The harm of antibiotics and the “Winter without antibiotics” campaign

Dr. Petar Naydenov on the harm of excessive use of antibiotics in adults and especially in children. Suitable AquaSource products to build better immunity.

Dr. Petar Naydenov is a pediatrician, holistic doctor and classical homeopath who has been using AquaSource health foods in his practice for more than 13 years.

In the video he talks about the “Winter without antibiotics” campaign, his personal story, and how antibiotics affect the body and why in many cases they are harmful.
The “Winter without antibiotics” campaign was born from 10 years of medical experience with many children and adults whom we have helped to maintain their health with AquaSource foods. Through it we hope to attract the attention of mothers who want their children not to take antibiotics, of people who are often ill, of doctors (especially paediatricians), of homeopaths and other holistic healers, and of all those who are looking for a reliable system of prevention and health maintenance.

In our view, such a system should include:

  • Cellular nutrition;
  • Activation of own immunity;
  • Fortify the body with ready-made antibodies and growth factors;
  • Strengthening mucous membranes and loading with probiotics.

And above all, to do no harm, to have no side effects, to be simple and universal.

Personal history

I have been working as a pediatrician since 1985 and as a homeopath since 1995.I have three children that I have raised practically without antibiotics. I am convinced that antibiotics are bad for children’s health and should be avoided. My attitude towards this issue is understandable, given my years of experience as a holistic physician and my personal history.

I know from my mother that I got sick with whooping cough when I was 12 months old. My health has deteriorated to such an extent that for a few months I have stopped talking and walking. My immunity deteriorated, I started taking antibiotics – and so on until the age of 10-15. I remember that I was sick a lot, especially from tonsillitis, then my teeth got damaged and remained weak until now, I caught hepatitis, they operated on me for appendicitis, and finally I got psoriasis. No one in my family wears glasses except me. Both my father and my brother are taller than me… All in all, my health has suffered a lot and so has the quality of my life.

Maybe that’s why I decided to become a pediatrician and treat children. But gradually I realized that ordinary medicine could not help them grow up healthy, and that unless some alternative was found that was better for the children, many of them might suffer, as I did at the time, and not reach their genetically set potential. When I organized the first homeopathy courses in Bulgaria, I was trying to find this alternative.

Homeopathy is a wonderful medicine, and my favorite, but unfortunately it is associated with two problems:

  • Firstly, it is very complex, it requires great precision and therefore it is difficult to apply on a large scale, especially in our country;
  • Second, it is necessary for the patient to have sufficient vital force to respond to treatment. And vitality decreases as a result of improper lifestyle and nutrition.

These two problems led me to something simpler. Something that does not require medical knowledge, and that every mother can give to her child without fear of harming him. That’s how I came up with the idea of proper nutrition and AquaSource products and focused on so-called superfoods that are high quality, easy to digest, simple to use and the most beneficial for health.

I am not an absolute opponent of antibiotics. There are diseases in which you can not do without them. Sometimes they even save lives. But the fact is that most of the acute infections you get in winter are viral, and antibiotics don’t help against them. We give them prophylactically, which is not right. It is true that viruses destroy mucous membranes and create a prerequisite for the development of disease-causing bacteria. But it is also true that in most cases antibiotics are not necessary at all, interfere with the body even, and should be avoided. It is better to give superfoods instead of antibiotics for the same money, because they strengthen immunity and have no side effects.

The harm of antibiotics

Much can be said about the harm of antibiotics. They are harmful to the digestive and nervous systems, the kidneys and the liver, in addition, they lead to dysbacteriosis and systemic candidiasis and impair blood clotting.

Digestive system

Health starts from the gut and digestion. Antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria that inhabit the gut and leave our intestinal walls defenseless against harmful microbes. Therefore, after taking antibiotics, it is right to give probiotics. (Probiotics protect mucous membranes from harmful microbes. For babies the most important is Bifidus Complex, for older children and adults you need both Acidophilus and Bifidus Complex).

Nervous system

ABs can damage the auditory nerve and lead to deafness, especially in children. It is logical to assume that other nerve cells are also damaged. This could affect the intelligence and character of future generations.

Kidney and liver

Some people have such delicate health that the balance of the body can be disturbed by even one antibiotic – especially in old and sick people, and weaker children. From antibiotics can lead to kidney and liver failure…

Dysbacteriosis and systemic candidiasis

After antibiotics, often on the mucous membranes of the intestine, respiratory and urinary system in place of useful probiotics, fungi are sown, which are very persistent and harmful. They inflame the mucous membranes and make them more permeable to allergens and toxins. Thus, after a while, it can lead to allergies, asthma, psoriasis, arthritis, etc.


Antibiotics can lead to anemia, a decrease in white blood cells, and worsening immunity.

Impaired child development

I want to reiterate that antibiotics are most harmful to the body as it grows. Therefore, all parents should know that there is a danger that children who are frequently given antibiotics will not realise their genetic potential.

We adults can buy all kinds of crap. But young children do not have a choice – it is taken away from us, their parents, because we are not well informed. That is why we need accurate information to do what is most beneficial for our children.

Dr. Petar Naydenov

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