How to properly store Essential Fatty Acid Complex

Proper storage of the product
Essential fatty acids complex
is extremely important for the preservation of its organoleptic characteristics, since the oils of the various nuts, herbs and seeds contained in it are extracted by

It is for this reason that it should be stored upright after opening, in a place without direct sunlight and in a cool place(preferably in a refrigerator). Again, due to the way the oils are extracted, it is necessary to shake the product well before use as otherwise a slight residue forms at the bottom of the bottle.

The oils contained in this product are extracted from:

flaxseed*, olives*, sunflower*, safflower*, evening primrose*, rosehips*, pumpkin seeds*, borage seeds*, black cumin*, wheat germ*, apricot kernels*, sesame seeds*, goji berries, soy lecithin*, DHA-rich oil from the seaweed Schizochytrium Sp. rosemary, raspberry, nutmeg (a mixture of nutmeg, sunflower and olive oil), carrot.

*98.8698% of agricultural ingredients are organically produced.

Composition in a recommended daily intake of 2ml (20 drops):

Omega3 – 514mg; Omega6 – 587mg; Omega9 – 543mg Energy 73.18KJ, 17.8kcal

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