Tablets or capsules – what’s the difference?

Have you ever wondered if the supplements you take are better in tablet or capsule form?

Many of us take supplements to make sure our bodies get what they need on a daily basis. But what do we actually take? What is best for our body?

About the tablets

It makes no sense to take supplements that contain more fillers and preservatives than active ingredients. You may not believe it, but when we take vitamins, minerals or herbs in tablet form, we are doing just that.

Very often the active ingredients (vitamins and minerals) are only 15% of the whole tablet!

Tablets contain many additional ingredients, e.g. fillers, binders and excipients, colorants, disintegrants, diluents, etc.

Excipients such as povidone (PVP), cellulose, modified starch and others, which are used as binders, disintegrants and diluents, can account for up to 85% of the tablet!

Note that the cheaper the tablet, the more such ingredients it contains.

There has also been much research into the fact that the tablets either pass unharmed through the digestive system without dissolving or, more worryingly, linger in the gut without dissolving and delivering the active substances to the body.

About the capsules

Research shows that people prefer capsules as they are easier to swallow.

But there’s another reason why capsules are so much healthier than tablets – it’s the ingredients themselves. As a rule, capsules do not contain unnecessary additives! The purer the contents, the better the results.

Taking capsules improves the absorption of the active ingredients in the products – the capsules do not pass undissolved through the digestive tract as the capsule is designed to dissolve and give up its contents with a high rate of absorption by the body.

Trufil™ and Pureflo™ technologies

Trufil_PurefloAquaSource’s capsules are prepared and filled using patented Trufil™ and Pureflo™ technologies that ensure only beneficial ingredients are present in the products. This way people are not forced to swallow huge amounts of tablets to make sure they get the amounts of beneficial substances they need.

Many people prefer AquaSource supplements because of the purity of the raw materials used and the effectiveness of the products. AquaSource capsules are made without heating and without lubricant. No colorants, diluents, disintegrants, binders or excipients are needed.

The only supplement that can be used is when the natural ingredient is so small in volume that the use of a natural base is required to fill the capsule.

AquaSource uses only the purest ingredients to make products as effective and beneficial as possible. That’s why Trufil™ capsules and Pureflo™ ingredients in AquaSource products contain no wheat, gluten, lactose, yeast, added sugars, chemicals, binders or excipients.

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