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Can you imagine brushing your teeth every day without toothpaste. This is possible thanks to an innovative Japanese development – the Soladey-eco toothbrush.

The Soladay toothbrush was invented in Japan by Dr. Yoshinori Nakagawa. The name comes from Solar – sunny and Dent – tooth and roughly means “teeth like the sun”. Such toothbrushes have long been used in Japan, where over 5 million of them are bought every year.

Now the Soladei brush is also available in Bulgaria thanks to AquaSource, which is the exclusive distributor.

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The secret of this brush lies in the special stem of the semiconductor titanium dioxide – a substance that itself has powerful antibacterial properties. When brushing the teeth under the influence of light, the titanium stem releases negative ions, which mix with saliva and fall on the teeth, where they bind with the positive hydrogen ions from the acids of dental plaque and neutralize them. This way, even a light brushing breaks down the plaque and removes it from your teeth. No force is needed – the light does all the work. The generated negative ions mixed with your saliva also help neutralize bad breath caused by bacteria.
When brushing your teeth in the evening, it is important to stand near a good light source and brush with your mouth open – this allows light to enter freely even in the deeper part of the mouth and increases the usefulness of the brush. You don’t need toothpaste, but if you want, you can put a little. Water is also not needed, so you can use the brush anywhere – for example, it’s ideal for camping.

With careful use, the brush will last you a lifetime – you just need to replace the head, which is not expensive. Every 3-4 months you just take it out and put a new one in. The Soladay heads are practical and environmentally friendly, and their price is comparable to that of ordinary toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste.

Even after you have used the Soladay brush, the negative ions released from it and mixed with your saliva continue to work in your mouth.
Truly a miracle toothbrush!

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