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Take control of your health: New Year – New Beginnings – Renew from the inside out!

After the holidays, it is only natural to take care of a more serious cleansing of our body. Our cells are constantly renewing and regenerating, so we need to give our bodies those building blocks that will give us a truly healthy body.

If you ask any functional or integrative medicine or nutritionist, you will invariably hear the advice to pay close attention to your gastrointestinal system and digestive function and to take care to maintain the balance of your microbiome. When they do not work as they should, health inevitably deteriorates.

AquaSource Easy Start Program is the perfect way to start the new year. This four week program contains our superfood AquaSource Algae, AquaSource Digestive Enzymes, AquaSource Acidophilus and AquaSource Bifidus Complex.

Our AquaSource Easy Start Program provides high-quality nutrition and boosts our energy level. It helps to:
1. Purification – eliminates waste substances from the cells.

2. Nutrition – adds essential nutrients to our diet and so helps to maintain good cell health.

3. Maintaining good health, the feeling of physical comfort and vitality.
Be sure to drink enough (up to 2 liters per day) spring or purified water during the four-week “Easy Start” program. Regular cleansing is the solution to the problem of many pollutants in the atmosphere, improper diet, processed foods and stressful modern life. Especially after the long Christmas and New Year holidays, during which we traditionally overindulge in food and alcohol.
AFA algae from Klamath Lake

AquaSource Algae

We all know and love AquaSource Seaweed for its rich nutrient content, including 60% protein, as well as antioxidants, beta-carotene and chlorophyll. These are some of the purest and most mineral-rich seaweeds in the world. Our patented BioActive Dehydration® drying process preserves their maximum nutritional value.
Key Benefits of our Superfood – AquaSource Algae
– One of the most complete and efficient food sources found in nature.
– It provides a wide range of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, fatty acids and neuropeptides.
– Helps reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue.
– It is beneficial for the nervous system.
– Supports immune system functions.
– It is beneficial for mental activity.
– Helps release extra energy in the body.
– It helps normal cognitive function, which is important for memory and perception.
*Seebelow for health claims approved by EFSA.
Digestive enzymes with algae AFA
AquaSource Digestive Enzymes
Derived from plant sources, this blend of digestive enzymes (amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, and papain) helps maintain efficient digestion of food and nutrients. To make it even more effective, it is enriched with AquaSource Superfood* algae. Enzymes are needed for digestion, the breakdown and absorption of food and nutrients. If the enzymes are insufficient, the nutrition loads the body further and depletes its resources.

Acidophilus with AFA algae
AquaSource Acidophilus
The strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus known as DDS-1 used by AquaSource has been shown to survive stomach acidity, resist bile salts, and thrive in the gastrointestinal tract.
AquaSource Acidophilus provides vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin B6 and helps maintain the healthy cholesterol levels already achieved when taken as a daily supplement.
Our unique strain of acidophilus contributes to better gastrointestinal health and the maintenance of the crucial balance of intestinal flora, as well as good digestion and helps to improve the absorption of nutrients from food. It also produces more lactic acid than other strains of L. acidophilus and more beta-galactosidase. Since people with lactose intolerance have a deficiency of this enzyme, using the product can help reduce lactase deficiency.
Bifidus Algae Complex AFA
AquaSource Bifidus Complex

Contributes to gastrointestinal health through its combination of three beneficial strains of probiotics Bifidus (Breve, Infantis, Longum) and the superfood AquaSource algae. Probiotics are healthful bacteria used for a long time as a supplement needed for better digestion.
Breve – Produces acetic and lactic acids that help break down food, including indigestible plant fiber (fiber). It also supports the immune system, helping to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria that can disrupt good digestion.

Infantis – Probably the best known member of the bifidobacteria (Bifidobacterium) family, recommended for the good health of both infants and adults. One of the main inhabitants of the digestive tract of newborn babies. Almost all strains of Infantis produce the water-soluble vitamins thiamine, nicotinic acid and folic acid, and in much larger quantities than other members of the bifidobacteria family.

Longum – Bifidobacterium longum supports the production and absorption of B vitamins (B complex) and blocks the growth of harmful bacteria by lowering intestinal pH through the production of acetic and lactic acid, and stimulates the immune system.
Directions for use:
Week 1 – Take two capsules of Bifidus at bedtime and one capsule of Digestive Enzymes twice a day before meals.
Week 2 – Take two capsules of Acidophilus in the morning 40 minutes before meals, one capsule of Digestive Enzymes twice a day before meals, one capsule of AquaSource Algae and two capsules of Bifidus at bedtime.
Week 3 – Same as Week 2 and increase seaweed to two capsules per day.
Week 4 – Finish taking Acidophilus, take Digestive Enzymes, and increase seaweed to three capsules per day.
Drink as much spring or purified water as you can – aim for 2 litres a day.
*Health claims approved by EFSA:
– Vitamin B12, vitamin B5 and vitamin C contribute to reducing feelings of tiredness and fatigue.
– Vitamin B12 and vitamin C contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous and immune systems.
– Vitamin B5 contributes to normal mental activity.
– Vitamin C helps in the normal formation of collagen for the skin and for the release of energy in the body.
– Iron contributes to normal cognitive functions.
Data on allergens:
Does not contain allergens according to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers.

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