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Dr. Petar Naydenov on the application of AquaSource products in gynecology for menstrual problems, climacterium, anemias and various diseases of the female reproductive system.

Menstrual problems

Overcoming cellular starvation  and balanced cellular nutrition regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce associated complaints. In this regard, I have no hesitation in recommending the Green Energy combination, Essential fatty acids (EFA) and Muun Rise with wild yam.

Colostrum and AquaSource’ s AFA algae act on the important pineal-pituitary-hypothalamus-pituitary-endocrine axis and together with the EMC provide substances necessary for the synthesis of various hormones. Thus, the monthly cycle is regulated during puberty, at a young and at a fertile age.


Haemoglobin in a woman is slightly lower than that in a man due to monthly blood loss. Regular consumption of Seaweed AFA has a wonderful hematopoietic effect and helps to overcome anemia associated with menstruation, pregnancies, births and abortions.

Climacterium and ageing

In the climacterium, superfoods also help in many directions. Typical for this period are hemorrhages from myomatous nodules, disturbances in calcium-phosphorus metabolism leading to osteoporosis, and psychoemotional disturbances. The seaweeds AFA and EMC act very well in these problems, as they are rich in amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, neuropeptide precursors and other substances that comprehensively improve the condition of women at the critical age.

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to take colostrum because of the growth factors that slow aging and are even able to rejuvenate and refresh the body, and improve appearance. Colostrum is the only product in the world with such an effective action!

Venereal diseases, candidiasis and other inflammations of the female genital system

Microalgae AFAs have a pronounced alkalizing and drying effect. It can be used successfully in venereal diseases and white discharge. It is known that the female reproductive system is susceptible in this regard – in the vagina there are suitable conditions for the development of fungi, chlamydia, etc.

At the same time, the female urethra is much shorter and this leads to easy spread of infections to the urinary tract and eventually to the renal parenchyma. Considering that any infection implies a disturbance in the immune system, regular intake of algae and colostrum with their immunostimulating effect explains the beneficial action in candida, cystitis and other inflammations.

The article is an excerpt from the book “Green Rays of Light” by
Dr. Peter Naydenov.

About the author: dr. Petar Naydenov is a pediatrician, holistic doctor and classical homeopath who has been using AquaSource’s health foods in his practice for more than 13 years.

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