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Autism – Nutrition in children


Hello dear friends of Naturalno. In recent times, it has unfortunately become more and more common for parents of children with Autism to contact us. It is very important for us to stay up to date and give you the most useful and relevant information. That is why in the last year Gergana Ivanova, who has been part of our team since the very beginning of the site and most of you know, has expanded her knowledge. To keep up to date with the latest developments Gergana qualified as a Nutritionist with London’s College of Practical Homeopathy, accredited by the BAC (British Association Council) and is available for consultations.
Today our topic is Nutrition in Children with Autism. Understanding that every case is different and talking about children on the Autism Spectrum, we understand that each case is very individual.

The problem is becoming more frequent, with talk that over 10% of children are now exhibiting symptoms of some kind. Interestingly, in the most developed countries such as the USA the percentage is the highest, while in other, less developed countries, there are almost no such cases. This naturally leads us to think along the lines that lifestyle, food, pollution and everything around us is probably related.

Child with autism

Today we will pay more attention to nutrition

First of all, it is important to say that nutrition has a very strong connection to our health, and when we are talking about children with Autism, food is even more important. Accordingly, food can give a positive or negative effect on the development of the child.

How probiotics help


However, it is very important to make one clarification here. There is a difference from what we will eat to what we will digest. The difference here is very often the state of the digestive system. If it is not in good balance, it is very likely that we will not be able to absorb the valuable nutrients contained in the food. Unfortunately, it turns out that even if we manage to get good, fresh, as much as possible nowadays, of course, clean and wholesome food, it can remain unprocessed by the body.

Very often in children with Autism, doctors appoint a bowel examination. And unfortunately in most cases it proves that there is a problem. The good news is that there is something we can do. Probiotics such as Bifidus and Acidophilus, as well as digestive enzymes that improve the breakdown and absorption of food, help us in this direction. Supporting the digestive system is probably the first and most important step in supporting the health of any individual.

There is more and more talk about the importance of the immune system, a person’s immune system is 70-80% in the gut. It is very important for children with Autism to be healthy. For them, being sick is associated with added stress, discomfort and missing out on important therapies.


Secondly is the support of detoxification of the body. In the tests that doctors assign to children with Autism, heavy metal loading is also tested, which is very logical. If a system is contaminated, it functions much more difficult and ineffectively. There is much to be done in this direction. There are many natural remedies that support detoxification, liver function and cleansing of the body such as:

  • Milk thistle silymarin herb that stimulates the elimination of waste substances accumulated in the liver
  • L-glutathione – the important amino acid – A molecule that consists of three amino acids – glutamine, glycine and cysteine. It is produced by the liver and nerve cells in the central nervous system. As one of the most important endogenous antioxidants, it plays a critical role in liver cell health, protection against oxidative stress, and maintenance of the immune response.
  • N-acetyl cysteine – helps protect against oxidation and binding of heavy metals, especially mercury, as well as effective removal of these poisons
  • Pycnogenol – Pycnogenol is one of the most powerful antioxidants. It has pronounced anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunostimulant effects, and is distinguished by its broad-spectrum action. More than 340 scientific publications confirm the clinical efficacy of Pycnogenol on the heart, cognitive function, joints and skin.

It is important to know that in order to do detox of the body is very important that we have taken care of digestive system to work properly and to take the processed substances out of the body, because otherwise there is a risk, Toxins cannot be expelled from it, and come back into the body.

After we have taken care of the proper function of the digestive system, supported detoxification and cleansed the body, it is the right time to rely on cellular nutrition of the body.



How important is it to nourish your body at the cellular level? A LOT! It is no accident that Hippocrates said:

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food!”

The good news is that in children all processes are very easily and quickly influenced.

The main focus in Autism is to support the function of the nervous system and the brain. It depends on vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and other nutrients. They are very important for neurotransmitters and cognitive function. It is important that the food a child eats does not contain excessive amounts of sugar, as well as other unnecessary harmful substances and toxins, because the detoxification function is impaired anyway.

Unfortunately, very often children with autism are fed a rather limited diet, which further disrupts complete cellular nutrition.

This is why it’s a good idea to look at superfoods as daily nutritional support for children with Autism


WATERFRESH AFA nutrition support for children with Autism

Superfoods in Autism

Superfoods like Seaweed AFA – One of nature’s most complete and efficient food sources.They provide a wide range of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, amino acids, fatty acids and neuropeptides. They help reduce feelings of fatigue and tiredness.

They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Favor the work of the immune system. Support the function of mental activity.

They release extra energy in the body. Support normal cognitive functions important for memory and perception.

Health claims approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA):

Vitamins B12, B5 and C contribute to reducing feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamins B12 and C contribute to the normal function of the nervous and immune systems.

Vitamin B5 contributes to normal mental activity.

Vitamin C – for the normal formation of collagen for the skin and for the release of energy in the body.

Vitamin E – to protect cells from oxidative stress

Iron contributes to normal cognitive function.

Essential Fatty Acids – Omega 3, 6, 9 to support nutrition in children with Autism

Essential Fatty Acids in Autism

The combination of different oils provides high quality essential fats

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are important for maintaining a healthy heart, joints, bones and many other bodily functions, including a good metabolism. Modern life does not always allow us to get what we need through food.

The body needs a range of essential fatty acids. When the word “essential” is used to describe fatty acids, amino acids or other nutrients, it means that they cannot be produced by the body, but must be provided through food.

Fatty acids support the body for: Hormonal balance, Cholesterol metabolism, Heart health, Joint health, Healthy skin, Brain and nervous system, Superfood Colostrum

COLASTRA nutrition support for children with Autism

Colostrum is the “first milk” produced by the mother, rich in additional nutrients and antioxidants. Cow colostrum, which contains between 10 and 20 times more nutritional factors and antibodies than human colostrum. Very good option to support the immune system.

Vitamin C from organic source

Vitamin C

A very important vitamin that cannot be synthesized in the human body and must be obtained from the outside, usually through food. Considering that a varied diet is sometimes difficult for children with Autism, a good option is to support the child’s body.

Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of the feeling of fatigue and tiredness, the normal release of energy in the body, the normal function of the nervous and immune systems, contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

We hope you found the article useful and interesting. We know how difficult and challenging it is to be a parent of a child with Autism and we would like to save you time and effort, do not hesitate to contact us on Phone: 0988850787

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