Gift ideas from AquaSource

Choose a gift from AquaSource – natural products for health, beauty and personal hygiene, natural cosmetics, healthy superfoods and supplements, health books and more.

If you’re looking for a gift for a relative or friend (and why not for yourself!), here are some practical and healthy ideas:

Toothbrush Soladay-eco

soladey_toothbrushes_02_500pxThe Soladei Eco toothbrushes effectively remove plaque by releasing titanium ions, and without the need for toothpaste – all you need is light!

The Soladay-Eco brushes help to eliminate bad breath, are useful for restoring the gums and reduce their bleeding.

You can choose from several colours, and the interchangeable tips come in three types – medium, soft and child.

Learn more about the Soladei Eco toothbrushes “

100% natural cosmetics Natural Being from New Zealand

NB_GROUP_BOXThe cosmetic series Natural Being is certified as a natural product by the BDIH-Germany.

Cosmetic products do NOT contain synthetic preservatives, parabens, chemicals, artificial colors or artificial fragrances!

Natural Being products are grouped into 5 steps for complete skin care:

1. Cleansing – Cleansing lotions for dry and oily skin;

2. Toning – Toning gel for all skin types;

3. Eye care – Cream for all skin types;

4. Hydration – Day and night cream for dry and oily skin;

5. Body Care – Hand and Body Cream (suitable gift for both women and men).

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Himalayan crystal salt – for a detoxifying bath or for the household

AS-Salt-PicAquaSource’s pink Himalayan crystal salt is an extremely mineral-rich nutritious food that is 100% natural, unprocessed, unrefined and uncontaminated. It has nothing added to prevent hardening, contains no cleaning chemicals or other ingredients – pink Himalayan salt is “good salt”! With its help you can recharge your body with the full spectrum of essential minerals in an easily absorbable ionic form.

Himalayan crystal salt is also available in the form of large crystals for a toxin purifying salt bath. The alkaline nature of the saline bath leaves a feeling of softness and silky smoothness. A 30-minute saline bath has been found to have the purifying effect of a three-day fast!

You can also choose a set of coarse crystal salt + salt grinder, which is a practical gift for any household.

Learn more about Himalayan crystal salt “

Superfoods and supplements from AquaSource

AquaSource_Lighten_up_LUN200Since health is always in fashion, you can choose and give one of AquaSource’s healthy products – Protein Shake Light-Up, Super Energy Food, etc.

Books by AquaSource

Knowledge is power! That’s why one of the best gifts is to choose a useful and informative book for our loved ones.

There are a lot of books describing the properties, applications and real experience with AquaSource products, and I would like to focus your attention on a few:

  • “Energized, active and vibrant with AquaSource products” / AquaSource publication /
  • “The Green Rays of Light” /author: Dr. Petar Naydenov/
  • “Hope Named Klamath” / author: T. T. Troyev/
  • “Colrastra – Mother Nature’s Masterpiece” /author. Khorezov/

Eco-bag AquaSource

Completely eco-friendly and practical, AquaSource reusable bags are suitable for gift giving as well as everyday shopping.

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