With AquaSource I found myself

With AquaSource I found myself

My name is Maria Hadzhieva, 57 years old from the town of. I am 57 years old. I am a technician in the electronics industry by profession. I registered as a distributor with AquaSource in May 1998 after listening to a lecture on the benefits of the products by Dr. Petar Naydenov and Dr. Dora Pachova.

I received the distribution package along with a pack of Green Energy, which I personally started drinking. It wasn’t long before I felt wonderful – vibrant, energetic, all the tiredness in me gone. Quite naturally, I started sharing what I felt and what I learned in the lecture with my colleagues, family and friends. I am a person who likes to be helpful,to help others. I could see the effect of the products and it made me feel satisfied and happy. So imperceptibly my network of satisfied customers and distributors grew and in the sixth month after joining I reached the level of Director.

AquaSource has given me the strength, confidence and self-belief that I know and can do. I did not miss a single training organized by the company or by top leaders. I learned a lot about health and network marketing – something that was completely new to me. I was laid off in April 1999, but I already had AquaSource and took the layoff more lightly. I am thankful for the wonderful 25 years at the plant and have only moved forward with AquaSource with great love and dedication. I admit that is exactly right.

They say there is nothing accidental in life. In October 1999, after a very stressful day at work, my husband (then 46) had a severe, massive stroke. As soon as he regained consciousness, I started giving him everything Dr. Naydenov advised me:
Seaweed AFA
, Essential Fatty Acids, Super Antioxidant, Coenzyme Q10 with chromium and AFA algae и Leighton-Up!. Of course, in parallel with the treatment that the doctors in the ward were carrying out. He was discharged from the hospital on the twentieth day, and the DAPA doctor’s conclusion was: ‘You will never work as a driver again!’ We continued at home with large doses Seaweed AFA and we alternated all the other products. I thank God that my husband made a full recovery and then worked another 12 years as a 22-ton truck driver and 13-ton KAMAZ. I adore and bless AquaSource products – they have helped my husband and brought joy and peace back into our family.

Always on the shelf in the house are lined up the packages of products that we drink the whole family.

My little grandson, Christian, says with tenderness, “Grandma, let me have a drink of Afichka and Green Energy”, and when he plays a game in front of the block he doesn’t forget to put a spoon
Instant Food Cellular Energy
under the tongue. My granddaughter, Mimi, is a fan of
Colactiv ( Collastra)
. Thanks to them, they did not drink antibiotics when they got sick in kindergarten. In the fall are first graders, and their first helpers will be our wonderful products.

So, we use the products at home, I share about them and involve new people who I train to do the same. I’ve been typing on the inside of my forehead, “Some want it, some don’t! Then what’s next!” I’ve learned to accept the “no’s.” I have learned to want more out of Life and to achieve it.Following the system with perseverance, faith and persistence on the company’s business program, I have achieved the level of Director 2*.Naturally, my income has also increased, which facilitates and improves the quality of life in my family. I believe that by the end of 2014 I will discover my third star. And how will I do it? Well, by following the system, being proactive, a little luck and God’s help. “THE UNIVERSE MAKES A WAY FOR THOSE WHO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE GOING”.

Now we have everything – straight to envy those who sign up. Not surprisingly, people who soon got involved quickly went ahead. We have a ready, tested system for success, better communication, experienced leaders. So I am even more confident of success than before.

People often ask me, “Are you still involved with AquaSource?” My answer is, “More than ever.”

Where else will I have the freedom to work for myself and be useful to many people at the same time. The most valuable thing to me about being an AquaSource distributor is that I bring good – people to drink less medicine, even if they can – none, to help improve their financial situation, we deserve it! Me, my family, you! Everything I have shared with you I have achieved thanks to the people of my team.


THANK YOU to my long-time clients and collaborators: Iliya, Pepa, Valya, Stanka, Yovka, Penka, Maria, Lina, Steffi, Kalina, Bonka, Bella, Mimi, Nia, and to the people from all over the network! Be alive and well! I want you all to succeed at AquaSource! It doesn’t matter who’s further forward, who’s further back – there’s a vacancy at the top! A huge thank you for the life-changing trainings of Dr. Peter Naydenov, Emo and Rusi! Thank you to the entire sponsorship line for your support over the years! THANK YOU to AquaSource for having you! Thanks to the whole team for the wonderful cooperation! Thanks to my family for their support and understanding!

I end my letter with a message I liked:

“Know that life is not fair and you will often fail, but if you take a little risk, make an effort in tough times, don’t accept
inward humiliation, helping the downtrodden and never, ever giving up – if you do all this, the next generation and generations-
so after him we will live in a much better world than the one we live in now. And whatever is started here will really change the world for the better.”

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