My child has been healthy for a very long time. Want to know why?

My child has been healthy for a very long time. Want to know why?

What was the case with Gerganka?

Since she started kindergarten, Gergana started to get sick often. Is it from not keeping the kids in the garden or from having contact with a lot of kids. The truth is, she was sick every month. He was sick with all sorts of things. It was flues and colds! Sometimes he would raise his temperature to 39 degrees. Everything this little child was going through was horrible.

What do pediatricians recommend?

Wednesday 09.09.2009 I watched the program “Health” on BTV. Then the topic was related to the health of our children. They had invited a paediatrician who said that when a child goes to kindergarten or school for the first time, his organism goes into shock. That’s because it introduces you to a new world. The new environment in which he falls and the surrounding reality shocks the fragile organism of the child. In addition, its organism is attacked much more by disease-causing microbes than when it lived in an almost sterile environment – its home.
The paediatrician recommended to strengthen the child’s body and in particular his immune system.This is needed to fight better everything that attacks him.

What did my sister Zhivka do?

One day, by chance, a close friend of hers introduced her to AquaSource products. She recommends her Green Energy. The results were instantaneous. Gerganka’s appearance changed literally within days. On the third day Gerganka was bubbling with energy and her mood improved. She was no longer the sour little girl, but had turned into a smiling little beauty. The child’s genetic potential improved. Gerganka’s mental abilities exceeded all limits. She was only 6 years old and she could already read! The teachers who taught her were pleasantly surprised because she memorized the poems instantly. She only needed to repeat them once and she already knew them. And most importantly…her body’s defenses improved.

The strengthening of her immune system has resulted in her now being 7 years old and she hasn’t been sick with anything for 1 year. This is really great! One week ago she stepped through the school door for the first time, and her mother ( and my sister ) Zhivka is calm about it.

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