What is behind the interesting expression “algae babies”?

Microalgae were taken by the mothers of these babies before they conceived, during their pregnancy and after they gave birth. They fed their babies microalgae in their first months. This way the birth is relatively easier, the mother secretes breast milk rich in beneficial substances, and the baby tolerates colic and teething more easily and grows up healthy and strong. Statistics show that algae babies talk and walk earlier than their peers, get sick less and perform better in school, creativity and sports.

Chlorella, Spirulina, Dunaliella, Microalgae AFA and Salina contain in their composition all the substances necessary for the body – the full set of vitamins in the ideal ratio with the necessary minerals for maximum absorption, up to 70% of easily digestible proteins, among which are all essential amino acids and many replaceable fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9, a large amount of pigments with antioxidant effect and metabolic enzymes. They are a kind of healthy cocktail that gives strength to the body and the natural processes in the body.

In problems with conception.

Numerous scientific studies, as well as the experience of hundreds of people around the world, show the qualities of microalgae to help couples who have problems conceiving. The rich content of unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals strengthen and activate the reproductive system. The presence of enormous stress in everyday life in our time is one of the causes of problems with conception. This is where blue-green algae AFAs are most effective. AFA contains a “happiness molecule” with the complex name phenylethylamine. Phenylethylamine is a precursor to dopamine, acts as a natural antidepressant, natural enhances feelings of happiness and reduces the effects of stress. The best thing in this case is that microalgae have no side effects and contraindications. If you have problems with conception, you can try a course with microalgae AFA. Note that the results depend on the cause. Overall, the experience will be good for both partners’ bodies, you will get a burst of energy, your concentration will improve, your immune system will be boosted and other positive effects.

During pregnancy, it is extremely important to take quality microalgae.

Balanced and healthy fruit formation is aided by their rich array of vital substances. Scientific studies have shown that chlorella supports the development of the child’s genetic maximum from the mother’s womb until the age of 18. Taking microalgae during pregnancy also has a number of positive effects for the mother. Pregnancy with algae babies proceeds relatively easier, so unpleasant nausea and vomiting are minimized or completely absent. The mother has more energy and because the microalgae help the immune system, the chance of the mother getting sick during pregnancy is significantly reduced, thus avoiding the intake of medicines. The most important thing for mothers is that microalgae strengthen the body and prepare it for childbirth, endowing it with the necessary strength and driving natural processes.


When the term is approaching it is good for the mother to increase the intake of microalgae. Even in the bag, which is prepared for the hospital, it is good to put a large amount of them. They give strength to the muscles, and in larger doses have a painkilling effect. They help to achieve disclosure more quickly, and in general the birth proceeds relatively quickly. I also know dozens of “water” mothers, many of whom are my good friends, others and I became friends after the birth of their children, others just remained our satisfied customers. They all share the relative ease (if one can speak of ease at all) with which they gave birth and the amazement of the medical team.

Microalgae help in the rapid recovery of the mother after childbirth. Their effect in wound healing and muscle recovery after exertion are undeniable. That is why they are used for traumas and injuries, after operations. Many professional athletes take them after heavy loads to allow muscles to relax and recover faster. Due to its properties as a natural antidepressant, microalgae also helps to overcome postpartum depression that occurs in some mothers.

Breast milk in “seaweed” mothers is very dense and rich in useful substances.

Thus the newborn begins its path, receiving strength directly from nature and developing rapidly and vigorously. Initially, through the breast milk of its mother (and when it starts to be given water, it can be fed with microalgae), the baby receives all the necessary substances. In this way, it easily copes with the tribulations and difficulties during its growth. As I have already told you, microalgae help to make colic easier to tolerate and teeth to grow. Aquatic babies walk and talk faster than their peers.

Finally, a few words about microalgae that are good to feed yourself and your child. In recent years, the market has been filled with many different microalgae, mainly chlorella and spirulina, as well as AFA. AquaSource offers some of the best quality microalgae on the Bulgarian market. They are certified by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as organic superfoods. The qualities of seaweed depend on many factors, but one of them is the drying method. AquaSource’s seaweed is dried using a proprietary method called bioactive drying. In this way, the ingredients are preserved in the same proportion as they were before drying. This preserves all the beneficial ingredients.

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Since it is very important to take quality probiotics during pregnancy and afterwards, AquaSource offers two probiotics, Bifidus for the large intestine and Acidophilus for the small intestine. The combination of more than one microalgae gives a more holistic and powerful effect, I heartily recommend the product Green Energy, where AFA, spirulina and clover alpha-alpha are combined, and Sea Energy, which combines AFA and three types of seaweed.


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