10 Amazing Facts About Blue-Green Algae AFA
10 Удивителни Факта за Синьо-зелените Водорасли АФА

10 Amazing Facts About Blue-Green Algae AFA

Welcome to the secret world of blue-green algae AFA! In this article, we are going to introduce you to 10 amazing facts about AFA Blue-Green Algae that you might not know about them. From their mysterious origins in freshwater lakes to their resemblance to cocoa to their health benefits. We present to you the most intriguing aspects of blue-green algae AFA . Are you ready for this journey?

1. What do we know about blue-green algae AFA?

Blue-green Algae AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) is a superfood and offers numerous health benefits:

High Protein Content: Contains about 60% protein, including all important amino acids. This high protein profile makes them an excellent source for maintaining muscle mass and general physical well-being.

A natural source of Vitamins and Minerals: Algae AFA provides a wealth of vitamins (A, C, E, K) and minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium), which play an important role in various biological processes in the body.

Beneficial to the Immune System: Studies show that consuming AFA algae can support the immune system thanks to their antioxidant properties.

Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Seaweed is a source of important omega-3 fatty acids that support heart and brain health.

Supports Cognitive Functions: Studies show a beneficial effect on cognitive functions and memory.

Detoxification and Support for Skin Health: Chlorophyll in algae supports detoxification and improves skin, hair and nail health

Beta-Carotene: AFA algae are like a wonderful palette of fabulous colors because they are rich in beta-carotene. This important element not only gives them a green richness, but also plays a key role in maintaining the health of our skin, hair and nails.

Amino acids in blue-green algae AFA

All eight essential amino acids are hidden deep within the algae. Amino acids are organic compounds that play a very critical role in our body . We need them for vital processes such as building proteins, hormones and neurotransmitters . They are usually concentrated in protein-rich foods such as meat, fish and soy . The human body uses amino acids to make proteins, perform critical metabolic functions in the formation of other molecules, and produce energy . Some amino acids are synthesized by the human body , but essential amino acids must be obtained from food . They take care of cell regeneration .

The superfood blue-green algae AFA

AFA algae are not only like a wonderful palette of fabulous colors, but they are also a real superfood. Thanks to their richness in nutrients, they provide a wide range of health benefits, including high levels of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

2. What We Don’t Know About Blue-Green Algae AFA?

1. Mysterious Klamath Lake

AFA blue-green algae is born in the crystal clear waters of Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, a unique place. The area is a nature reserve, which makes it a clean and protected place.

2. Wild growing

Unlike most algae, Afa algae is truly wild, growing freely in lakes. This means that man does not care about their survival. They have taken care of their own survival. And AFA algae have been around for thousands of years and have survived to this day, making them extremely resilient and adaptable.

3. Are Blue-Green Algae AFA Toxic?

Are AFA Algae Toxic? There are many varieties of blue-green algae on earth that grow in different places. But only two of them are used for human consumption. Years ago research was done on another type of blue-green algae somewhere in the world that is not used for human consumption. β-Methylamino-L-alanine has been found in these algae, which in the long term may have a negative effect on brain function in humans. And so the myth ” Blue-green algae AFA are toxic ” was born. This has nothing to do with Blue Green Algae AFA from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon USA. Afa algae has been used for many years and is subject to rigorous testing before it reaches us. So, AFA Algae are NOT toxic , on the contrary, they have a number of benefits for our health.

4. Secrets of Enzymes – The Secret to Easy Digestion

The enzymes in AFA algae are like magic, facilitating the absorption of nutrients.

5. Freshwater

When we hear about Algae , we usually think of seaweed. A very little known fact is that AFA blue-green algae comes from the fresh water Klamath Lake . We all know how polluted the seas and oceans are. The freshwater origin of AFA Algae gives them a cleaner and more stable environment for growth and they are distinguished by higher nutritional value, richness of minerals and safety for consumption.

6. They do not contain cellulose

Most green foods, including algae such as Spirulina and Chlorella, have a hard cellulose shell. Grazing animals such as cows and others have a special enzyme to break it down, but we humans do not have this enzyme . Because of this, it is difficult for us to process and digest foods containing cellulose. The absence of cellulose makes digestion of Algae AFA much more efficient than most other green foods, which often contain this difficult-to-digest polymer.

7. Allergens

Did you know that AFA blue-green algae are allergen-free? They do not cause common allergic reactions. This makes them suitable for people with different dietary restrictions and sensitivities.

8. Microalgae with Big Benefits

Did you know that AFA blue-green algae are not ordinary algae, they are microalgae , meaning they pack a powerful nutritional punch in an extremely small size.

9. Growth in Waters of Diverse pH

AFA algae can grow in a wide range of pH values ​​in water, making them highly adaptable and resistant to environmental changes. By consuming them, we also gain the ability to adapt more easily to changes in our lives.

10. Phenylethylamine and Falling in Love

Like our favorite cocoa, blue-green algae AFAs contain phenylethylamine ,

a substance that we release naturally when we are in love. And it is no coincidence that on Valentine’s Day , chocolate is so preferred. In practice , AFA algae stimulate our feeling of happiness and energy . This makes them not only a unique source of nutrients , but also a natural stimulator for improving our emotional state .

Another very interesting perspective through which we can look at phenylethylamine is appetite . We all know the feeling when we are in love, happy, full of energy and not even thinking about food . Phenylethylamine acts as an appetite suppressant , which can be useful when we want to work towards weight control. Interesting isn’t it?

As the most romantic holiday February 14 approaches, I hope we have given you useful information and a different idea how you can please your partner and boost your mood with the help of AFA blue-green algae .

And a Bonus fact about blue-green algae AFA

How Aquasource processes blue-green algae AFA

BioActive Dehydration® – BioActive dehydration

Processed fresh – not frozen!

Algae suppliers usually freeze and/or heat-dry them. This severely damages their density and nutritional value. The algae offered by AquaSource are dried at low temperatures using the patented BioActive Dehydration® method, which dehydrates the fresh algae to a powder without disturbing their nutritional elements, color, aroma and taste.

The drying process takes place at 37°C /99°F/, as during the process the temperature rises to 40.5°C /105°F/ in just 2 minutes, after which the temperature returns to normal. This drying method preserves all the substances in the algae, sparing their bioactive form. In normal drying methods, the main cause of damage is exposure to high temperature.

Packaging and encapsulation

AquaSource products are encapsulated and packaged by the company “G&G Vitamins” – one of the most prestigious food supplement factories in Great Britain, established in 1965. “G&G Vitamins is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and thus guarantees the high quality of its products.

Aqua Source products are encapsulated using True fill capsules.

True fill /True fill/ guarantees that there is nothing but the useful ingredients in the capsule.

It is a common practice to add substances that make it easier to fill the capsule and make production cheaper, widely used by many manufacturers. That is why AquaSource does not make any compromises with the quality and health of its users.

Aquasource’s Afa algae are in VEGAN capsules. They are approved by the Vegan Society. But in fact, they are suitable for all of us, regardless of our lifestyle, our way of eating or our movement. Algae AFA for pure organic and natural food created by nature.

Thank you for your attention!

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