Psoriasis is curable!

The causes of psoriasis are complex and already quite well studied by holistic medicine.

Emotionally, psoriasis sufferers are usually sensitive and conscientious people who do not express their emotions enough and are forced to put up with some kind of conflict situation. Thus, within themselves, they have consciously or unconsciously accumulated a lot of anger, anxiety and other negative emotions, which are somatized (i.e. find expression outwardly) through the skin. In order to help them heal, they need to reexamine their attitudes toward pressing things in their daily lives and begin to express their emotions appropriately. It’s good to try to assert their opinions more and not worry so much about everything.

Often these people have problems with the spine, which leads to impaired innervation and trophic (nutrition) of the digestive system. From the spinal column come nerve fibres which, by their impulses, act to nourish the organs of digestion, and if these nerves are pinched by spinal distortions or blockages, small ulcers (microlesions) and/or thinning of the walls of the small intestine result. In such cases, even very small errors in the diet lead to the entry of undesirable substances into the blood. They are eliminated through the skin and so the body gets rid of them – i.e. psoriatic rashes are a manifestation of the body’s attempts to heal itself and should not be suppressed.

Psoriasis is characterized by a reduced ability of the body to clean itself, as well as problems with the liver and kidneys, and if there is also constipation, this further hinders the cure.

Treatment of psoriasis

Many psoriasis patients respond well to special cleansing and regenerating regimens that include various superfoods and AquaSors products.

The results are especially impressive when superfoods are combined with other holistic methods:

  • Homeopathy – should be conducted by a qualified professional; results may appear after three to six months or even longer depending on the patient’s condition, his willingness to answer questions honestly and completely when taking the case, the competence of the homeopath and other factors. There are cases where it is the homeopathic treatment that is most important, and others where results are achieved with diet and superfoods alone.
  • Dr. Bach’s Flowers – very good at balancing and harmonizing on an emotional level and can remove many energetic blockages if properly chosen and taken regularly for several months. It is especially important to be actively involved in their selection and to make sure that whoever prescribes them to you understands your problems. The best thing is that this method has no side effects and is absolutely harmless.
  • Individualized nutrition – you can follow the dietary guidelines according to your blood type, do a vegan test or a blood test for tolerance to different foods. It is important to eat in a way that helps the body, not hinders it from healing.
  • Tachyon energy – a new method for Bulgaria, which is based on nourishing, balancing, harmonizing and regenerating at an energetic, supra-vibrational level. Tachyonized products can be used both internally and externally.

Unfortunately, very often psoriasis sufferers are subjected to years of suppressive therapies (some of them officially approved). In them, psoriasis is seemingly alleviated, but health in general deteriorates, since instead of localizing only peripherally on the skin, the disease moves to more central structures of the body. This leads to complications such as psoriatic arthritis. I stress that the use of cortisone and some other topical agents suppress the immune system and make things worse.

Nutritional regime

  • Do not eat large amounts of lectins – they are in bananas, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, cereals. You can read more about lectins in the book “Conscious Eating” by Dr. Gabrielle Kazens.
  • Cooking is by steaming, roasting or boiling. It is much better to exclude meat if it is still used, it is allowed. Cooked foods should be fresh (from the same day), not old, fried, microwaved, with preservatives, colorants, enhancers, etc. Freshly cooked meals from organic products including meat, eggs and poultry are allowed, but preferably vegetarian food or if meat is eaten it should be only lean meat, chicken and fresh cold water fish.
  • Separate meals – it is especially important not to cook mixed food with proteins and carbohydrates. Foods should be taken in appropriate combinations, fruit and vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates should not be mixed in one meal, etc. -see the relevant books.
  • Unloading days – once a week drive only on fruit (about 2 kg), plenty of water, freshly squeezed juices of fruits and vegetables and herbal teas with honey. During discharge days it is good to do an enema.
  • Slow eating with lots of chewing (at least 50 times per bite) in a relaxed positive atmosphere. No distractions at mealtimes with arguments, TV, reading, etc. It is good to listen to pleasant, non-intrusive music at the table.
  • Do not eat before sunrise and after sunset.
  • Shortly before you feel full, stop eating. After a meal you should not allow yourself to feel heavy, bloated and sleepy. Better to get up from the table slightly hungry. Start your meal with a big salad that will fill your stomach.
  • Digestive Enzymes AquaSource – take 2 1 capsule per day (with each larger portion of cooked food).

