How to protect against radiation?

Learn how we can protect ourselves from radiation using natural superfoods and supplements from AquaSource.

The danger of radiation is not only related to a nuclear explosion. Low doses of radiation are much more insidious if they act for long periods because they destroy cells and lead to cancer and damage to offspring. That’s according to the observations of over 400,000 Americans who participated in Operation Desert Storm and were stricken with so-called Gulf War Syndrome. The disease is also due to depleted uranium used in warfare. It releases alpha particles that weaken immunity over time and lead to mutations, cancer and damage to offspring.

“We won the battle in the Gulf, but we lost health, families and a generation,” is how the soldiers sum up the situation. Those who are alive are in wheelchairs and forced to take dozens of medications, and without improvement. Children born to such fathers have congenital malformations, reduced immunity and a higher incidence of cancer.

The depleted uranium scattered in Kosovo is true genocide against the children of Europe. Several times more depleted uranium munitions have been dropped there than in the so-called “Valley of Death” in Iraq. Radiation in the Balkans will remain elevated for the next few thousand years. There is already talk of a “Balkan syndrome”…

Kosovo is the second source of radiation  in the Balkan region after Chernobyl. By the way, the hot particles inhaled from the “cloud” in 1986 will remain in our lungs for life and irradiate both us and our children when we hug them (they are a source of penetrating radiation).

In contrast, alpha radiation from Kosovo is not penetrating and is stopped by a few centimeters of air, a piece of cloth or a piece of paper. That doesn’t make it any less dangerous! It accumulates in the bones and silently damages the bone marrow.

Statistics show that allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancers (especially of the blood) and Hodgkin’s disease are taking more and more young victims. This is logical – babies born in recent years and fed with ordinary foods accumulate more radiation while building their skeleton, because their diet lacks minerals. The real consequences of this, alas, are yet to come – and no one is immune!

How do microalgae help?

It is natural to ask: how can we protect our children and ourselves from radiation? And this is where microalgae come to the rescue. There are at least five mechanisms by which they protect us.

1. Selective absorption: if there are normal minerals in the food, the body does not absorb the radioactive ones. And the most mineral-rich natural food is seaweed! Therefore, they are especially useful for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children – in them the need for minerals is increased.

2. Chelation: several molecules bind together in a large complex, which is then expelled from the body. The best chelating agent in nature is alginic acid, which is contained in algae (algae, Latin). It actively cleanses the body by expelling radiation.

3. Antioxidants: neutralize free radicals that are formed by radiation and destroy cells, reduce vitality and cause cancer or degeneration of offspring. Seaweeds are rich in antioxidants that protect us from the radiation already inside us.

4. Enzyme enrichment: algae are very rich in enzymes that improve our metabolism and increase our resistance to radiation, chemical pollution and a variety of other harmful substances.

5. Cell regeneration. When cells have everything they need, they renew more easily and become much more resistant to radiation.

How to protect babies and children from radiation?

Left unchecked, radiation undermines health and can lead to severe consequences. The conclusion is only necessary – if you love your children, give them seaweed to protect them. And as far as adults are concerned, everyone is free to choose…

In practice, taking Green Energy by pregnant women and nursing mothers acts prophylactically on their babies. After birth, in the first week the newborn should be given Bifidus with AFA, and after the second week – a quarter capsule of AFA with milk or water, doubling each week to 1 capsule per day.

In infants, Green Energy is included after 2-3 months gradually until it reaches 1-2 capsules per day. Higher doses are recommended for babies from families burdened with cancer or exposed to more radiation.


Seaweed is not the only way to protect yourself from radiation, but it is definitely the best in this regard, it is very well tolerated, and its use is easy and convenient. To these can be added colostrum, EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids), ginseng, bee pollen, brewer’s yeast, garlic, astragalus, echinacea, beetroot and vitamins A, D and E.

It is advisable to take microalgae constantly in prophylactic doses, alternating AFA Algae, Green Energy and Marine Energy (a very good and pure source of natural iodine). If you are exposed to more radiation (e.g., frequent x-rays, working in an environment with radiation, radiation therapy, frequent airplane flying), double your doses and add Super Antioxidant, Fatty Acid Complex and ColActive Colostrum.

The article is based on an excerpt from the book “Green Rays of Light” by Dr. Peter Naydenov.

Important: Consult a specialist or your doctor which of these products are best for you!

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