AquaSource Natural products for health and energy

AquaSource creates various products that are nutritional supplements. All
products are made with natural ingredients and help maintain good health and immunity.

It is common knowledge that we are what we eat. What we ingest determines our feelings, our appearance and how much energy we have.

We all know that in an ideal world we would get the important nutrients we need through a healthy and balanced diet. But we are equally familiar with the fact that in today’s world this happens very rarely due to stress, environmental pollution, the drawbacks of processed food, the need for convenience and a number of other factors.

AquaSource makes it easier for us to get the nutrients we need.

AquaSource products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), with our core values being to use as many natural products as we can find; to blend them with other ingredients when we find potential synergy; to improve the potency or efficacy of the product. We choose organic ingredients whenever possible.

For over 20 years AquaSource has been dedicated to maintaining a healthier lifestyle through natural means.

AquaSource was founded in 1994 by David Howell and Robert Davidson, two of the UK’s leading homeopaths.

David Howell recalls, “As we are increasingly exposed to unnecessary additives in food, commercial processing that degrades nutritional value, pollution and other environmental problems, our bodies are under constant threat. We have found that blue-green algae helps many people. Since then, we’ve conducted extensive research and consulted with hundreds of experts dedicated to getting to know blue-green algae better, as well as distribution methods – practical and economic – to every consumer.

AquaSource’ s mission is to support good health through the use of naturally sourced ingredients and the production of a wide range of high quality nutritional and beauty products available to everyone. Part of our vision is to distribute AquaSource products through independent distributors in the strongest way of distribution – word of mouth advertising.”

Globally, there is a growing awareness of how our every choice affects our health and quality of life. It seems that many of the things that negatively affect health are not under our control.

Factory processed foods, hectic lifestyles and depleted soil can make it difficult to consume a perfectly balanced diet with an optimal content of all essential nutrients. Not only can the food we eat be poor or even without nutritional value, but some of the additives in it have even been shown to be harmful. Pollution and other environmental factors also contribute to the body’s increased need for certain nutrients.

Nutritional supplements are just one way in which you can ensure your daily intake of important nutrients and thus preserve and maintain your health. They are a practical answer to the question of how to get yourself and your family the nutrients you need for good health every day.

We are grateful to the many health and other experts who recommend our products. We are also grateful to our thousands of customers who have continuously purchased our products over the past twenty plus years. Thank you!

A promise you can trust

We promise high quality products from natural sources, developed specifically to support the body and its vital functions and purity in everything we do.

We strive for purity in both products and processing. We use
Trufil capsules
which contain 100% active ingredients. No fillers or binders were used. Our products are approved by The Vegan Society where applicable. We only use naturally produced coenzyme Q10, not synthetic.

Our blue-green algae from Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, USA, is the most wholesome and bio-available food on the planet, harvested from the cleanest lake in the world. We use a proprietary drying process to make sure we preserve as much of their nutritional value as possible.

At AquaSource, we are passionate supporters of natural health solutions, personal responsibility and choice. Our products work in sync with our body, supporting its natural processes and defenses.

We value your trust and that is why we continue to provide premium quality products to maintain natural beauty, good health and vitality, and normal weight in the most natural way possible.