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Lithothamnium Red Algae in AquaSource Easy Start Program Products

The red Lithothamnium algae in our AquaSource Acidophilus and Bifidus Complex products, with twice the potency, is well accepted and completely safe for babies and children. Red seaweed contains mainly calcium, which is essential for bone and tooth growth in babies and young children, but also vital for us all. Red seaweed also contains many …

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AquaSource Algae – Optimal Nutrition with Superfoods from the Purest Source

Our Superfood, AquaSource Algae, is the basis for many of our nutritional supplements. Therefore, it is especially important to know why these seaweeds are considered one of the best nutritional supplements available on the market. There are many advantages that can be shared. The most complete and balanced natural food Scientists have been aware for …

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Regenashure® glucosamine hydrochloride

Flexibility and mobilityA complete solution for joints and connective tissue! Our joints are subjected to serious loads on a daily basis. Over time, this inevitably leads to wear and tear – especially in people who are overweight, athletes or have jobs that put strain on the joints (e.g. sitting in front of a computer and …

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Nature has managed to create a truly unique product that provides optimal cellular nutrition with a pronounced antioxidant, regenerative and broad-spectrum restorative effect. Our immune system is our defense – over a trillion cells are on 24-hour fast, vigilantly eliminating viruses, yeast, bacteria, tumor cells and toxins. And our bodies are in a constant battle …

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Lactoferrin is an extremely strong antiviral and antibacterial ingredient Lactoferrin is an iron-transporting natural glucoprotein that plays an important role in the body’s non-specific defences. A powerful broad-spectrum antibiotic that, unlike pharmaceutical ones, successfully fights multiple viruses (herpes simplex, hepatitis C virus, adenoviruses, cytomegalovirus) and is also effective against bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Lactoferrin, as …

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How to properly store Essential Fatty Acid Complex

Proper storage of the product Essential fatty acids complex is extremely important for the preservation of its organoleptic characteristics, since the oils of the various nuts, herbs and seeds contained in it are extracted by COLD PRESSING . It is for this reason that it should be stored upright after opening, in a place without …

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Milk thistle

Milk thistle (milk thistle) From the seeds of this plant is obtained silymarin – a well-established hepatoprotector that helps liver cells to recover and stabilize their membranes. This herb has been shown to improve the liver’s ability to purify the blood and protect it from the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol, drugs, pesticides, bacterial and …

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Spirulina – complete food from nature

Green Energy has long been one of AquaSource’s most popular products. It combines equal amounts of AquaSource’s iconic product, Afanisomenon Flos-akwe – Klamath Lake algae, Hawaiian spirulina and organic alfalfa. Green Energy is often used during pregnancy and is helpful for the common cold. We have written about Klamath Lake algae quite a few times …

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