Coconut Oil Price – what are the prices in Bulgaria?

Coconut Oil Price

What price does coconut oil have?

The price of coconut oil is a widely commented topic, especially in Bulgaria. The average price of coconut oil on the Bulgarian market is quite high compared to the average wage.

It is understood that too cheap coconut oil would be suspicious, as it indicates low quality.

The price also depends on the quantity purchased. Typically, the larger the cut you purchase the cheaper the final product will come out on a per pound basis.

The quality of coconut oil is also determined to some extent by its price.

In our market, the standard rules of supply, demand, competition and others also apply and influence the price of coconut oil.

To make sure you choose the right coconut oil, strive to find the balance between price and quality of the chosen product to be satisfied with the coconut oil you purchase.

Coconut oil is an important part of your daily diet and as such, it should be of good quality.

How is coconut oil extracted and why is its price high?

Coconut oil is Vegetable fat Derived from copra – the kernel of the coconut. In the tropics, this is the main fat that goes into the menu of millions of people every day. It is most often obtained by hot-pressing the dried interior of the coconut, and less commonly by the cold-pressing method. This method is more sparing, allowing to preserve all the beneficial properties of the oil. However, no more than 10% of the total oil content can be obtained by this method. Such oil is called “virgin coconut oil“: virgin coconut oil, VCO) and is much more expensive.

As we understand, extracting “extra virgin coconut oil” requires much more effort, product and the end result is much less. This results in its higher price compared to coconut oil, which is extracted by pressing the dried inside of the coconut.

Coconut oil is a product that has many beneficial properties for the body, it is also used in cosmetics and many other areas of life. This also contributes to the high demand and higher price at which it is offered.

A short list of the benefits of using coconut oil are:

  • Can be used successfully in the kitchen
  • Has a beneficial effect on the hair
  • Has a beneficial overall effect on the human body

Coconut oil – average price in Bulgaria

The price of coconut oil in Bulgaria can vary between BGN 10 and BGN 20-25 per half kilo.

The factors that influence the price of the oil itself are numerous and it would be difficult to point them out.

Of course 10 BGN for half a kilo of coconut oil is too low a price. Even if the oil looks “white and quality” it is most likely highly refined. You have to be careful with colour, taste and smell.

Unfortunately, coconut oils are produced far from our homeland and their price is highly inflated due to the additional costs of cultivation, extraction, import, transportation, warehouse prices and the markup of the final trader from whom you purchase the product.

Many online and physical stores in Bulgaria offer different types, price and quality of coconut oil. In our online shop you will find  an excellent balance between  price and quality for all products offered on our website.

To get quality coconut oil in your daily diet you will need to invest around 15-18+ pounds for half a kilo. The more expensive oils are usually of higher quality.

Of course, we have to watch out for the common signs of cheap oil because some Bulgarian traders will not think of putting a high price on a cheap product. Stick to famous brands like Rapunzel, Zido, Zoya, Bio Planete and others.

Note the “country of origin”. The country of origin and the country of production may differ, as the coconut oil may be produced in Sri Lanka and packaged, i.e. produced in Poland, which is normal.

At the same time, too high a price, for example of more than BGN 30 per half kilo, will mean that we are paying for a brand and not for quality.

Coconut oil price – conclusion

Generally speaking, if you insist on getting quality coconut oil with good characteristics, be prepared to invest no small amount as the price of the product is relatively high to get good quality.

What amount you invest in the coconut oil you purchase is of course an absolutely personal choice. We hope our article has helped you find a product that meets your quality requirements and price standards!

We would love it if you could share your experience of coconut oils and their price in the comments to this article.

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