Allergies and the link to leaky gut Allergies are excessive reactions of the body’s immune system to external substances known as allergens. These allergens can be varied, including foods, chickens, molds, dusts, pharmaceuticals and many others. When the immune system of a person with an allergy encounters an allergen, it reacts by producing antibodies called …

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Gout, also known as “Disease of the Rich” or “King’s Disease” due to its association with excess food and alcohol, is a typical metabolic disease that can lead to extremely painful symptoms. Also known as arthritis of the patricia, gout affects the joints and often affects the big toes, especially the feet. Gout-An extremely painful …

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Insulin resistance

How a combination of superfoods and supplements can improve your health and help with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a serious health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. This condition is characterized by decreased sensitivity of cells to insulin. It is responsible for regulating blood glucose levels. Impaired glucose metabolism can lead to high …

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