AquaSource’s Moone Rise cream

Moon Rise is a camom for natural hydration. Muun Rise contains over eleven herbal extracts. It combines the famous wild yam with other herbs chosen for their synergistic effect. Additionally, aloe vera and jojoba are added to the product – another natural sedative used since the Aztecs. AquaSource developed this cream as a natural cosmetic […]

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Women’s health with AquaSource products

Health for woman with AquaSource products Dr. Petar Naydenov on the application of AquaSource products in gynecology for menstrual problems, climacterium, anemias and various diseases of the female reproductive system. Menstrual problems Overcoming cellular starvation  and balanced cellular nutrition regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce associated complaints. In this regard, I have no hesitation in

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The truth about female hormones – Dr. Maria Papazova

Dr. Maria Papazova on how female hormones affect, when they disrupt normal levels and why treatment with synthetic hormones can lead to life-threatening diseases. In case you missed Dr. Maria Papazova’s guest appearance at the Gala on “The Truth About Female Hormones“, be sure to watch it! Topics such as do we know how female

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Hormonal problems in women

Suitable AquaSource products Moone Rise moisturizing cream with wild yam from AquaSource Moon Rise by AquaSource is a special moisturizing cream for women with wild yam (Mexican yam) extract as the main active substance. It also contains other natural ingredients beneficial for the female endocrine system, such as cimicifuga, Siberian ginseng, rose, aloe vera, jojoba

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