AquaSource’s “EASY HOME” program – an easy way to a healthy new year

AquaSource’s “EASY HOME” program – an easy way to a healthy new year

New Year is the time when we wish ourselves to be healthy and get fit quickly.

Let’s face it – we don’t intend to, but most of us tend to overeat during the holidays, right?

How many of us can boast that we haven’t eaten too much food, overindulged in alcohol or eaten too much candy while watching our favorite movies?

We say, “Well, so what – it’s Christmas, isn’t it?” Quite true! And can anyone say they don’t get a break now and then? After all, life is for living, isn’t it?

uchudvaneBut now Christmas is over and when we look in the mirror we have tears in our eyes from what we see. Our thoughts drift to summer and our minds make us imagine all sorts of horrifying pictures – lying by the pool with our brand new swimsuit, but already one size bigger than last year. But it’s not just that, is it? Some of us will actually feel bad. Even before the holidays are over, many of us have already been unable to look past the candy with liqueur or cake. But then… as if by magic, another box of luxury biscuits appears. So what? Do we go on a cabbage soup diet or do we try the trendy diet?

Most health professionals believe that we need to improve our health rather than count calories. If we follow a sensible eating plan that provides us with the right nutrients, combined with a little exercise, of course, our “chocolate and orange

sweetHips” and “Christmas pudding belly” will soon make way for our slimmer, more energetic and more beautiful self. We don’t have to torture ourselves.

But before we start the new healthy diet it is useful to gently and carefully cleanse our organism. This would actually be a great help for a “flying start” to healthy eating, as toxins accumulated in the body can slow down or completely prevent fat burning. We need to do some sort of indoor spring cleaning!

AquaSource’s Easy Start Program
is a great starting point. It is recommended for all new and existing clients – two or three times a year – as it is specifically designed to support the body, gently to cleanse the body of toxins and waste substances, and also to increase efficiency through concentrated nutrition while helping to preserve the levels of enzymes and beneficial bacteria that aid in proper digestion.

Key benefits of the Easy Start Programme:

  • Easy way for a person to start taking supplements
  • Supports the body’s own internal cleansing mechanisms
  • Helps optimize nutritional intake for good general health and vitality
  • The Easy Start program contains four of the most important nutritional products and is suitable for anyone who wishes to give a strong start by gently cleansing the body

. Digestive enzymes are produced naturally by our bodies and are essential for proper digestion, as they break down our food and turn it into nutrients that the body can absorb.
Sometimes, however, due to various reasons such as stress, illness and aging, our body needs a little help to produce these important enzymes.
AquaSource ‘s digestive enzymes + algae provide a sufficient amount of these enzymes needed to digest a variety of foods.

. It is located in the area of the large intestine.
Bifidus helps regulate the beneficial balance of beneficial bacteria, allowing for effective function and elimination of toxins. It is thought to be particularly beneficial for those who suffer from digestive ailments, as it can help restore the natural levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

. It is an organism called “Lactobacillus acidophilus” and is naturally found in the digestive system and is typical of the small intestine. These beneficial bacteria help maintain the health of the digestive system.
AquaSource algae
susheneIt is perhaps the most nutritious food that exists on planet Earth. It contains:

  • Most vitamins, including vitamin B124
  • Minerals and trace elements
  • Many antioxidants, flavonoids, carotene, etc.
  • Complete protein and amino acids in perfect proportion to the needs of the human body
  • Range of valuable fatty acids
  • Very important enzymes
  • Neuropeptides for brain function
  • Fibres
  • The important chlorophyll
  • All ingredients in a form fully adapted for direct use by our body
    Unlike many other brands on the market, AquaSource seaweed is dried at a low temperature using our patented BioActive Dehydration® drying process.
    AquaSource blue-green algae from Upper Klamath Lake – the cleanest lake in the world – is an extremely rich and pure source of a wide range of essential nutrients.

The Easy Start program – in brief
fruits 1. The ability of the body to extract a greater part of the substances in the food and drinks we take depends on the state of the digestive system and the intestinal tract.
2. This program is designed to provide the levels of important enzymes and beneficial bacteria that our digestive system needs to function properly.
3. The four-week program consists of AquaSource Algae, Digestive Enzymes and the probiotics Acidophilus and Bifidus Complex.


Week 1: 2 capsules of Bifidus before sleep and 1 capsule of enzymes, 2 times a day, before meals.
Week 2: 2 capsules of Acidophilus in the morning – 40 minutes before meals; 1 capsule of enzymes, 2 times a day, before meals; 1 capsule of algae and 2 capsules of Bifidus in the evening, before sleep.
Week 3: As with week 2, increase seaweed to 2 capsules daily.
Week 4: Finish the program with Acidophilus, take enzymes and increase seaweed to 3 capsules daily.

Many people continue to take AquaSource algae and digestive enzymes after they complete the Easy Start Program. Others continue with Essential Fatty Acid Complex, Super Antioxidant, and others with other AquaSource products that meet their specific needs. If your desire is to lose weight, then replace one of your main meals with a Light-Up!

Drink as much mineral or purified water as possible – aim for 2 litres a day. Adequate water intake is important for health and proper elimination of toxins from the body.

So, Happy New Year! Start your healthy new year with AquaSource’s Easy Start Program and let everything be easy from start to finish

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