How to come back to Bulgaria with AquaSource?

Living abroad and wish you could come home?

You live in Europe and work all day to get a nice salary. That’s great, but I guess you’ve got one little problem – lack of time.

In addition, you have nostalgia, you miss your friends from Bulgaria and you want to return home more and more, but for financial reasons you can not, because Bulgaria does not offer you what Europe can offer you.

You don’t have time to go back to Bulgaria, and you don’t have the good old friends with whom you can go out and have a coffee on the weekend or take a nice walk in the mountains.

Many people are being forced to move away from our home country in order to have a better future. This is perfectly understandable given the reality and financial situation in our country.

Unfortunately, being a foreigner abroad, one remains one forever and that will never change.

Decided you wanted to come up with an option to get home?

If so, read on to find out what we can offer you as a development with AquaSource.

What is AquaSource?

AquaSource is a company that has existed since 1994. It offers nutritional supplements and superfoods, which are very common nowadays among people in their quest for a healthier life.

To grow your AquaSource Business you need to register your personal number with AquaSource.

Once that happens you can use discounted products if you want to eat them for yourself and your family. Yeah, I wrote bite because these are actually foods.

It’s also possible to develop a business opportunity that brings you passive income over a long period of time.

Long-term Business Model of AquaSource

When we are satisfied with the products, we recommend them to our friends and acquaintances. It happens just as you would recommend a favorite book or movie to a friend.

The difference here is that AquaSource is paying us for this “effort”.

By developing your network over the long term, you can earn long-term passive income that can provide you with a stable income within a few years to help you return to Bulgaria.

What is the AquaSource Business Model?

AquaSource pays us for recommending the products to friends and acquaintances and enrolling them in our network so that they can use the products at a discount or develop their own business.

Building our network provides us with the potential for long-term passive income.

We work according to an established system and we Gergana and Kiril Ivanov will help you get started.

Learn more in the next video:

Why choose AquaSource?

AquaSource is an English company, its development is the largest in Bulgaria. For this reason, building your business network for health and wellbeing in Europe is now easier than ever.

The Internet offers us countless communication opportunities that we can use, and AquaSource is trying to make it easier for us:

  • Training Materials
  • Personal Online Shop
  • It develops in your free time and does not interfere with your work and other commitments
  • We have a lot of experience with the products and opportunities at AquaSource and would love to share it with you.


What do you decide? Will you continue to live abroad for the next 25-30 years away from home and without a clear goal and direction, or will you join our business team so that within a few years you can secure a stable passive income to help you come home when you decide?

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    You can learn more about the business opportunity on our business page at AquaSource.

    Comment at the end of the article, what is your reason for going abroad and do you want to come home to Bulgaria?

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    I don’t live abroad!

    That’s great, of course there is no limit to where one is located to start their business with AquaSource! If you’re interested, fill out the form above and we’ll tell you more.

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