Super Antioxidant with Pycnogenol


Super Antioxidant with PycnogenolWe’ve all heard of antioxidants. Many of us try to get enough of them in our diets and through supplements.

But what actually are “oxidants” and what do we take “anti”-oxidants against?
Every day in our daily lives we see oxidation in action. When we cut an apple in half, the surface darkens – this is oxidation as a result of exposure to oxygen. A good cook knows that if he rubs the surface of the apple with lemon juice (vitamin C), it will prevent darkening. When the iron gate in our garden starts to rust, it’s oxidation – water and oxygen causing the iron to rust. Oxidation is also known as “biological rusting”.

Simply put, oxidants are highly reactive oxygen molecules called free radicals. They can destroy tissues and specifically cell membranes and DNA. Electrons in molecules are usually in pairs. When oxygen in the body is burned up, a process absolutely necessary for life, one of the electrons in the pair can be stolen by another molecule. This makes the remaining electron itself unstable and it becomes a “free radical”. The electron does not like to be alone, it prefers to be in a pair, and so it starts going around frantically looking for another electron to pair up with. The lone electron is not pretentious, for him it does not matter from where he will find a partner. It will bond to the electron it can get to most easily, not caring that a new unpaired (single, lone) electron will be left. The problem is that this new unpaired electron, will start desperately looking for a new partner and before we know it a chain reaction of damaged molecules occurs. All of this is happening at a speed that can make your world spin if you watch. At this time, many problems are being created among the cells and tissues of our bodies, more and more molecules are suffering from damage caused by these radicals, desperately seeking partners to not be alone and free.

These free radicals attack the body from all directions – from within and without. Prolonged exposure to the sun, alcohol, smoking or other pollutants such as diesel, cleaning products in our homes, trans fats from baked or fried foods, exposure to radiation from x-rays at the dentist or hospital, artificial shower gels and shampoos – all these things and more will create free radicals causing oxidative processes in our bodies.
Basically any physical, mental or emotional stress, even breathing and just “living” creates free radical activity.

Because oxidation could disrupt the integrity and destroy cells, if there is too much free radical activity in the body degenerative diseases will develop – everything from heart disease to cancer and from skin disease to arthritis.
However, things may not be as bleak as they sound. The body is well equipped to take care of itself, there are mechanisms to act on the spot. Our body is fully capable of producing its own antioxidants and does so every day. All that is required of us is to give him enough of the raw materials that are needed to permanently repair the damage. It is the body’s job to recover and it does it very well as long as we cooperate with it.

How? It’s easy!

Nature always provides what we need. The human body makes its own antioxidants (but not enough for modern lifestyles; they also decrease with age). Antioxidants are widely distributed in food. They combine well with each other and in nature we will find many antioxidants appearing together. There is nothing better than a diet rich in fresh organic vegetables, herbs and spices such as rosemary and turmeric, seaweed seeds and nuts. Organic fruits (especially cranberries) also have high antioxidant value, although they should be eaten in moderation due to their high fructose content. For good health, all you need to add to this are quality proteins and essential fatty acids. Once you’ve started to follow a good diet that’s tailored to modern lifestyles and the inevitable high levels of pollution, it’s important to add a wide range of antioxidant supplements such as
AquaSource Superantioxidant with Pyctogenol®

This is extremely important for older adults, smokers, people drinking larger amounts of alcohol or following a low-calorie diet, people taking pharmaceutical medications or those with weakened health.

Because we need a broad spectrum of antioxidants,AquaSource’s Superantioxidant with Pyctogenol® provides the perfect combination to a variety of different people’s diets. Just two capsules per day provide an excellent selection of antioxidants in the form of wheat germ, Klamath Lake algae, bilberry, Dunaliella Salina algae, green tea extract with its polyphenols, Ginkgo biloba extract in a 50:1 ratio, vitamin E, milk thistle and Pyctogenol® from the bark of French Mediterranean pine.

Key ingredients:
– Mediterranean pine bark extract has powerful antioxidant properties
Wheat germ – contains remarkable levels of diverse antioxidants
AquaSource algae – on a gram-per-gram basis provide a wide range of nutrients including antioxidants, beta carotene and chlorophyll
Seaweed Dunaliella Salina – seaweed valuable for its extremely high content of beta carotene and powerful antioxidants
Blueberry extract – blueberry extract helps to establish micro capillary circulation throughout the body
Natural vitamin E – vitamin E is a powerful biological antioxidant
Green Tea- Green tea extract is a popular source of antioxidants Just two capsules a day! It would be good for you to add and
Liquid Complex
Gold. For an even better effect you can include
Fruit energy
AquaSource algae

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