Milk thistle

Milk thistle (milk thistle)

From the seeds of this plant is obtained silymarin – a well-established hepatoprotector that helps liver cells to recover and stabilize their membranes. This herb has been shown to improve the liver’s ability to purify the blood and protect it from the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol, drugs, pesticides, bacterial and other toxins entering the body from food, water and air.
Milk thistle is used in the treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis and other liver diseases. However, its effect is much better when used by healthy people for prophylactic purposes. The liver, as the largest and most important chemical laboratory in the body, needs support to do its job well. Unfortunately, quite often, instead of support, it gets overloaded and so the conditions for poor health are created. In such cases, urgent measures such as regulating the diet and simultaneously taking specialized supplements (hepatoprotectors) should be taken.

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