How to prove to a child that Santa Claus exists?

Personalized video from Santa Claus

Have you ever wondered how to prove to the kids at home that Santa exists? Well, now we’re going to share with you the perfect way to convince them that the good old man isn’t a fiction and that he’s watching carefully to make sure they’re doing enough good.

We recently learned that there is a website in Bulgaria ( that offers fabulous and fully personalized videos from Santa Claus in which he addresses children by name, shows their photos, praises them for their achievements during the year and shares a number of other trivia with them.

The price of one video is 20 BGN if it is for one child and 25 BGN if the video is for more than one child.

But our new friends from offer a free video, so you can test the service without paying a penny.

Order video with 20% discount

We say new friends because they have agreed to give you, our readers, a 20% discount if you place an order for a personalized Santa video with promo code MAIKA.(voucher valid until 31.12.2019)

Our only condition to share their services with you was to donate 50% of the value of all orders made with promo code MAIKA to the Education and Health Association (

We have no financial benefit, but we believe that the “Hello Santa” videos can bring much joy to your family and at the same time you can make a modest contribution to the enrichment of the environment of some wonderful children.

Sample videos and ordering can be done at

Update 10.01.2020: 32 BGN were collected from the Santa campaign. The amount is not big, but it is from the heart. We from Naturally supplemented the amount to 250 BGN, which were donated to the Association “Education and Health”. We hope to be able to delight you with such a campaign again at the end of the year!

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