bTV Reporters Big children
bTV Репортерите - Големи деца - с участието на Гергана Ивановa

bTV Reporters Big children

Dear friends of Naturalno , I share with you an exclusive material of the journalist Maria Aladzova , lied on bTV Reporters: Big children, with my humble participation.

I was invited to participate as a nutritionist and a mother of two.

The topic of overweight in children has excited me for years, and unfortunately it is becoming more and more relevant, and the statistics are getting worse.

bTV Reporters: Big kids

The “silent” epidemic – this is how the World Health Organization defines the growing number of people who are overweight and obese. Quiet because it manifests itself slowly, but it is certainly visible. It is also visible in Bulgaria – according to recent statistics, every third child in the country is overweight, and every seventh is obese .

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You will hear the opinion of specialists, parents, teachers and coaches. The topic is very current, complex and requires efforts from all parties. But first of all, the problem must be recognized. After that, it can be worked on.

As a parent and nutritionist, I believe that health is extremely important for our children. It should be our number one priority, as well as our state, schools and health care system.

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