColActive 3 to build healthy and strong muscles, bones, ligaments, vessels, skin and mucous membranes, for better immunity, cell regeneration and slow aging.

Fatty Acid Complex for burning fat, nourishing and healthy and beautiful skin and hair.

Coenzyme Q10 with chromium for strength and endurance, a healthy cardiovascular system, accelerated metabolism, better insulin action and fat burning.

Protein shake Light-Up with L-carnitine for complete dietary nutrition, easier weight loss, reduced appetite, accelerated metabolism and fat burning.

Super energy food for slow and gradual release of energy.

Cellular energy for strengthening before and during training and competitions.

Super Antioxidant to restore and protect cells from damage.

Flexibility to keep joints in ideal condition.

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