Prohibited foods:

  • sugar and white flour (lead to fungus in the intestine and hence increased permeability to toxins);
  • alcohol (damages the liver, coffee and cigarettes
  • potato (contain lectins, which are harmful in psoriasis) – potatoes, tomatoes (especially ketchup, chutney, ie processed concentrates), eggplants, peppers. They can be eaten in moderation, but if you notice they are not working well for you, stop them. Only the peripheral part of the potato should be eaten – i.e. peelings up to 1 cm thick, boiled and roasted. In them there are a lot of useful trace elements, while in the middle is mostly starch, ie “naked” calories.
  • fried, canned, margarine, mayonnaise (except freshly made without preservatives), sausages, cheese and spicy cheeses.
  • Foods harmful to your blood type.

Morning, noon and evening half an hour before meals 250 ml. clean hot water. Total amount of water at least 2 litres per day or more precisely at least 30 ml/kg of weight (preferably spring or mountain water), evenly distributed. Separate juices, soups, etc.

The menu consists of:

  • 70-80% – fresh raw vegetables and fruits rich in enzymes and cellulose. Do not mix fruit with vegetables at one meal. If you need to lose weight, it is good to have at least twice as many vegetables as fruit. Vegetables are in the ratio above ground:below ground = 3:1. Freshly prepared vegetable and fruit (except for full people) juices are also allowed.
  • 10% – soaked or sprouted raw nuts and seeds – walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, seeds, wheat, etc. Once cleaned, they are left in water at room temperature for 24-48 h. The water is changed several times. Chew them very well or even better, blend them with a blender in fruit juice until you get the so-called nut milk.
  • 10-20% – whole grains (oats, wheat, corn, quinoa, buckwheat, rice), legumes, yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese, goat milk and eggs, soy flour and soy concentrates (instead of meat). It is important that foods are tailored to the blood type.

Also useful is the use of:

  • Soaked flaxseed – two teaspoons of dry flaxseed is rinsed and soaked for 12-24 hours, then ground with fruit juice or raw goat’s milk and honey. Very little shelf life – drink immediately. Rich in ECM, trace elements, amino acids and enzymes. It can also be replaced with dry ground on the el. coffee grinder flaxseed. Prepare as much as fits in one can of AFA60 – it seals airtight and in the fridge flax meal retains its properties for 2 weeks. The dose is 1-2 tablespoons per day.
  • Wheat, oat, rice bran, pectin and psyllium husk – to regulate defecation.
  • Oatmeal – soaked or cooked, combined with seaweed they are an excellent low-calorie snack.
  • Honey, propolis and royal jelly – have a proven effect, but not every person tolerates them equally well.
  • Lecithin – 3×1 tablespoon daily – cleanses, reduces cholesterol, valuable food for the brain.
  • Swedish mustard – for cell purification.

Special teas for psoriasis:

  • from yellow crocus – Carthamus tinctorius – a quarter teaspoon is poured with boiled water and stands for 20 minutes, strain and drink in the evening before bedtime – strengthens the stomach and intestines.
  • elm bark powder – every morning on an empty stomach – one pinch in one glass of warm water, soak for 5 to 15 minutes and drink immediately. Strengthens the walls of the small intestine. Do not leave it for more than half an hour – it spoils! Not to be taken by pregnant women due to risk of miscarriage!
  • from burdock, chamomile, watermelon seeds or diuretic tea – helps cleanse the liver and expel toxins through the kidneys and with sweating.

Massage for psoriasis: It is done with a 1:1 mixture of olive oil and peanut oil or almond oil. When a sufficient amount is rubbed into the skin, put on a plastic bag with holes for the head and arms, cotton underwear and pajamas over it and sleep like this. The next day the same is done on the hands and feet. Don’t wrap the limbs and the body with plastic at the same time so the body can breathe!

Manual therapy: in psoriasis and other diseases that start in the gut, including some “autoimmune” ones, the innervation of the gut is disrupted and thus the blood circulation. This is due to blockages along the spine, and these in turn may be related to emotional problems. Osteopathy claims that psoriasis can be cured precisely by manipulations on the spine, whereby the trophic system of the digestive system, lymphatic drainage and skin are improved. It is therefore recommended that all blockages and subluxations are regularly interfered with, but especially the 3rd cervical, 6th, 7th and 9th thoracic and 4th lumbar vertebrae of the spine.

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