Sports performance with Aquasource products

Sports performance with Aquasource products

The ace of the new wave of Bulgarian freestyle wrestling talents Georgi Vangelov received an invitation to the World Team – USA fight at the iconic Times Square in New York. Source –

Georgi Vangelov became world champion in beach wrestling at the wrestling championships in Pattaya (Thailand).
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Georgi Vangelov found a place in the golden ten of juniors for 2011 in the poll of the specialized site for children and youth sports “”. Last season the national became the world vice-champion in the free wrestling.
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My name is
Georgi Vangelov
and I have been freestyle wrestling since I was 7 years old. I have more than ten national titles, many awards from international tournaments, but my greatest achievements are:

European Cadet Champion 2010.
Vice World Junior Champion 2011.
World beach wrestling champion 2012.
Third at the 2013 European Junior Championships.

This year (2014) I was invited to participate in the very prestigious “Tournament of Stars” – America vs. the World, which took place on 07.05.2014. at the famousTime Square in New York, where after an extremely contested match I managed to defeat the American wrestler and realize a victory for Team World.
AquaSource products have been a part of my diet since I was a kid, and now they’re an integral part of my training. They help me to stay healthy throughout the year and thus not to disrupt the training process, they give me energy to endure heavy loads, to recover quickly, to gain muscle strength and endurance and last but not least not to worry about the so dangerous for all athletes doping control.
I recommend the products to all athletes and I sincerely believe that they will help to realize my big dream – winning an Olympic title.
Georgi Vangelov, gr. Radnevo

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