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Learn more about the right AquaSource products that can healthfully support bulking diets and therapeutic fasting.

Therapeutic fasting is a delicate method that is not always well understood by the general public. It happens that some of those who practice it, instead of helping themselves, harm themselves. That is why we are coming up with proposals that would facilitate its implementation and increase its positive results.

Immediately before the healing fasting, it is good to take colostrum, acidophilus and bifidus to regenerate the intestinal flora, which is extremely important for the general condition of the digestive and immune systems.

During the fasting itself, when free radicals are formed and more energy is needed for better cleansing, it is good to take Super Antioxidant and coenzyme Q10. Naturally, in order to provide the body with some vital ingredients, it is advisable to take AFA Seaweed or Green Energy dissolved in water. If fasting is not only on water, but also with fruit juices, dissolve in them.

During the third stage, the feeding, it is very good to take digestive enzymes with algae in order to restore digestive function faster and to relieve the body.

Another problem with fasting is the danger of disturbing the alkaline-acid and water-electrolyte balance. Superfoods can help solve it. Including them in healing fasting and cleansing programs increases their beneficial effects.

I warn those who want to undergo therapeutic fasting to do so under the supervision of specialists. If you want to spend a few days on water only, without any food, keep in mind that microalgae contain almost no calories (only 4 cal/year), and that they introduce only essential ingredients for the body. And colostrum provides growth factors and infopeptides that help regeneration. Therefore, it is wise to take 1-2 grams of seaweed and 2 capsules of colostrum per day, even with complete fasting.

Some people who have tried therapeutic fasting may be left with impairments due to improper fasting – mostly malnutrition due to lack of micronutrients, essential amino acids, EFAs, vitamins, etc. These deficiencies, especially with prolonged or frequent fasting, can negatively affect general health. If fasting is combined with the intake of superfoods, there is no such danger.

Some will ask: How come – half fasting, half superfoods? It all depends on what result is being chased. If the goal of fasting is to improve health, it is definitely a good idea to combine it with seaweed, colostrum, EMC, Coenzyme Q10 with chromium and Super Antioxidant, or to do a milder version with Leighton-Up and juices. If the goal is to achieve spiritual goals, then it is better to take only AFA water plants, which help to unleash the higher psychic abilities. If the purpose is to temper the will or the fasting is for religious reasons, then it is only on water.

The article is an excerpt from the book “Green Rays of Light” by
Dr. Peter Naydenov.

About the author: dr. Petar Naydenov is a pediatrician, holistic doctor and classical homeopath who has been using AquaSource’s health foods in his practice for more than 13 years.

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