AquaSource Promotions January 2020

Promotions for distributors

All AquaSource January 2020 promotions are valid until the end of January 2020 or until the promotional quantities run out.

AquaSource offers lucrative promotions for registered distributors of the 3+1 or 4+1 product type.

In order to have access to all distributor promotions you need to register your personal number with AquaSource.

Unfortunately, reseller promotions are not available at customer prices and may not be advertised on the web.

We can help you with registration. To do this, fill in our distributor registration form. We will contact you for further information.

    By completing this form, you are indicating your willingness to register as an AquaSource Distributor to shop at up to 30% off. We will contact you to give you more information about the registration process:
    The form will redirect you to the site where you can complete your registration as a Distributor:

    Telephone (to contact you)*:

    Name and surname*:

    E-mail address (you will receive additional information about registration)*:

    * The details on this form will only be used to send you further information about registration and to help you with the process. You consent to the storage and processing of your data by this website in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

    Once we receive your request, we will contact you to explain the complete process for registering as an AquaSource distributor. The process is extremely quick and allows you to take advantage of monthly product promotions as well as 25 to 30% off the AquaSource product range.

    Learn more about the benefits of becoming a distributor >>

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