How to get rid of joint pain?

Today I want to tell you about joint diseases and joint pains and how to relieve them and get rid of them?


Joint diseases have been called the scourge of the twenty-first century. The prevalence of this disease outpaces cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and tuberculosis combined.

According to statistics, joint diseases affect approximately one in three people in the world.

It used to be thought that only the elderly suffered from joint diseases, but now they are “young” and “choose” their victims not only among the retired, but also plague people in their prime.

Modern man does not work physical labor, improperly loads his joints when doing sports, along with overdoing it with weight lifting in gyms. Overweight, sitting, incorrect posture – these are also companions of joint diseases that lead to additional strain.

Joint diseases can occur in cases where there is a genetic predisposition to them or a disturbed metabolism in the body. Poor environment and unhealthy diet can aggravate the situation.

In addition, fewer nutrients reach the joints through the blood, and yet they have to withstand enormous mechanical loads and the pressure of the body mass every day. It has been shown that a weight reduction of just 5 kg lowers the risk of joint disease by 50%. However, if you spend a week in bed, the resistance of cartilage and bone is reduced by 15%. …

What products can we use to prevent problems?


The treatment uses painkillers, hormonal drugs, physiotherapy (warm treatments and ultrasound), physiotherapy, massage and drugs that rebuild joint cartilage. It is worth emphasizing swimming, paying special attention to rational nutrition. From the traditional methods of Chinese medicine are used massage, reflexotherapy, special herbal infusion, phytotherapy.

Rheumatism is also a disease of the joints. It is very insidious, because it creeps up imperceptibly, long and persistently stalking its victim. And all because most of us fall victim to advertising that promises us miracle cures that instantly stop the progression of any disease.

After we have cured ourselves with the help of folk and pharmacy recipes, lowering the temperature and removing the pain, seemingly healthy, we are now ready for new battles, as we have no time for being sick, nor for going to the offices of different doctors. And many prefer to be sick on foot without disrupting their daily lifestyle.

On the small swellings in the joints left after the disease, no one pays attention. Moderately severe pain, redness of the skin in the joint area seems to pass by itself. Well, so what if we wake up stiff in the morning, it’s enough to move around a bit – and everything will be fine.

We should banish these thoughts as far away as possible, because it is at this time of apparent peace and quiet after the illness that arthritis begins its destructive work. Slowly but surely it undermines not only the joint, but also the heart and kidneys. The disease can manifest many years after the first attack.


Crunch, noise, click – this is the “language” of the joints. Maybe the reason for these “conversations” is just too much mobility.

Doctors call this condition hypermobility of the joints. In this case, the following advice can be given: do not choose a job where you have to stand in the same position for a long time; properly dose the physical exertion – the exercises should not lead to overstretching the ligaments.

Another cause of joint crunching can become injury during sports. In this case, you need to immediately unload the joint, give it a rest. In this case, orthoses – special devices that limit mobility – can help.

The most unfavorable outcome of the constant “conversations” of the joints is arthrosis. The disease is characterized by joint wear and narrowing of the cartilage surface. In the presence of arthrosis, you need to limit the load on the diseased joints and use anti-inflammatory ointments.

Most often, arthrosis develops in the hip and knee joints. The disease begins with changes in the tissues of the joint. First the disease affects the cartilage, and then the adjacent bone, ligaments, capsule, muscles around the joints. Symptoms include: pain that first appears suddenly, then occurs occasionally and is felt in the depth of the joints, limited mobility, stiffness in the morning.

The cause of the development of arthrosis lies in a change in the biological properties of cartilage, which can be caused by the impact of internal and external environmental factors. For example, defects in the gene, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, improper nutrition, trauma, joint surgery, impaired thyroid function. Patients with scoliosis or flat feet are at high risk of developing the disease.


As is well known, any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. This truth, as old as the world, is perfectly appropriate for joint diseases.

Prevention includes a balanced diet, a physically active lifestyle, avoidance of prolonged hypothermia, sudden and severe physical exertion and trauma. Care should be taken about posture, to correct flat feet in time, to do special physical exercises to strengthen muscles and tendons. Particularly suitable in this case is swimming. It is necessary to monitor body weight, properly alternate the loading and unloading of the joints.

Avoid fixed postures at work, move more often. It would not be a bad thing in spring and winter to take vitamins and amino acid complexes. When it comes to food, specialists give very useful advice. It is necessary, for example, to reduce the use of vegetable oil and margarine.

According to the results of studies done, they can increase inflammation of the joints. Only rapeseed oil and olives that are low in fatty acids are recommended. The diet should include more vegetable juices – carrots, celery, cabbage.


– Avoid cooked products – their combination with raw should be in a ratio of 1 to 3.
– Drink up to three litres of water a day.
– Limit meat, fish, cheese and animal fats to 1-2 times a week.
– Organize weekly “fast” days.
– Spend as much time as possible in the fresh air, take regular contrast showers.
– There are also folk remedies for the treatment of arthritis, but before you decide on such treatment, it is better to consult a specialist.
– In one cup of water add 2 tsp apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and 2 tsp honey. Drink 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.
– Birch buds are poured with water or alcohol, stand in a dark place for 10 days. Drink 40 drops and rub the sore spot with this infusion.
– Take turmeric daily, it quickly restores strength and flexibility to tendons, ligaments and joints.
– Pour 2 tsp cranberry with one cup boiling water, let stand 5 minutes. Strain, cool and drink in small sips every day.
– Finely chop and mix: elderflower, nettle leaves, parsley roots, willow bark in equal proportions. One tablespoon of the resulting mixture is poured with a glass of boiling water and boiled for 5 minutes. Cool and strain. Drink 2 glasses a day.

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