What is Collastra

What is colostrum?

What is cow colostrum

What is colostrum, you may ask yourself. Colostrum is a fluid that is secreted from the mammary glands of female mammals immediately after birth, before the appearance of milk. Its formation is much more complex and its ingredients are not found in such high concentrations in any other natural food.

  • strengthens the immune system
  • increases resistance to infection
  • helps children grow better
  • increases bone strength
  • helps build healthy muscles
  • increases physical strength,
  • performance and endurance
  • accelerates the healing of wounds and burns
  • improves skin elasticity and turgor
  • reduces wrinkles and refreshes the appearance
  • regenerates the nervous system and internal organs
  • improves emotional tone and mood
  • slows aging, prolongs life and
  • has a rejuvenating effect on the whole organism

For millennia, this first food for mammals (including humans) has provided resilience and protection during the first days of a newborn’s life, when it is most vulnerable.

What is colostrum

Hereditary antibodies are transferred via colostrum

It is saturated with broad-spectrum immunostimulants (37 natural immune factors) and many growth factors that help the body cope with disease and maintain optimal health.

AquaSource’s ColActive™ is a wholesome and all-natural superfood – dried colostrum sourced from select herds of U.S. cows, guaranteeing high quality. And ColActive™ is not extracted from just one cow – the nutrients and antibodies it contains have been collected from the colostrum of hundreds of cows. This makes it much more beneficial to our health.

Cow colostrum contains between 10 and 21 times more growth factors than human colostrum and is therefore much stronger.

It has been proven to be a safe and bioavailable food for humans

Even for those on a dairy-free diet, as the lactose content and other common dairy ingredients are minimal (2 capsules of ColActive contain as much lactose as 5 ml of milk).

  • Immunoglobulin /antibodies/ – broad-spectrum antibodies that protect the body from viruses and bacteria. There are five groups of human immunoglobulins and all five are contained in ColActive™;
  • Lactoferrin – an extremely strong antiviral and antibacterial ingredient;
  • Cytokines – enhance and play an essential role in regulating the strength and duration of the immune response;
  • Interleukin-10 – a specific substance that slows down inflammatory processes;
  • A polypeptide rich in proline, a hormone that regulates thymus gland function and immunity;
  • Oligosaccharides and glycoconjugants – prevent pathogenic bacteria from penetrating the stomach walls;
  • Epithelial growth factor /EGF/;
  • Insulin-like growth factor /IGF-1/;
  • Transforming Growth Factors A & B /TGF A & B/;
  • Growth hormone /GH/.

The last four factors are important growth factors that help build bone, muscle, nerve and tissue, and also regulate blood sugar.

Take 2 capsules daily

In the morning, with a glass of mineral water, 20 minutes before meals. For children, the daily dose is 1 capsule, but no exact calculations are necessary because ColActive™ is a natural product and cannot be overdosed.

If you feel that you have a runny nose or feel strained after exercise or lead an unhealthy lifestyle, you should at least double the dose.

Colstra Aquasource for children – What is the price?

AquaSource Colostrum is suitable for children. You can give aquasors colostrum to children from a very young age. The cost of the product itself would cost you something like 1-2 BGN per day.

You can learn more about how to provide AquaSource’s Colstra for your child in our article Baby and Child Health with AquaSource Products

Can I give Aquasource Colostrum to a baby?

The Colostrum is a real elixir for babies and children. It is the first natural food of mammals and is of great importance in preserving the life and health of newborns. It is indispensable for premature and low-for-age children, those who are not gaining well, artificial feeding and most digestive problems, including intestinal infections. It is especially good for children with reduced defenses, who get sick more often, and for children with chronic diseases – asthma, autoimmune, neurological, etc.

Find out more about how to provide AquaSource Colostrum per baby in our article Health for babies and children with AquaSors products.

Colstra Aquasource price?

You can see the price of AquaSource’s Collastra Colactive 3 on the product page. The recommended daily dose of the product is 3 capsules daily for adults and 1-2 capsule daily for children.

A quick calculation shows that to take AquaSource’s Colostrum and support your immunity, to support your body’s healing abilities you need about 1-2 BGN per day!

You have the opportunity to purchase the product with a 30% discount if you register with a personal number in AquaSource and become a distributor. The registration itself doesn’t commit you to anything, you can just use it to shop at a discount!

Learn more about registering as a distributor>>

Colstra and Green Energy of Aquasource

It is recommended to take Green Energy of AquaSource together with Colostrum!

Green Energy by AquaSource is a universal cell food that we recommend for prevention and maintaining good health at the cellular level, strong immunity, good self-esteem, always high vitality and performance, and maximum energy levels .

The combination is recommended for adults and children. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) can also be added.

In this way, you will strengthen the overall effect of the products and strengthen your body.

Reviews of Aquasource’s Colastra

There are different opinions about AquaSource Colstra. Fortunately, most of them are positive! People share their experience and satisfaction with the product.

You can find articles with reviews from people using the Aquasource Colostrum on our blog.

We hope this article has been able to clarify for you what colostrum is.

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