Colostrum and sport

Written by Dr. Petar Naydenov

Colostrum and sport combine wonderfully. Colostrum is considered a dietary supplement and is not banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Because it stimulates overall growth and strengthens the immune system, many athletes hope that it can help them improve their performance as well. A major argument in this direction is the presence of so many energy-enhancing components. They are supposed to help recovery after hard training and competitions.

Multiple studies conducted by independent labs have produced consistently positive results, demonstrating improvements in performance, increases in lean body mass and in levels of the important anabolic compound IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), indicating that colostrum is worth a try.

Colostrum and sport: ‘Everyone can benefit from colostrum’

If you’re looking for inspiration, Tom Menow is the perfect example. Now over 40 years old, he does not dope and holds an impressive 57 world and 87 American records in weightlifting competitions from the bench press (Bench Press). He is undefeated in 72 consecutive competitions and holds the World Bench Press Organization record of 307.5 kg.

In order to maintain his high level of physical activity, Tom Menow has developed his own line of natural products to ensure he is able to get the nutrients he needs. This line includes vitamins and minerals, enzymes, natural anti-inflammatory agents, whey protein. He has added colostrum to them, according to himself, “because it fits perfectly with my three principles: dehydration, opposition to inflammation and restoration.” He takes 20-30 grams of colostrum powder every day and is very encouraged by the results.

“I am currently ahead of my training schedule, which I attribute mostly to improved recovery after training. It is in the rush of recovery that I feel the results of colostrum best. I associate this with IGF (insulin-like growth factor), which is found in colostrum. I think everyone can benefit from using it, whether they’re a world-class athlete, a weekend-only exerciser, or even a slacker. We all want to have more muscle mass and less fat, not to mention slowing down the aging process that can make us look and feel young and energetic.”

Colostrum helps burn fat and build muscle

Colostrum and sport combine wonderfully. Athletes and people who exercise regularly are always looking for ways to improve their performance and get better results. According to clinical research and the testimonies of people who use colostrum, it may be the most impactful natural substance discovered to date that can help athletes achieve their dream results. Many body-builders and fitness experts claim that colostrum is the most effective tool for building healthy muscles they’ve ever used – and without resorting to illegal (and dangerous) steroids.

In “The Iron Man” (a magazine for serious bodybuilders), Daniel Shawn points out that IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), found in colostrum, has a remarkably better anabolic effect than any substance known to date, even steroids. “IGF-1 is capable “of muscle growth on its own,” writes Steve Schwade, editor of Muscle and Fitness, in the May 1992 issue.”Cow colostrum has a higher concentration of IGF-1 than human colostrum,” he continues, “and its structure is almost identical. Human and bovine IGF-1 differ in only 3 of the 67 amino acids that make up the chains of IGF-1 molecules. Because of this uniformity, bovine IGF-1 is as effective as human IGF-1.”

Recent research has shown that colostrum reduces protein breakdown and stimulates glucose transport into the muscles. This means that the muscles make better use of the fuel they have. When it comes to fat metabolism, the growth factors in colostrum make it possible to use energy from fat instead of carbohydrates. This doesn’t mean you can eat more fat, but it definitely means your body will burn more fat, including that stored from the carbohydrates or proteins you eat, and produce energy more efficiently. According to Schwade, “ultimately, the growth factors in colostrum increase the rate of protein synthesis and decrease protein catabolism (the breakdown of protein), resulting in an increase in lean muscle mass without a corresponding increase in fat accumulation.”

Again, Daniel Shawn of Iron Man: “Short and simple, IGF-1 is the alpha and omega of anabolic peptide growth factors. Where can you get it from? Only from the colostrum!”

As someone who exercises regularly, I have witnessed amazing improvements since I started taking colostrum while exercising. I can lift heavier weights during workouts and add extra faster than before. I recover easier after a “set” and can get to the next exercise faster. I feel a burst of energy, while before I started drinking colostrum and sports I felt fatigue an hour or two after a workout. And the results are getting better – my pants are getting wider and my blouses and jackets are getting tighter! And all this – without any major changes in my diet.

Recently, more research has been conducted with athletes. In May 1996. Dr. Edmund Burke, writing for News in Nutrition Science, reports on a study done involving the Finnish Olympic ski team. “The athletes trained extremely hard and their creatine kinase levels were measured over a seven-day period. Creatine kinase is an extremely important intracellular muscle enzyme. If detected in the blood, it is an indicator of cell-muscle damage. Therefore, when post-workout creatine kinase levels in the blood increase, this is a sign of significant muscle injury and overtraining. Compared to team members drinking placebo, athletes who consumed colostrum In addition, they said they felt less fatigue and had no muscle soreness, and their performance clearly improved.”

In this article, Dr. Burke tells us that colostrum also improves the endurance of athletes. Colostrum increases the assimilation of food through the intestines and thus enhances performance by increasing carbohydrates and amino acids. Also, growth factors in colostrum help to “seal” ulcers and gastritis, which reduce the absorption of food. So what happens when we take colostrum is that most of the nutrients from the food that we ingest can be utilized as energy for workouts, whether they’re for cardiovascular and cardiovascular, or muscle building. The benefits of colostrum are great news for those of us who exercise regularly but don’t see the results we want. See you at the gym!

The many growth factors found in colostrum help repair tissue, increase the body’s metabolism and ability to build healthy muscle tissue, balance glucose levels in the blood and brain, and even repair DNA and RNA. Colostrum contains insulin-like growth factor (IgF), which stimulates cell growth and repair; transforming growth factor (TgF) alpha and beta, which facilitates the synthesis and repair of RNA and DNA and the recovery of muscle tissue in athletes; and epithelial growth factor (EGF), which stimulates the normal growth of the skin and mucous membranes of the digestive, respiratory and genitourinary systems.

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