Superfoods for pets

Dr. Avramova talked about superfoods, which in a small amount contain a large concentration of vitamins, macro- and microelements, fatty acids and other beneficial ingredients. All these beneficial substances are needed by the cells in pets’ bodies so that they function as they should.

Unfortunately, the food of pets contains almost no enzymes and this leads to exhaustion of their organism. Superfoods, on the other hand, are raw biogenic foods that contain a lot of enzymes – when the body takes them in, it gets a very large amount of energy, and uses very little energy to digest them.
Here are some superfoods from AquaSource that are very useful for pets:

Seaweed AFA

– They provide high quality 100% natural substances – over 40 micro- and macroelements, almost the whole range of vitamins (natural and easily absorbed), etc.

– They cleanse and help to flush out toxins – start with a little and gradually increase the amount taken, and pets should drink more water too.

– They contain more than 50% easily digestible protein – a building block that makes up every cell, tissue and organ.

– Great prevention against anaemia – they contain chlorophyll, iron and folic acid which help build haemoglobin in red blood cells – without enough haemoglobin pets develop anaemia which is unfortunately common.

– They support the immune system – they contain phycocyanin, which is a strong antioxidant that stimulates the release of stem cells.

– Improve digestion – contains a large amount of enzymes, and can also be combined with the Digestive Enzymes product (3-5 times a week, 1 capsule) for more energy and prolonged life of pets.

– They prolong the life of pets – great for prevention against chronic kidney and liver diseases in old age.

Dosage (per day):

– Cats: 1 capsule mixed with paw paw, canned or in water (can be given dissolved with a syringe in the mouth).

– Dogs: up to 15 kg – 1 capsule; 15-30 kg – 2 capsules; over 30 kg – 3 capsules.

Larger quantities can be given if needed.

Green energy

– It feeds the body and gives a lot of energy to pets.

– Strengthens the immune system – cellular immunity is not well developed in young animals.

– It is useful in pregnant animals – for wearing healthy fetuses, during labour (for more tone) and after birth (for healthy breast milk).

– A powerful alkalizing food that helps to maintain an optimal pH in the body – especially useful when the body is prone to gallstones and bladder stones (this occurs in an acidified body).

– Very useful when stressed – for example, a change of home, a trip, a visit to the vet or the arrival of a new family member.

– Contains over 50% protein, also vitamins, beta-carotene (strong antioxidant), etc.

Dosage – as for AFA algae.

Colostrum of cows

– Cow colostrum is bioadaptive to all mammals – it’s not just specific to its own species.

– Unique protection against viruses and bacteria – an ideal natural antibiotic: contains ready antibodies to many bacteria – Escherichia coli, Helicobacter pylori, various types of staphylococci, streptococci, etc.

– Increases immunity – the immune system has memory, i.e. if it has met the agent in the past, the antigen-antibody reaction is quickly produced; colostrum provides ready-made immune bodies and the body “copies” from it – it appears as a matrix so that the body can produce immune cells faster and cope with external invaders.

– Restores and strengthens the mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive system – very useful in gastric and duodenal ulcers.

– Great prevention against allergies, asthma, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

– Contains growth factors – for the growth of small animals.

– Helps to healthy bones, joints, muscles, fractures, burns, injuries (can be sprinkled on wounds as a powder).

– Extends the life of pets.

– It is readily accepted by all mammals (even mice, hamsters, etc.).

ColActive or ColActive 3 can be given (especially for digestive problems).

Dosage (per day):

– Cats: 1 capsule – sprinkled on food or dissolved in water.

– Dogs: up to 12 kg – 1 capsule; 12-32 kg – 2 capsules; over 32 kg – 3 capsules.

Larger quantities can be given if needed.

Bifidus complex

– Restores the balance of intestinal flora in pets.

– Especially useful in vomiting or upset – given in combination with colostrum.

– It is mandatory to give when taking an antibiotic.

Dosage (per day):

– Cats: 1 capsule

– Dogs: up to 30 kg – 1 capsule; over 30 kg – 2 capsules.

Did you know that the appendix acts as a reservoir for probiotics in digestive disorders? After they are gone, the probiotics from it again spread through the digestive system.

Essential Fatty Acid Complex (EFA)

– For the prevention of skin diseases, stroke, heart attack, hormonal problems and to regulate blood sugar levels.

– To strengthen the immune system and blood vessels.

– For healthy skin, shiny coat, healthy joints.

– Extend the life of pets.

– Fatty acids are part of the walls and membranes of all living cells and protect them from toxins, microorganisms and allergens.

– Essential fatty acids cannot be produced by the bodies of pets and must be supplemented.

Dosage (per day, best divided into 2 intakes):

– Cats: 10 drops – can also be dripped on the fur (cats are great cleaners and lick them off).

– Dogs: up to 10 kg – 10 drops; 10-30 kg – 15-20 drops; over 30 kg – 30 drops.
The listed products are not only useful for dogs and cats – they can also be given to other small mammals and birds.

Dr. Avramova paid special attention to dog cough (infectious tracheobronchitis), which is typical for spring, summer and autumn. It is caused by a virus and a bacterium and is characterized by a prolonged acute, dry and irritating cough, and complications (most often pneumonia) can occur when the immune system is failing. For dog cough prophylaxis, he recommended a combination of colostrum, Green Energy and EMC.

Pets are a great joy for their owners and practically become part of their family. But unfortunately they live less than we do and at some point in their lives they grow old and begin to suffer, and we suffer with them…

Dr. Avramova’s advice:
Give AquaSource products to your pets to keep them healthy and extend their lives – so you can be with them and enjoy them longer!

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