What is superfood and which superfoods does AquaSource offer?

How to dry AquaSource’s AFA algae?

Learn what is a superfood, why this type of food is so beneficial and which are the superfoods offered by the company AquaSource.

More and more people have heard the term“superfood“, which sounds to many just like a publicity stunt. In practice, it turns out that this is not the case and this term has a very precise definition.

Superfoods – food and medicine of the future

To be designated as a superfood, a food must meet several important conditions:

  • To contain in a relatively small volume many nutrients in large quantity and high quality;
  • It should be in its natural form and not processed, thus preserving its enzymes and vitamins;
  • To be extremely easily absorbed by the human body, giving it energy without putting additional strain on it;
  • To feature many benefits and positive effects that are not achieved through the use of ordinary foods and dietary supplements.

Superfoods energize the body, support the natural processes of cleansing from accumulated poisons, toxins and radiation, increase immunity and improve resistance to infection, act rejuvenating and prolong life. Some superfoods primarily affect specific organs or tissues (e.g. brain, liver, skin, bones, etc.), while others are universal and have a beneficial effect on the whole body.

Superfoods can be divided into several groups depending on their origin and their effect on the human body. We can also talk about super combinations, where several foods are combined in such a way that a product with unique benefits is obtained.

Superfoods differ from most supplements in that superfoods are the foundation of good health, while supplements, herbs, etc. are more of an upgrade.

With the use of superfoods, any treatment, be it allopathy, homeopathy, surgery, phytotherapy, etc., works much better as the body’s cells receive quality cellular nourishment.

AquaSource Superfoods

AquaSource offers some of the best superfoods from the three main kingdoms of nature:

  • From the algae kingdom: blue-green microalgae AFA algae (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae) from Upper Klamath Lake, Marine Energy (AFA in combination with 3 types of seaweed) and Green Energy (AFA with Hawaiian Spirulina /Spirulina Pacifica/ and alfalfa), which among all foods from nature are extremely high in protein and other valuable nutrients;
  • From the plant kingdom: the Fatty Acid Complex – provides all the essential and non-essential fatty acids found in many nuts and seeds – they are part of cell membranes and tissue mediators that regulate metabolism;
  • From the animal kingdom: colostrum Colostrum ColActive and Colostrum ColActive 3 – colostrum is the best food for mammals contains growth factors that support the regeneration of the body, slow aging and prolong life.

AquaSource’s superfoods are as close to their natural state as the most gentle modern technologies allow, acting synergistically on the human body and are the foundation of good health for everyone.

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