Colastra Colactiv 3


Lactoferrin is an extremely strong antiviral and antibacterial ingredient Lactoferrin is an iron-transporting natural glucoprotein that plays an important role in the body’s non-specific defences. A powerful broad-spectrum antibiotic that, unlike pharmaceutical ones, successfully fights multiple viruses (herpes simplex, hepatitis C virus, adenoviruses, cytomegalovirus) and is also effective against bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Lactoferrin, as …

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Colostrum and sport

Written by Dr. Petar Naydenov Colostrum and sport combine wonderfully. Colostrum is considered a dietary supplement and is not banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Because it stimulates overall growth and strengthens the immune system, many athletes hope that it can help them improve their performance as well. A major argument in this direction …

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AquaSource Colastra Colactive 3

Aquasource Colostrum Collaborative 3 uses colostrum that is sourced from the southwestern United States, where a processing plant designed by dairy processing engineers was built with the sole purpose of producing the highest quality colostrum. AquaSource recommended Collastra Collactive 3 to all who wish to further support digestive health, in addition to all the other …

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Difference between colostrum and milk

Colostrum – Vital and useful for everyone Difference between colostrum and milk? Is there a difference between colostrum and milk? Yes, colostrum is not milk. It is a concentration of nutrients that transmit immunity and prevent the appearance of “leaky gut”, initiate and support growth, suppress pain in the birthing process. Colostrum is much richer …

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